Saturday, July 18, 2009


Two weeks to go before my full marathon in Townsville. I'm pretty happy with the position I'm in this far out. Although there were problems during the build up the positives vastly outweigh the negatives so if there is any justice in this World I'll PB and have a good race going sub 3 for the first time.

I have put a lot more miles, and time into this training compared to the last two marathons so I expect, not unrealistically, to run better. I heard Steve Moneghetti once say that he was never nervous before a marathon as he was so obsessive about completing all his training as set "crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is" that the result would more often than not take care of itself and he'd run a good one.

I feel pretty much like this but still I'm a bit nervous cause as anyone who has been following my progress up until this point would know if there is a way to mess up I can find it. The term "Maestro of the Fuck up" is an accurate description.But surely there aren't too many more stupid things I can do so one would have to take comfort in that.

I'll have to take care the next few weeks not to overdo it or under do it, watch that I don't go on a food and beer binge and/or slip on a banana skin but as simple as it seems it is going to take probably more effort than the previous 11 weeks of running myself silly.

Any advice would be appreciated but basically I will try to drop a few miles all the while keeping up the intensity and chill.

I'm in the best shape of my life. The other day while running past the plate glass window of a shop I caught my reflection and thought to myself "Wow you look like a bloody Kenyan" and as the saying goes if you look like a marathoner chances are that will run like one.

You know if I wasn't so worried about jinxing myself up I'd say something ridiculous like "Bring it on" ;)


  1. HI SCOTT,
    Your lean, mean and hungry for that sub 3, All you need now is the self-confidence to back your training up, believe it and your do it as they say.
    Yes the last 2 weeks is the time to fuck it all up as many runners do by testing themselves just to see if there legs really still work and to give themselves a confidence boost!
    Don’t do anything really different in your training ie some super fast 200’s thinking it will make you sharper! Simply cut back on the mileage 2 weeks to go then really cut back the last week!
    I ran my best marathon after pulling a calf muscle a week before, so all I could do were very easy 30-40 min runs, on the day of the race I felt fantastic!
    Think of the next two weeks as time to recharge the batteries to full capacity!
    Believe, then dare to kick ass on the day cowboy!
    Great Nick Cave song by the way!


  3. Look like a Kenyian? You haven't turned black I hope.

    I agree with Mona's. If you have done the training there is nothing to worry about. I don't like to get excited before a race and just treat it like a normal Sunday Long Run. Set a realistic target pace and stick to it for the first 25k.

    I am sure you will do it this time.

  4. Damn, that's a good video. What was your post about? I forgot....

  5. Yeah! Bring it on Scott! This is exciting stuff. You have done all the work, now reap the rewards.

    Good on ya mate.

  6. I've got some advice Scott Wanjiru... don't dream about "bringing it on" in the last few days or you won't get any sleep. Either that, or Townsville will be hit by a Tsunami!

    Cutting out those dreams might cure your pissing problem too ;)

    Nothing wrong with second place, as long as it's not in 2:59:68.


  8. So, that was posted a week ago. Meaning you now have less than a week to go. When will you fly to Townsville? Given my blog-reading history of late, I may not get another chance to say good luck. So, good luck! I don't have any particular pearls of wisdom for you. Just plan your race strategy and stick to it. In particular, don't over-reach the first half so that you are still feeling good at 25 km, then bring it home. And respect the conditions. If it is warm, you will need to make some adjustments. Dot the eyes like a Daruma and I am sure you will get your just rewards and then some..