Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chihiro Tanaka

At the end of the year I'm posting this as a reminder of what can be done, to inspire all of us to do the best we can, this coming year and always.

Chihiro's story holds special meaning for me as last week she was the ladies winner of the Kakogawa Marathon. The one I did my recent PB in.

I spotted her twice on the turn arounds, she was about five minutes ahead of me, and both times she yelled to me to, in English, "Come on let's go!" This meant the world to me and helped motivate me to keep running strong. She really is a champion and if we can, like her, all be so friendly/supportive kind and hardworking then, not to be too melodramatic, the world will be a better place.


(The following taken from JAPAN RUNNING NEWS)

Chihiro Tanaka
Born: Nov. 13, 1969 in Hyogo, Japan
Marathon PB: 2:29:30 (Nagoya International Women’s Marathon 2002)
Other PBs: 5000m: 16:14.50 10000m: 33:32 Half-marathon: 1:12:00

Other key marathon performances:
2:33:30 (winner, Hokkaido Marathon 1997)
2:34:11 (winner, Hokkaido Marathon 2003)
2:37:03 (Tokyo International Women’s Marathon 2008)
2:38:08 (Nagoya International Women’s Marathon 2009)

Chihiro Tanaka is one of the great originals of Japanese distance running. Her PB of 2:29:30 stands as the best performance ever by an amateur Japanese runner, male or female, and is all the more remarkable in that it was the first and, until this past January, only sub-2:30 by a Japanese mother.

A talented 800 m runner and long-distance relay specialist in her school days, Tanaka bowed to pressure from her parents not to become a professional, instead taking a regular job. Later in life she discovered the marathon and was transformed. Working with her high school era coach, Tanaka went from a 3:19:49 debut at the 1994 Honolulu Marathon to a 2:33:30 victory at the 1997 Hokkaido Marathon. Her win made Tanaka a national name as it was almost unprecedented for an amateur to come out on top of one of Japan’s major marathons.

From 1998 to 2000 Tanaka took time off to have her first child and returned stronger than ever. She finished 2nd in the 2001 Nagano Marathon in 2:32:05, then in 2002 had the run of her life, clocking her best time of 2:29:30 and finishing 4th in Nagoya, one of the most competitive women’s marathons in the world. Far from through, she won Hokkaido again in 2003. Then it was time for her second child.

Three years later Tanaka was back for Phase III of her marathon career. These days she runs six marathons a year, but her quality is undiminished. In November 2008 she ran 2:37:03 to finish 10th in the world class Tokyo International Women’s Marathon. Three weeks later she won the Naha Marathon, and after only two weeks more she won her second-straight Kakogawa Marathon. She put in a strong 2:38:08 at March’s Nagoya International Women’s Marathon to begin her 2009 season and followed with a 2:41:21 8th place finish at the Nagano Marathon on Apr. 19.

The Copenhagen Marathon will be Tanaka’s second time racing in Europe and she is confident of her chances for both a win and for her best time in recent years. As she nears her 40th birthday Tanaka’s running continues to lead the way for women marathoners both in Japan and worldwide.

By the way she won the Copenhagen marathon too.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

marathon run down

Notice anything strange about my 5th place medal? It is one of the reasons I still have a job in Japan.

I won’t go into too much detail just a general overview and summing up. We started in a light drizzle, the first 2Ks I worked my way into marathon pace. I didn’t feel so good, the pace felt a little too fast for me, I guess I was just adjusting to the cold. By the 10K mark I was on pace and getting faster with less effort. The next 10K the sun was trying to break out and I was warming to the task ahead.

One thing I was making sure of this time was to take a drink at every station and I think it helped at least to keep the carbs and concentration high. You may have noticed two of my later 5K splits saw me slowing down. The reason for one of these was comical (still not at the time). Passing one of the water stations I noticed a big plate of chocolate. I grabbed a handful and shoved them in. I didn’t realize that eating a mouthful of chocolate at speed with no saliva causes uncontrollable gagging and loss of speed. I spent a good K getting things back on track.

From the 35K I determined to go after my goal and frankly I felt great (Perhaps the chocolate?). I was enjoying this lasts stretch like I haven’t before in a marathon and pass about 20 people spread out from there to the finish. I made sure I gave some encouragement as I passed each person but nobody came with me and I was smiling through to the end. It was interesting there was one guy I spotted about 2k from home and he kept turning back. He seemed to notice I was coming and he was determined not to let me pass him. By the big smile and pat on the back he gave me at the end it seemed that I helped him finish the marathon strong,I just missed passing him on the line. Glad to be of assistance!

The day after, I felt fine. I had a strained right hamstring and a little DOMS but really pulled up well this time so much so that you wouldn’t have notice, by my gait, that I’d even run a marathon. I sort of wish I was limping then I could tell someone that I ran a good race and get a pat on the back ;) Anyway as you know it is mostly only other runners that appreciate what it takes or care so thanks for your previous comments ;)

The plan for the future is to focus on getting my times down in the 10K and half marathons over the next few months and start in May to do some distance again for a marathon in July or August.

The next marathon goal is sub 2:40:00. It might seem a bit ambitious but I reckon I can do it. I’ll have to again withstand to high mileage and I reckon if I’m to do better I’ll have to hit the weights and be stricter with my diet, no more binging on weekends , beer, wine and food, and spending the following week running it off.

For the next week or so I’ll enjoy indulging in the things that go with Christmas and the New Year and give a little back to my family that have been so patient with my absence. Or at least I’m going to try to let them know that it is better with me than without. All the best!



氏名:スコット ブラウン

出場種目 第5部フル40~49歳男子
距離 42.195 km
タイム(グロス) 2:45:20
タイム(ネット) 2:45:11
種目別順位 5/605
総合順位 9/2172

計測ポイント スプリット ラップ
Start 00:00:09
Finish 02:45:20 2:45:11

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2:45:11 (net)

Had a good race today. Pretty much did what I set out to do and I'm good to go for a week or so rest and then back into it. I'll sum up this race next post and talk a little about plans for the future. Again thanks for keeping up your blogs your support in this way is invaluable.

I wish you and yours all the very best for the coming year.

I'll up load a short video I took, with my ipod, after the race today. This and the race splits tell almost the whole story.

Marathon splits by my watch.

1st 5k 19'27
2nd 5K 19'28
3rd 5K 19'08
4th 5k 19'09
5th 5K 19'02
6th 5K 20'26
7th 5K 20'33
8th 5K 19'34
last 2 and a bit 8'30


Monday, December 21, 2009


Toyokazu Yoshimura, a local runner I see while training here, pulled out a great run yesterday and has now inspired me to do the same, albeit a little slower.

Here comes another PB, I'm feeling spring loaded and like I could eat bullets!

The following taken from "Japan Running News."

"Yoshimura, the #1-ranked amateur in Japan, hoped to improve on his 5th place finish last year and 3rd place finish in 2007 but was only able to overtake the fading Watanabe for another 3rd. His time of 2:15:05 was, however, a nearly two-minute PB over his 2:16:58 best from March's Biwako Mainichi Marathon, meaning his three marathons this year have been a win and two large PBs. Yoshimura will be racing again in February and then hopes to run for the win overseas this summer in either Grandma's Marathon in the U.S. or the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia, where he was the 2007 winner."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xmas marathon KAKOGAWA

I’ll run my next full marathon in a week from today, The Kakogawa marathon on Dec 23rd, it is being held next Wednesday a public holiday here.

I’m very excited about this one as I feel I’ve put in a good block of training and finally feel that I’m entering a race where I have given myself a good chance of success. I reckon that I’ve left little to chance this time and I think that if all goes well I will have a result that is pretty close to reflecting my true ability. This “true ability” is nearing my “career goal” a goal I’m loathed to share lest I’d be seen as a braggart ;)

I’m defining success in this race the following ways.
Challenging yet achievable: Sub 2:45
Not too shabby: Sub 2:50
Happy but wondering why I couldn’t go faster: PB Sub 2:56
Anything over 3hrs would be disappointing but unless I spend half of the race convulsing on the road covered in my own vomit and feces I’m not going to be too worried as there is always another marathon, as they say.

While I don’t want to risk the wrath of that God that likes to turn our best plans into a punch line, I think that it is better for me to have some confidence and hope that helps carry me through on top of the base I’ve built.

Here is a list of why I dare to dream this time.
And why I think I’ll, at least, do better than my last marathon.

I’m lighter. 2kgs
I’m fitter. More mileage.
I’m faster! Pbs at lesser distances going in.
I’m as strong or stronger. No injuries going in.
It’ll be cooler! About 12 degrees cooler and low humidity. Expecting 5 degrees.
I’ll be better tapered and peaking. Did preparation to peak for this race.
I’ll have less pressure/ I’ll be more relaxed now that the sub 3 monkey is off my back.
I’ll be better prepared mentally and as Central Governor has been talked to better prepared for the pain to come.
I know the course, it’s just as fast and flat as Townsville (wind may be an issue though).

I’m happy to hear any ideas on what time you think is possible for me based on my preparations, a worst case or best case would be interesting to hear, and don’t be soft on me if you think I’m dreaming and I’m not ready for these kinds of times please tell me. I can take it.

Here are my weekly Ks for the last 12 weeks: 103, 146, 167, 129, 190, 119, 160, 174, 182, 135, 114, 80K: The 80Ks will be my last weeks taper. The 129K and 119 weeks were a little less as I raced those weeks (I believed it was worth it as I could rest up a little and PB these races the same time).

Anyway, what do you reckon?

Just one thing worries me, that is, this nagging feeling that I might be too old for all of this and that I might not have the talent, I know that others, much older, have done such times but I’m still not 100% sure that I can count myself amongst them. It’s a worry but one that I’m happy to say replaces my former worries about life after death and genital warts.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

QUESTIONS Arm sleeves

Didn't get much response to my last post. Is it my "potty mouth" or do you simply find my observations "boring and inane" actual quotes from ex-girlfriend. Well I'll just have to try harder ;)

Don't get me wrong I don't expect any comments but also I'm not just doing this for my own entertainment. I want to have some sort of conversation and if you're lurking and not talking to me I might as well go back with my ex-girlfriend where I got the the same treatment.

Anyway I have a serious question, I was looking at some arm sleeves the other day, you know the ones some of the elites wear see photo, and was thinking they might give me the edge I need, no really I was thinking, why would anybody wear these things? I tried to looked up some info but came up dry (why is this theme always coming back to my ex?).

Do you know anything about them?

Is it a good idea to run with them in a marathon?

Is anyone, apart from Ewen, actually reading my blog?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Did a long run yesterday of 40K and had some time to think more on Rick's question "Why are Japanese runners so good?" As I was running the local loop I was past and passing Fathers and Sons jogging together, Teenage boys doing running training with their baseball clubs, Teenage girls running with their friends, and group of 20 kids, ten years old or so, holding their own little Ekiden. On top of all this there was the 2007 winner of the Gold Coast Marathon, Toyokazu Yoshimura, sprinting 3 minute Ks around this 3K loop. Is it any wonder runners here are so good.

Jack Daniels , the coach not the Kentucky Whiskey, talks about this "social aspect" in relation to Kenyan running success and it , I believe, holds for the Japanese. All these people feed off and support eachother. If you can see on a daily basis people really into running and see that there are people you know achieving real success at it then you are more willing to try it and be better at it!

I got a message from fellow ex-pat and blogger Steve Lacey this morning that also demonstrates how this suppot works here. He wrote in part:"The weather forecast in Ohtawara, for the marathon, tomorrow is for 14 degrees, fine, and no wind!! Ha ha!! Why aren't you here??????"

I wish I was!

The Chiba Ekiden is also on today, and a wonderful day for it too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Steve Lacey and Bay asked me recently how I'm fitting in my kilometers and although Ewen offered up a theory I'll briefly answer this another way. Rick also asked me "Why Japanese runners are so good" and I'll answer this in the process.

I'd like to give both these questions a lot more thought and analysis but I know if you all wanted that you'd be reading other peoples blogs so I'll offer up a bit of my from the gut home spun philosophy and let the more intelligent take the topic from there.

Firstly the reason, I think, the Japanese are so good at running is because they run!
I'm not being facetious. Marathon running in Japan is like nowhere else in the world a "popular sport". It gets prime time television coverage, it is promoted at and participated in at the university and club level, and people of all ages have a chance to run in any number of races almost every weekend of the year.

Most people would think "Kenya" if asked which country would you most associate with marathon running but I'd argue Japan has the history and numbers that easily put it on top.

I could go on about how the Japanese feel an affinity to the marathon as it reflects their Buddhist roots and their stoic personalities but I think the ability of the Japanese runners comes down to there being a good system of promotion and a large number of participants on all levels. Simply marathon running is thought of as the number 1 sport by so many and it has becomes just that.

Contrast this to Australia where running hardly gets a mention in the main stream press and one can enter a race the size of the "Gold Coast Marathon" and be running one third of the race virtually alone with the occasional spectator shouting sarcastically "Run Forest Run!!" or other such things. Another "spectator" yelled at me once at the GCM from a top a high rise apartment "You guys look like ants" I yelled right back "Yes, and you are clearly a fuckwit!" In Japan us runners get the respect we deserve and even the small country races can have spectators lined 4 deep, they wouldn't think to put shit on us and they really want to be there. I'm sure I run faster partly because of this kind of support?

And to answer the question of how I'm fitting in all those hours running? That boils down to an understanding wife and a job that usually starts at 10:30am. The second run in the evening is sometimes hard as I start it late and I'm ususlly tired but I can get in at least 10K, I just have to make sure I run in the morning and it is my longer one of the day, at least 15K better 20~25K.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Well I'm going to have to say it was a successful experiment. I was able to PB my half marathon race off my hard marathon training and not injure myself in the process so I'm pretty happy with that. My time 1:19:25 is getting me to the stage were I feel I'm hitting my peak but although I'd be happy to stay right here I think I have more in me. Well I didn't think this at the 18th K mark but I do now, isn't that always the way?

I'll let the photos and videos tell the rest of the story. Got to drink a few more beers and eat something. Thanks for all your recent comments. I was thinking of you out there today. Photos: Me and one of the fast guys from Kawachinagano RC and Me and a video taken at the finish line.

By the way, that time gave me 3rd in my age group 40~49 years , a medal :) and it was 9th overall out of about 800 runners.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


I heard that doing a lot of miles will change you mentally and physically, they're not kidding!!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Had a good week and managed to put together the most Ks I've ever run in one week. Did 190kms this week and was even thinking that I might do another 10 this evening just to round it off to 200K but don't want to push my luck, besides it's pissing down rain now and my knees feel like someones been hammering on them with coconuts!!

Still considering I feel good. I didn't do any debilitating speed sessions and just tried to get in the miles at a relatively easy pace. Next Sunday I have a half so I'll drop back to about 120kms, that shall be easy in comparison to this week and put me in a good position to PB. Yes, it is all a bit of an experiment but I have to see what I can do and as, I think, I'm not really naturally fast the PBs from now on will only come by upping the mileage and peaking for races.

Anyway old "Meatloaf" in "I will do anything for love" best expresses how my last week was. I heard this while running last week and also have uploaded the classic "Bat out of hell."

"Some days it don't come easy
Some days it don't come hard
Some days it don't come at all
and these are the days that never end

Maybe I'm crazy
But it's crazy and it's true
I know you can save me
No one else can save me but you
("you") being ice-baths

As long as the planets are turning
As long as the stars are burning
As long as your dreams are coming true--
You better believe it!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 second PB

My first race as a 45 year old and the first of the running season saw me just slip under my previous 10K PB by ten seconds.

As it was my first race of the season here and as I've come straight out of marathon training and some high mileage I'm pretty pleased with this time. Did it hard the last 3K though and thought at the time, running up a hill over a bridge on the second to last K, "What the ~#*!"

As usual, on the way, home I thought of enough reasons why this race was so hard, and believe with some more training, a flat course, less crowds and some specific 5K and 10K work I'll be able to get another PB in 10K early next year. Still I reckon can justified my training/racing efforts or lack of them as much as I'd like: I don't know if I have it in me to run much under 33:00 minutes, things would have to all come together for me, on the day, to say the least.

Anyway, I hope I can look back on this posting as say, "Ye of little faith"

On to my half marathon in two weeks were I'm looking for a sub 1:20:00 that I think I can get. My present PB in the half is a little soft for me and probably I have a better shot of breaking it than any of my other PBs for now.

I'll include a couple of photos from today. Me on the podium, got 5th place in my age group 40~59 years old, in 35:38. Last year I got 5th here too but ran 4 minutes slower then. Seems like a few more faster old fellas showed up this year.

And the other is of me and my boys.

Take care, talk soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Building mileage

The following might be my last videos for a little while. The mic on my Ipod video recorder is not working so I can't get sound. I'll have it fixed but still I think I'll only upload vids once in a while from now on.

Things are fine with me, I'm building up the mileage and this week did 167K, I'll drop down some next week so I can be relatively fresh for my 10K race next Sunday but after that and the half I have on the 8th of November I'll start stringing together a bunch of 100 mile weeks.

I'm finding this lot of high mileage a tad easier than last, for example, I don't have the constant sore knees I had last time. It is marvelous how the body can cope. Yesterday, Saturday, I only did one run of 15K (not my normal doubles, mornings about 15K and nights about 10K) and I felt strong and refreshed, at least for two thirds of my Sunday long run. Let's just hope it stays like that.

Hope this finds you well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm uploading three videos taken Oct 10th. One of my favorite running course, one of me running there and another taken of a small festival I saw while there today. I made a mistake in the comentary in the first vid. I said I was doing a "42k" week when I meant to say 142K week. Anyway things are all good, just hope I can "keep on keeping on!"

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Back home and although 5kgs heavier I'm feeling fine. It was a great holiday and apart from the marathon in Townsville I was able to spend time with my Sister in Cairns, Dad in Townsville and a final week with my best mate Frosty in Byron Bay.

Haven't been running much the last 2 weeks, the last time was along the highway from Bangalow to Byron. I thought at that time, as the 40th semi-trailer speed past only inches away, that it would be my last run but managed to survive.

I'm going to catch up with what you have all been up to and then write and let you know my plans for future races. I have organized races until Xmas this year and just need to decide whether I should get a coach or nut out a program for myself. Whatever I decide, barring injury, I'm going to run more PBs.

The first run I had today, back at my beloved Sayama Pond, was the best I've felt about running since starting. Taking that as an good omen for the future.

I'll leave you with some photos taken last week and hope you're all well especially Robert Song. I've been thinking about you everyday and praying that you're getting through your treatment and are in good spirits.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I did the 5K I was talking about today and managed to run within 5 seconds of my PB with a 17:13. That is two minutes better than I did at this same race last year. 2nd in my age group. Actually it was the open division (18 years and over) I got second in and the guy who won this group was 18 and he did it in 14:45 or something ridiculous like that.

I came 4th overall. It is kind of depressing, to me, to have run my near best and still get beaten by one 18 year old, one 16 year old and a 15 year old. I turn 45 tomorrow, so this is perhaps the main cause of my melancholy, still I can't help thinking that I'm reaching the end of my PBs.

It always pays to be sanguine about these things and it was 30 degrees while we were running this so I possibly could squeeze some more time out of my 5Ks. Yes, it is not time to give up the PBs yet. I don't know exactly when that time will come but I think it will be around the time I stop wanting to beat, and believing I can, the type of young guys that whipped me today.

The video posted is of the end of my race today. Ignore the time on the clock as it was set to the 12K mountain race which preceded mine.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fast 5K

I've been searching the Internet this last week looking for something/someone to give me the green light to run a fast 5K this coming Saturday.

Type in "Fast 5K 2 weeks after a marathon" and you don't get much relevant stuff or anything much that says what I want to hear, that: Running a PB for the 5 K so soon after a full marathon is not only possible but it's something everyone should try.

Mostly you will hear people poo poo the idea with all this "No speedwork for the weeks after the marathon" and "build up slowly unless you want to be sidelined with a prolonged injury."

Luckily for me I have irresponsible role models like Dave Criniti who after only one week and having run 50 or so Ks the day before raced the City to Surf with a fantastic result.

Yes, I hear you all saying "You're no David Criniti Scott" and I appreciate anyone telling me I'm a fool. But I did recover really fast after the Townsville marathon and I won't have a chance to race again until October so I'm going to run as fast as these old pins will take me.

Today I did 4 X 400 meters at a local grass track and the very fastest I could go was between 1:16 and 1:20 per 400 meters. It might be too much to ask for a PB but an age group prize might be in the offing. Just how many faster 45 year olds will be in a small North Queensland town for a race hardly anyone has heard of?

Let's just hope the answer is not "3".

Above photo: me and the madman David Criniti. Can you spot my cheeky son?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I can't go into too much detail as I really wasn't paying that much attention. You all probably know what I mean by that. Anyway I think I'd better get what I recall down now while it's still relatively fresh.

The race started at 5:30am, it was pretty dark, I set off with a group of about 8 guys that kept together for the first 5K going through in just under 20 minutes.
Even at this stage Dave Criniti and Alan Mullen the first and second place getter's were way ahead of everyone.

Allen Mullen a previous winner(2004, 2:40:25)trailed Dave by about 3 or so minutes at this stage but Dave was really flying. (You really have to see this guy run, it is really something else.)This day he was to break the course record going under 2:30:00.

Anyway, by the 10th K or so there was a smaller pack, about 4 of us, following the leaders and we were all running comfortably under 3 hour pace. I mentioned to the guys around me that: "This race would be perfect conditions if it was just a little bit less humid." I got no response and these guys were sweating a lot so I took it as a sign that they were doing it a bit harder than me. Nothing like training in 95% humidity to make 75% seem cool.

By the 20th K there was only me and a fit looking thirty something local battling it out for third place. I started to talk to this guy and found out it was his first marathon. I said, something like "jeez you are doing well, if you run your first one like this you have a good future in this sport." Not long after I said this I pushed the pace knowing that if I didn't put a gap on him now he might very well hang with me and find his second wind.

Luckily for me and thanks to my high mileage training I was able to move ahead knowing with confidence that I could hold this pace. The last 10K I was easily holding 3rd place and the encouragement from Allen and Dave whenever I saw them on the turnarounds helped me to hold on and bring it home without any major dramas.

I was passed by a couple of very fast half marathoners and about five 10K runners in the last 8K, but this helped me as I was forced to wake from a little lapse in concentration and pick up the pace a little. I'm not sure whether or not I did pick up the pace, I was beyond checking K markers at this stage, but I didn't drop off significantly like I usually do and was very pleased to not only come in under 3 hours but to do it with a third place finish.

I'm in two minds now. One, I think I trained long and hard for a 2:56:00 finish, maybe I should have run faster and that is about all I can expect in the future. But that's what I said when I ran my first marathon in 4:10:00 something. And I'm thinking, now I can go faster and with you guys to help me I'll always be able to find ways to improve my trainng and times.

Thanks Dave for your support online and on the day, you are a true gentleman. As I have found of 99.9% of runners and bloggers. It may sound a bit melodramatic but I'm indebted to you all and grateful, more than I can say.

I'll leave you with some photos all pretty self explanatory.

Starting running and aiming for a sub 3 marathon has been a life changing experience. I have no regrets I did this. Now with a bit more balance and sense I expect it to continue to give. I will continue to do it as long as I believe it is worth the effort and is enjoyable. Frankly I can't see the day it won't be.

Thanks, again.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Glad to report things went well today. Yes, I finally ran out of excuses and under 3 hours. I will write more in the following days but just wanted to let you know my time and position. 1st in my age group, 3rd overall at 2:56:30. Dave Criniti came in first with a course record somewhere under 2:30! I go back to Cairns on Tuesday and I'll post photos and details then. Back to the beers, thanks for everything, I love you'se all ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've come back to Australia and starting to settle in for my holiday. We are back in Cairns staying with my sister and family. My wife and boys have been here already a couple of weeks and the kids are going to school here for the duration of our stay.

Next weekend we travel down to Townsville and I'll run the full marathon down there. I'm tapering pretty hard this week and only be doing runs under 30mins and a few sessions of 4X400s at marathon pace. I think I ran too fast and hard the week before the Hawaiian marathon and suffered because of it, besides I think I need the whole week to fully recover from a few niggles that have shown themselves due to my high mileage and sustained, 12 week, build up.

After a day off yesterday and a short sharp session this afternoon I'm not really feeling that confident as I have sore ankles and not much energy. But you know I always feel that way the week before and seem to come good on race day. I have to believe that all my good training is in there and ready to manifest itself come Sunday.

On the eve of , possibly, breaking 3 hours, I want to thank a lot of people for following my blog and making their comments. Comments that have indeed kept me going and had me smiling most of the time. But I think I better not get in front of myself. Post race will be a better time to express these sentiments.

For now I'll say thanks and see you on the otherside of 3 hours.

First Photo, me in front of a bus advertising "The Great Pyramid Race" held in my sisters home town on August 15th. While I'll be in no shape to run up that mountain I will do the 5K.

Second photo, my normal boy and retarded one get dressed for school.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Two weeks to go before my full marathon in Townsville. I'm pretty happy with the position I'm in this far out. Although there were problems during the build up the positives vastly outweigh the negatives so if there is any justice in this World I'll PB and have a good race going sub 3 for the first time.

I have put a lot more miles, and time into this training compared to the last two marathons so I expect, not unrealistically, to run better. I heard Steve Moneghetti once say that he was never nervous before a marathon as he was so obsessive about completing all his training as set "crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is" that the result would more often than not take care of itself and he'd run a good one.

I feel pretty much like this but still I'm a bit nervous cause as anyone who has been following my progress up until this point would know if there is a way to mess up I can find it. The term "Maestro of the Fuck up" is an accurate description.But surely there aren't too many more stupid things I can do so one would have to take comfort in that.

I'll have to take care the next few weeks not to overdo it or under do it, watch that I don't go on a food and beer binge and/or slip on a banana skin but as simple as it seems it is going to take probably more effort than the previous 11 weeks of running myself silly.

Any advice would be appreciated but basically I will try to drop a few miles all the while keeping up the intensity and chill.

I'm in the best shape of my life. The other day while running past the plate glass window of a shop I caught my reflection and thought to myself "Wow you look like a bloody Kenyan" and as the saying goes if you look like a marathoner chances are that will run like one.

You know if I wasn't so worried about jinxing myself up I'd say something ridiculous like "Bring it on" ;)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Just a quick update to let you know I'm fine and back running to my marathon plan.

I went for a second opinion on my condition at another local clinic and the nurse said I had to stop wanking, when I asked why, she said, "Because I'm trying to examine you!"

No really ;) it has just sort of taken care of itself. I reckon it had a lot to do with too much too soon, running that is.

Anyway I'll let you know more on my training the next post. But for now I'd like to thank everyone for their great runs on the Gold Coast last weekend. Great work and very inspirational!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thanks for your comments and concerns. I had a follow up appointment with the doctor this morning and he seems to think everything is fine with my head, he obviously doesn't know me too well. Still I don't feel fine. I've had some type of headache all week and if the muscle relaxant he gave me today doesn't work to relieve these headaches by Tuesday of next week I'm going to seek a second opinion.

Seriously, I'm worried as my mileage this week will be 60~70kms, if I get my long run done tomorrow, that is down from 140kms the week before. I've heard that if one can get in a long run then it shouldn't affect my overall fitness too much. Still I can't go on like this much longer as it will definitely play havoc with my marathon performance in August.

You know it is only when you can't run that you really appreciate just how lucky you are to be able to get out there day in, day out and run as hard and far as you please. I would just about sell my soul to have this over with and be back to running everyday. It would be bearable if I knew that it was say a hamstring that needed this much time to get over but this is bloody frustrating not knowing if the next time I run fast or make love I'm going to get an ice pick in the back of the head!

I guess that not being a "great" runner the world could live without me competing in a few races, but It would surely be loss to take me out of the love making game. I don't want to blow my own horn, so to speak, but you just have to read the back of the doors in women's rest rooms from here to Sydney to know that "IT" is legendary ;)

Don't get me wrong I'm not always "looking at the man in the mirror" Still "People always told me be careful what you do, don't go around breaking young girls hearts." I always tell them that it's "human nature." Anyway I guess you all "wanna be startin' something" so I'll "beat it."

Don't worry too much, really I'm alright I reckon I'll be back to it soon enough. But for you guys that are running healthy and heading up to the Gold Coast Marathon. I hope it's a "thriller" and my advice: "Don't stop til you get enough!"

Who's "bad???"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just came back from doing a batch of tests including an MRI scan and the Doctor reckons I'll be back to PBing in no time. Well he didn't say that exactly but he did say I haven't got a rupture, any bleeding and or brain tumor.

I have to go back for "a talk" but no worries I'm good to start back training for Townsville as soon as I feel up to it. The pills he gave me seem to be lessening the headache but I'll have to break my streak of 8 weeks of running no stop everyday and rest up a little today and maybe tomorrow.

"Live long and prosper" or should that be "Run long and taper" ?


Well yesterday I did go to the Chemists, bought some aspirin and a packet of condoms while I was there ;)

Still, this headache persists. Did some more checking and found out that some of the symptoms I have, like loss of full movement in my neck, my age, and family history, (my Mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage), may mean I have the secondary type of exercise headache! You know the one that leads to death.

I'm going to the clinic this morning to rule that out, but wanted to post this as I thought it was a good chance to get sympathy comments ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009


I've found out about my headaches (saved by a google seach again). One of the common explanations reads.

"When you exercise, or exert yourself physically, the muscles of the head, neck, and scalp need more blood to circulate. This causes the blood vessels to swell, which can lead to a condition called exertional headaches.

Headaches that most frequently occur due to exercise or over-exertion include jogger's headache and orgasmic headache (sex headache). While these may occur in isolation, they are most common in people who have an inherited susceptibility to migraine (one or both parents have migraines). THAT IS ME

It has been found that most exertional headaches WHILE PRETTY BLOODY PAINFUL are benign and respond to usual headache treatments."

I have been getting these headaches with "other" activities other than running so I think this is what I have.

So the cure is don't "over-exert" myself and desist from activities that cause these headaches or take an aspirin!

I'm off the the drug store/ chemist/ pharmacy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Things are going well and I should be happy, but sometimes there is no pleasing me ;)

I'm on my 7th week of a 12 week program, running everyday, and even with the high mileage I seem to be not only handling it but feeling stronger. A couple of complaints though.

This morning I set off for a 3KTT but took off too fast and realised by 600 meter mark that I was not going to make the 3K so I just pushed it to the end of the 1st K and stopped to catch my breath. 20 seconds before finishing that 1st K I got a really strange/splitting headache and as I was walking around after I thought, if I do collapse and die I hope someone checks my watch cause I'd just recorded my fastest 1K effort at 3:10 (I've gone faster than that but only down hill).

Anyway I recovered and did another 12K with every 2K running fast for 1K to make it 4K all under 3:20. I'm disappointed that I couldn't/didn't finish off run through and try for a 3K PB but couldn't do it today. I suppose I wimped out cause I really didn't want to put up with the pain that would have caused me.

Another problem I'm facing these days is trying to control my massive appetite of late, that threatens, if not controlled, to destroy a lot of the hard work I've put into training. I'll write more on this next post but in a nut shell: I'm always bloody hungry, I'm a pig and find it hard to stop over eating and drinking. Perhaps some answers to this problem next blog.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mullet with headlights!

Things going well I'm on my way to my biggest week, mileage wise, to date at 170kms!

I'm only able to do this by taking my mind off running between efforts, this clip helps. Looking back I wonder why I didn't find this type of thing strange at the time. Mustn't of been paying attention or I was/am indeed strange!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Today, Sunday, I went with my family to run the 1.5 K Olympic family marathon at Nagai Park Stadium. This event was put on by the government to promote the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid and attended mostly by families and about 10 famous Japanese Olympians, past and present.

I had not intended to run the 5K just the 1.5K with my boys but when we finished I was told "the 5K race starts in 10mins" and "you can join it if you like". Well I liked and 15 minutes later I'm running out front alone thinking "I must look like a bit of a show off racing a fun run." Still I'm nothing if not competitive so I just kept on running through for the win and a PB of 17:08. While I'm not too happy about winning against fast high schoolers and various codgers I am happy to of PBed in the heat especially cause I did a 26K long run only hours before and was no way prepared to run this race.

Back to the training!

Saturday, June 06, 2009


While this will never take the place of "Running outdoors" it might be difficult for the owners to see the sense of doing say "doubles" or running in less than perfect conditions when they can stay at home and play a few of these games. Somewhat frightening for parents who want their kids out of the house but I can see its appeal in that it at least gets one moving.

Another plus is: Stephen Lacey and Ewen will be able to suggest backless lace numbers (dresses) to eachother.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


It's been a while since I posted but I've been on the job running a lot, getting fitter and racking up the Ks.

Remember I talked about approaching this training "Zen like" ? Well I came across a quote related to that on Peter Magil's "Younger Legs For Older Runners" blog the other day (great site by the way. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Speedygeoff and Rick.

He quotes a so called Zen master saying "When the task is done beforehand, then it is easy." That brings me to the point. I've been training at a much better level, both in terms of kms and effort that I'm starting to feel pretty confident about doing a good time in my next marathon.

In the first 4 weeks of training for the Hilo Hawaiian Marathon in March this year (I did 3:00:08 yes not such a good number) I did per week, 81K, 62K, 117K, and 122K. For the first 4 weeks of this 12 week training program I've just completed 130K, 132K, 147K, and 146K. I'm going to drop down a little this week and peak next week at 162K, 100 miles, and pretty much keep up the volume until a good taper in late July.

On Sunday I did 15K of my long run at or under 2:50:00 marathon pace with a relatively easy effort, The numbers for each km being between 3:50 and 4:02. Now it isn't quite the level David Criniti has been training of late, (see his blog the numbers and speed at which he is running is quite mind boggling)But in relation to what I've done before it is a vast improvement for this stage of my training. And I can't ask more than that.

Some other things that have me excited these days are: I've found out just how much a good arm swing can help ones speed and form and I've been practicing this with some success and I've been doing a few Hosaka down hill 1K repeats for my second run in the evenings. That is, if you haven't heard the news from Ewen and Sling runner, you power down a 1k hill, I've been doing this under 3:20 pace and jog back up to repeat. I've been doing 6 to 10K of these. You know I think this is one of the best sessions I've done, time will tell, but I feel sort of refreshed, if that's possible, after doing these runs and finding to my pleasant surprise that I have less niggles the morning after when doing these then I have when I didn't. Try a few and let me know if that's true for you.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll leave you with the man himself who was also able to "bring home the bacon" as I hope to do in Townsville. If not like Keating said about Howard after years in on the back benches "Now you bring your miserable political carcass back to the front bench" I'll just bring my miserable carcass back home and try again. It worked for little Johnny Howard.

Some other quotes from Keating on Howard:

"The little desiccated coconut is under pressure and he is attacking anything he can get his hands on"

"For Mr Howard to get to the high moral ground, he would first need to climb out of the volcanic hole he had dug for himself over the last decade. It is like one of those diamond mine holes in South Africa. They are about a mile underground. He would have to come a mile up to get to even equilibrium let alone have any contest in morality with Kevin Rudd."

"What we have got is a dead carcass, swinging in the breeze, but nobody will cut it down to replace him."

"He's wound up like a thousand day clock..."

"...the brain-damaged Leader of the Opposition..."

(Of his 1986 leadership) "From this day onwards, Howard will wear his leadership like a crown of thorns, and in the parliament I'll do everything to crucify him."

"He is the greatest job and investment destroyer since the bubonic plague."

"But I will never get to the stage of wanting to lead the nation standing in front of the mirror each morning clipping the eyebrows here and clipping the eyebrows there with Janette and the kids: It's like 'Spot the eyebrows'."

"I am not like the Leader of the Opposition. I did not slither out of the Cabinet room like a mangy maggot..."

"He has more hide than a team of elephants."

"I do not want to hear any mealymouthed talk from the Member for Benelong."

"The principle saboteur, the man with the cheap fistful of dollars."

"Come in sucker."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is there anybody out there?

The lack of response to my last post has now got me worried that the "Swine Flu" has become a pandemic and wiped out everybody, everywhere except for a certain blogger in the Adelaide suburbs (Hang in there Bay).

Perhaps what I need is to say something contentious, stir the pot, so to speak to get my hits up.You know, the other day I got to thinking Mother Teresa would have been better to spend her remaining days running Ultra marathons in the hills of Virginia then tending the "Untouchables" in some Calcutta ghetto!

Or perhaps you need a few jokes?

Now if your waiting for me to write something intelligent before you comment then I guess I'm screwed!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


No, not the boss's life story, but one you will relate to.

I downloaded the above onto my ipod the otherday and been listening to this book on my runs lately. Now I normally wouldn't recommend things to read as I don't know what I'm talking about, yes I know it has never stopped me from blogging about anything before. Still, I have to let you know about this book. Just listening, in parts, gets my heart and mind racing.

Fantastically entertaining and deep on many levels I'm sure everyone could get something out of it. I will be referring to this book for years to come. Do yourself a favor.

By the way, my University closed today for at least a week as there has been a sudden uptick in the cases of so called "Swine Flu" in the greater Kansai region. Don't worry, no dead people here yet, it is just a happy overreaction. Being the positive guy that I am, I'll take advantage of it to get some more some miles in and finish this book ;)

And if you're reading Robert Song, I got the DVD packed with your music mixes that you sent today. Great stuff! Really looking forward to going through these, thanks again mate.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


How would you like to run like this in your 80s?

The following is an extract from a speech Earl Fee made about his book, "The Complete Guide to Running" Here he talks a little about mental training. My comments are in bold.

Many runners are spending about 6 to 12 hours per week on running training but hardly anyone is spending even 1 minute per week on mental training. (Being somewhat of a self help book junkie I was very interested to see how these kind of techniques can be used to help one run better)

If you are knowledgeable about the mental techniques and practise them frequently you can greatly improve your performance. You need to learn about the many relaxation, breathing, visualization, focusing techniques and assertive statements.(I've noticed as I've increased my training efforts, mileage, and intensity, it takes great strength of mind to continue, follow through on the plans I've set. Today I had a goal of trying to run as many sub 3:45Ks as I could but was only able to do 6 before I called it quits. I didn't have any lactate acid problems and I think my body was up for a few more but my mind was screaming to me from the 3rd K on to stop. "It's too hot, it said; You're not fit enough for this; Is that a pain in your knee? Did you leave the oven on?" Well you get the picture.)

Vividly imagining is like the real experience The nervous system does not know the difference. This visualization technique is further reinforced by assertive statements which you can use at any time during the day, Repeat to yourself positive statements like” I can run relaxed and light.” “I am strong and prepared.” etc. One powerful technique is to act as if. By acting relaxed, confident and energized you can actually achieve these characteristics. ( I fully endorse what Mr. Fee says about being positive. While I was a really active positive kid, in the last 20 years I've not always been that way. But recently I try to put a positive spin on everything even if I do come off sounding like a bit of a tool. Example Person A: "Hey Scott how was your weekend?" Scott: "Well it was less of a weekend and more of a journey of personal fulfillment." Person A: "You're a wanker!")

Mental training can give you that winning edge. (Once more I totally agree. It has certainly worked for old Earl and it may, I mean will work for me too.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Above, resting with an egg sandwich after the todays race. "Living Large!" ;)

Good race today. Beautiful weather, you couldn't buy a cloud, 21 degrees with a cool breeze. Did 37:24 my 3rd fastest 10K. Although it's not a PB it is five minutes faster than my time on this course 3 years ago, and I didn't do any specific training going into this race. I'm certainly a better runner than I was. Next goal for the 10K is sub 35 mins in a race in November.

I don't know how far I can get my 10K time down at this stage of my running career but I'm starting to realize that this game is to a large extent limited by the mind so I'm going to look for examples of better runners,(there are plenty of them), convince myself I can also do that and continue to improve.

I start my 12 week preparation for Townsville marathon on May 4th. This will require some "wanting, needing and bleeding" and of course "putting in the time" but I'm happy to do it. This time around though I'm not going to put pressure on myself to break 3 hours in Townsville I'll just do the training in a "Zen" kind of way focusing on completing the day to day requirements of my running, nutrition (last weekend of deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches for a while, see below) and exercise plans and I'm sure the race results will take care of themselves come August.

Hope this finds you well.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Me at the 10K in 2006

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a public holiday here, I'll be running a local race. The Sakai-City Marathon. They have a few family runs and 2 10K races, one for anyone up to 44 years old and a "Masters" for those 45 and over.

I'll be running in the general race for the last time as next year I'll be 45. I've run this race 3 times, 2004 in 47:22, 2005 in 42:50, and 2006 in 42:15. It isn't my favorite race as I haven't ever done real good in it but I like it because it is local, it gets a good 500 plus runners and the atmosphere before and after is relaxed and friendly.

I'm not expecting to PB this course but it will be interesting to see how I go in relation to 3 years ago. I remember talking to a young American boy at this race in 2006, we were the only foreigners running, and his goal time was 36:00 minutes, I thought at the time "Wow people can actually run that fast?" Now I'm capable of times like this but as for tomorrows race I'll be happy to get out there and run better that I did here in 2006.

By the way, Amazon just delivered a book I ordered by Earl Fee, Speedygeoff talked about him a little while back. He is a 80 something world class master runner. The book "The complete guide to running" "How to be a champion from 9 to 90" is a cracker. I'll share some of its wisdom in the coming blog posts.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So you pretty much all think I should give the comedy a miss. I'll take that advice, for the most part, but it's going to be hard ;)

I wanted to get back to the standard blogging today but I came across something that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. You all know this guy, right?

I kept thinking "Now where have I see this shot before?" and it hit me!!!

The resemblance is spooky, isn't it?

Anyone looking to buy Ewen a Chrissy present look no further. Poncho and/or wide brimmed hat!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not too much happening here with me, slowly getting back into the swing of full time teaching again after a nice spring break.

While I was on holidays I was playing up a bit, nightclubbing and the sort. My wife wasn't real happy about this as I often got so drunk that I came home with "throw up"
all down the front of my shirt.

It got to the stage that my wife said if you come home late again with vomit on your clothes "I'm going to leave you!" Well that made me take notice so I devised a plan for the next time I got para and chucked up on myself.

I simply placed a 1000 yen note, about 10 dollars, in my front pocket and when I again came home, covered in sick, I quickly pulled it out and told my wife. "Look honey, someone else threw up on me and they gave me this money to pay for the dry cleaning costs."

It seemed to have worked when my wife noticed another 1000 yen sticking out of my other pocket. "Well what's that for!" she screamed.

"Oh that" I said "That's from the guy that shitted in my pants!"

It's a joke..... so I don't want to hear from any of my student's parents or other concerned citizens. More on my main pastime, running, next post.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Into "Cherry Blossom" season now over here. Above you can see a photo of one of my running paths lined with cherry trees in bloom. It makes the world of difference running in the pink, so to speak.

As it is spring, a time of renewal and new plans, I've been mapping out a plan for the coming year. At the end of this month I'll run a 10K as fast as I can and then settle into 12 weeks of marathon training that will take me to the "Townsville Marathon" in beautiful far north Queensland Australia on August 2nd.

There aren't any good races close to here from mid May until early September so I'll simply train for the marathon in Australia, take one month off after that and start running in earnest for the fall/winter racing season here. I'm thinking of a 10K in Oct, a Half in Nov, and a full in Dec.Early next year it will be the same build up to another marathon in Feb 2010 and again a few more races culminating with another full in April 2010. Exact locations I'm still thinking about.

Anyway I'm going to race as much as I can in the next 2 years to take advantage of my "peaking" and then try to hold it until at least 50 and reassess things then.You might think I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm the type that likes to plan and believe it or not am now even looking at which newspapers I will subscribe to when I retire at 65 ;)

Back to 2009, I'm glad to have another crack at a marathon before my B'day on August 16th when I'll turn 45. This race should finally rip that my sub 3 hour monkey off my back, and then I'll be looking at going as low, time wise, as I can.

And if I don't do it in Townsville, well....I'll swallow a half dozen live goldfish, try again, or both ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hilo Hawaii Marathon Feb 22nd 2009

From left to right, up to down.

The Mayor of Hilo and me. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in the full marathon. Jared and me. Jared and Ali. Germain and me. Germain and Sean. Me and Garrett 2nd place getter in the half. Me and young Hawaiian girls. The marathon start. 40~44 age group winners.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Punters Post Mortem

Thanks for all your comments. I'm blown away by how nice you guys are, and helpful to boot !!!!

I was coming back after the marathon I wasn't feeling too good with my race and as I was riding my bike to my hotel some f#!* wits threw something hard at me from out their car window. But after when opening up my blog and seeing all the kind and thoughtful comments it has reaffirmed my conviction that people are basically good! Well the ones that don't want to kill you that is ;)

Anyway, first the numbers. 5K splits.

1st 5 K 18:40
2nd 5 K 19:51
3rd 5 K 20:30
4th 5 K 20:29
5th 5 K 20:54
6th 5 K 21:55
7th 5 K 22:20
8th 5 K 25:00
last 2K 10:09

Those tell most of the story but I'll fill in the gaps. We started at 6:00am bused up the mountain hugging the coast. It was a cool overcast morning with little wind to start with and I set off like a whip with the eventual winner of the half marathon. I stuck with him for about 13K only one other guy in front of us a young guy who was flying about a K ahead of us. This guy was to hold the lead until about the 37th K when he broke down and walked it in.

I did think that perhaps I was going out too fast but it was mostly downhill, very beautiful jungle and ocean scenery, and only about 6 or so uphills in the first 10kms so I thought my heart rate would be relatively low and I felt good, maybe it was my day to go sub 2:50:00 after all ;)

The eventual winner zipped by me at 12 K without so much as a "How's your Mother?" I let it go thinking I would ask how his was when I passed him later, but never got that chance ;(

The course flattened out about the time my half marathon partner split to finish his race and at about the 28th K mark two very cheerful fellas past me, Sean the Ultra marathon runner from Portland, Oregon, I think, and a young local, a small stocky guy that encouraged me to join them. They came in, in reverse order 2nd and 3rd. It was pouring down at this stage and we were zigzagging our way through empty streets around the airport. Somehow I had no energy to give chase and although I had plenty of carbo drinks I felt like I was pulling a car tire on a rope behind me.

While I kept on moving and nobody else passed me I couldn't pick up the pace. I was acutely aware that even sub 3 was slipping from my grasp. All I could do was think about why? I haven't been that frustrated since my elder sister's boyfriend held the top of my head while I thrashed about trying to punch him but falling way short of my mark.

I'm still not altogether sure why but I think Ewen said it about how the hills must have played havoc with my quads. I reckon that is right as 2 days later and I can't bring my legs back to where the heel touches the bum. I haven't had this kind of pain before after a thon.

I was a little worried as I had such a good build up going into this and I expected more but it wasn't an ideal PB course, weather conditions being too humid too. Still, I was given some hope of redemption when I read Sean's blog I'll link to it next post. Sean was the friendly ultra marathon fella that came in 3rd 3 mins ahead of me. I found out later that he went sub 2:39:00 in a marathon in Dec 2008 and got a 1:15:00 in a half in Jan this year.

Again thanks for your comments and caring about this runner's progress or lack of it. Congratulations Toasty your prize is on its way just send me your snail mail address to Toasty said he thought I'd do just under 3 hours, close enough son ;)

I told you in not so many words that nobody has made money betting that I would come through :) But this will have to change one day, stick with me ;)

Photos next post.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well I don't know whether to laugh or cry but I have a lot to say about this race. Overall it was good still a much harder course and worse conditions than I was obviously prepared for. I'll post the gory details in the next couple of days. But now for the time 3:00:08 ! 1st in age group, 4th overall.

Hope you are all well, thanks for your thoughts and comments they were, as usual, very much appreciated.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

10k PB

Miki 10K sunny/windy 10 degrees

Had a terrific race today PBed and feel none the worst for it so I'm ready for the marathon next Sunday. I did , chip time, 35:48 and got 3rd place in my age group, see photos below, that's about 15th overall. Very happy with that at this stage but I'm not through with 10K yet ;)

So please finalise the marathon time you think I can run in Hawaii and get them into me. Not only can the closest get a nice little souvenir the winner will have the satisfaction of knowing, they were right! Maybe that doesn't mean a lot to you but in this family I haven't been right since August of 2001 and I'd like to increase those occurrences. I'll say 2:55:40

I leave on this coming Wednesday but I'll try to post in Hawaii before the race on Sunday. Thanks, and take care of yourselves, I'll be in contact soon.

The photo below shows the first 500 meters in the stadium and me coming 5th.

At the bottom of this post I uploaded a grainy video of the last 500 meters going into the stadium with my wife shouting encouragement and if you listen closely you can also hear my 8 year old booing me, little shit :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was thinking about my last post and maybe I come across as kind of vain and narcissistic but that is not the case. In fact "I'm just a regular everyday normal guy" trying to improve himself taking one step forward and two back most of the time.

The one step forward I've taken this week was a 3KTT PB of 10:32. Anyway, the following song describes more of what I'm about so take a listen if you don't mind the word "Mother----er!"

Monday, March 02, 2009


The title above, another line from "Holiday in Cambodia" is fitting, I reckon, when you see the transformation I've undergone in the years since taking up running. The First photo was taken in Singapore (Which is also fitting as I had "more Chins than a Chinese telephone book) in 2000 two years before I ran my first step. You can see that I'd let things go a tad. I was still smoking at this stage, drinking everyday and I ate just about anything I could get my hands on.

The other two photos were taken today. I'm closer now to what I looked like at 20 than I did at 35 years old. I still have someways to go before I feel I'm perfectly fit but you can see that things are moving in the right direction as in the last 3 months I've made even more progress.

Since my 3:03 marathon in Dec 2008 I've lost 10cm off my gut. I've lost 7kgs and gone from 23% body fat to 14%. Knowing this and that I have had a good 12 week build up for my coming March 22nd marathon in Hawaii may help you decide a time you think I can run it.

Some bad news. I'm not running today, broke my 7 week running streak, because I have a very sore lower back (maybe going out in sympathy with Ewen) and yesterday after my 38kms long run, that gave me a 153km week, I developed a sensation of really wanting to take a piss and nothing coming out for 8 hours after the run. Not sure if that had anything to do with the amount of Ks but it won't hurt to take the day off today. In fact I'm feeling better on both accounts now. No need to worry I suspect.

I have a 10K race on the 15th of this month and I'm starting to taper from now so saving any sickness, Hawaii would have to be a PB certainty!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today marked six weeks of consecutive days running and tomorrows' run will bring this weeks total dangerously close to 150 kms. I'm stoked that I was able to of handled this sort of build up without any adverse affects.

I've been on a very healthy diet and my weight has come down to where I haven't seen it since I was sixteen. I believe that if I am at the same weight and fitness level I was when I was sixteen then I should be able to run as fast as I did when I was sixteen! Why not? Anyway I'll keep believing that until my old body collapses trying.

Next post I'll reveal the stats and upload a couple of before and after photos for the benefit of my throngs of female readers ;) And I'm going to open a competition on who can guess closest to my marathon time in Hawaii this March. The prise will be a souvenir from the marathon sent to the winner. The smart money would have to be on me breaking 3 hours but my history of choking and fuck ups will definitely spread the field and make a competition of it.

I'm going to upload a cover of one of my favorite songs when I was sixteen. It was while listening to this last week and powering along that I thought "Yeah I am sixteen again!"

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sunny 16 degrees

What the Kawachinagano marathon hills look like, minus the sheep of course ;)

Just came back from running the Kawachinagano half marathon. Those that follow this blog may remember that this was the same race last year where Eddie, my mate who necked himself, beat me and I complained of the shitty weather, conditions and my overall bad impressions of the race.

Well, as they say, a year is a long time in marathons (Nobody actually says this do they?) and things went much better this time. The hills were still there, dam high and long ones, and I still struggled with them but this time I wasn't reduced to walking and after getting my breath back made a decent job of the course this time.

I wasn't on fire, those hills still took the wind out of me and I indeed felt humble climbing up the third long one. And if I can complain, please allow me one or two, I have been battling with a pulled shoulder/neck muscle for the past week and I also had a big stitch for 4 or so kms after the turn around but I was able to run through these problems and post a time 11 minutes faster than last years effort.

I have 5 weeks left until my full mara in Hawaii so if I can sort out my breathing, shoulder aches, train well and have a good taper then things are going to be shiny in Hawaii.

By the way, does anyone exactly know what causes stitches and how to avoid them? No smart arse comments please.

Anyway, for only the second time in Japan I mounted the podium, so to speak, with an age group 3rd place. This was out of 700 runners, that was 29th overall, about 2500 runners. My time 1:24:35 (chip).

A couple of photos taken today.

Mrs. Kato of the Kawachinagano running Club and me.

Me receiving my 3rd place presents.

Me and the music teachers from the last high school I worked at in Kawachinagano.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I didn't have long to wait to see if my last fast 10k training run was just an aberration. On Saturday, while attending my regular boxing class with my eldest son the coach informed us that the 3K race for Casey and the 10K race for me were on the following day. While I knew that we were signed up for it, we were to run representing this small local boxing gym, I thought it was for April as a race with the same name is run then as well.

Anyway this Sunday morning Casey, 8 years old, ran his first 3K race in 22:34 and I the 10K, PBing in 37:19. Sorry I couldn't get 36 mins something like Ewen had said but I appreciate him thinking that I was capable of doing such a time.

You know, it wasn't so long ago that I thought it impossible to get near any of the kind of times I'm getting now, I scarcely believe it myself. But I know that without this blog, your feedback and encouragement I wouldn't have been able to do it.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (roughly translated "Thanks, I look forward to your continued well wishes and support.")

Friday, January 30, 2009


Thanks for all your advice. I was mulling it over and was going to sign up for the 5K this afternoon but first I wanted to run this course and see how I felt afterward.

Well this morning I set off all rugged up on a cold and windy day, the rain spiting intermittently. There are a couple of long gradual hills on this course but I was running them at pace nevertheless still breathing normally.

Coming into the end of 5K and feeling so good, I decided to do it again. Even though I was running on sore legs, with no carbs, to speak of the last couple of days, I still managed the 10K in just over 38 mins.

After that effort, and feeling like I could have done another 10K I went to the post office and paid for the 10K. While I maybe making a mistake I think that my training and diet have enabled me to jump a level and I just have to take advantage of it. With my current level of fitness, I reckon I can run a 10K PB and still not overdo it for the marathon the week after.

As you guys are always saying, we are an experiment of one, and I do have to try a few things to see how I react. One thing is for sure, like Rob said, I would have sprinted that 5K and could very well of hurt myself.

Anyway, don't get me wrong I, unlike my wife, don't ask for advice, like she does mine, simply thinking that doing the opposite is a sure way to success ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Things are fine here getting through the training, the last 2 weeks 117 and 121K respectively. I have been running everyday since January 10th and seem to be holding up well. I plan to peak at 140K the week after next but keep above 100k until two weeks before my next full marathon on March 22nd.

I have a question. On March 15th there is a race, 5K and a 10K being held at the sports ground I've been training at. Do you remember the post I made about it and me having it to myself in the mornings? Well it is there and I want to run it but it is a week before my goal marathon. Do you think it would be alright to race the 5K then?

I figure I'll be pretty fit and I will be able to get a 5K PB, but I don't want to jeopardise my full the following week.

Anyway I'd like to know what you think about this? I'll post again soon.

Oh and happy Australia Day to the #*~*en Aussies.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


So you want some details concerning my pie graph do you Clairie?

Details, details, always with the details. I'm a bit like old George Bush when it comes to details Clairie. When He was asked in a recent interview about his experience with being the President he said. "I liked it" full stop!

Anyway the following article is a great overview of training methodology by the Great Mr. A Lydiard.

It's certainly better than anything I could come up with. I really don't know much about this stuff. You know,Ewen, Speedygeoff, Robert Song, Steve Lacey, Eagle, Rob the runner and just about all the other regular bloggers know more than me on this subject.

I'm good for the occasional joke or a bit of support but still trying to work this out for myself, with the help of others. What I do know is to break 3 hours you need to either be young, or if you're not you would be better to have started pretty recently. I mean you won't see too many 50 year old sub 3 marathoners that have been running almost without a break since they were in their teens.

I've noticed that runners peak at about 8 years after starting running so in my case if I do what is in my last pie graph after a steady base of training progression, say 4 or 5 years,having not run since my high school days and having started in earnest at age 39, I should be able to go sub or below when I'm 47 or before. I'm not saying it can't be done after that age but you would have to quit work and train up at another level.

While I think that most people have the ability to run sub 3,any faster and your genes start coming into play, I think few of us have the natural talent to go sub 2:30.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article it shows that if you have the patience and plan well you will be able to reach your full potential and you can't ask more than that.

After all that I will give you something concrete.

That is, run 100 to 140k weeks for at least 12 weeks, and go on a weight lifters diet, with a focus on getting your body fat under 12%, Eat plenty of protein during the week and high carbs only on the days you run long. One or two short speedwork sessions to really get your heart rate up and take as many hot baths as you can. These things help me but I'd also say that consistency in training is the key and even a bad plan done week in and week out is better than a brilliant one done on the occasion. I think Ewen gave me that advice.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


First post for 2009, again Happy New Year. Clairie made a comment on my last post asking me what I reckoned were the most important factors in achieving a sub 3 marathon. You may be wondering why she wouldn't ask someone who had run one or someone who knew better. But who knows the workings of the female mind, all I know is when a woman asks you don't say no ;)

So here is the Gospel according to Scott. (click to enlarge)

These are all pretty self-explanatory but if one can do these things in a 3 to 6 month training period then one can dip under 3 hours. From my experience it takes a few years of running to build up but once you can handle the high mileage without getting injured and you are at least 3 kgs under your best weight/height ratio then not much else can stop you from achieving this goal. Of course it is easier said than done but the art of running well is putting it all together.

All the best with your build up Clairie and your PB attempt. We will be following with interest.

Did you like the above graph? Well you might also like the one below. It was made with the following song, the Divinyls and Chrissy in mind.

The song

Now don't get any ideas! Like thinking that I touch myself when I think about you lot. Well I do when I think about Ewen. But that is simply scratching my head wondering what the hell he is blogging about ;)