Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've come back to Australia and starting to settle in for my holiday. We are back in Cairns staying with my sister and family. My wife and boys have been here already a couple of weeks and the kids are going to school here for the duration of our stay.

Next weekend we travel down to Townsville and I'll run the full marathon down there. I'm tapering pretty hard this week and only be doing runs under 30mins and a few sessions of 4X400s at marathon pace. I think I ran too fast and hard the week before the Hawaiian marathon and suffered because of it, besides I think I need the whole week to fully recover from a few niggles that have shown themselves due to my high mileage and sustained, 12 week, build up.

After a day off yesterday and a short sharp session this afternoon I'm not really feeling that confident as I have sore ankles and not much energy. But you know I always feel that way the week before and seem to come good on race day. I have to believe that all my good training is in there and ready to manifest itself come Sunday.

On the eve of , possibly, breaking 3 hours, I want to thank a lot of people for following my blog and making their comments. Comments that have indeed kept me going and had me smiling most of the time. But I think I better not get in front of myself. Post race will be a better time to express these sentiments.

For now I'll say thanks and see you on the otherside of 3 hours.

First Photo, me in front of a bus advertising "The Great Pyramid Race" held in my sisters home town on August 15th. While I'll be in no shape to run up that mountain I will do the 5K.

Second photo, my normal boy and retarded one get dressed for school.


  1. Yeah, the week before I always seem to feel sluggish. I wouldn't worry about it. Go out and run like a Tarahumara!

  2. Go out and get pissed every night and do anything but think about the upcoming challenge, don't let nerves get the better of you, just think of all that mega training you have been doing, yes the marathon should be a piece of piss, sub 3 no trouble/

  3. I see the Australian winter is better than the Irish summer. Your time has come - roll on Townsville. You're right don't get all sentimental until afterwards - it can take a lot out of a man.

  4. If you go to the RFDS visitor center in Cairns, ask if base manager Mike is around. Tell him you know me and with any luck he'll spare you a few minutes. I'm sure the boys would get a kick out of the planes.

    Speaking of planes, you are going to be flying on Sunday! Go for it, and good luck! Don't break a propeller.

  5. Welcome home mate! You're right to keep an eye on the toaster adjustment this last week (if you want to place 2nd to Uncle Dave).

    As for the race, you can't do better than to follow the advice of former sub-3 runner Steve Lacey San... which I can't remember at the moment. Something about keeping your toaster cool until 30k (if you want to break 2:50:08).

    I see your wife has been remiss in telling your younger son what my mum told me: "If the wind changes while you're pulling that face, you'll stay ugly!". She was right.

  6. Everything seems to looking good for a terrific run in Townsville Scott. Don't worry about the niggles. Just go with what you have learned from your past experience and enjoy the taper and the holiday with your family. All the best. You are already a winner in my book.

    Ewen is right...he should have listened to his mother :)

  7. Good luck.

    I have 2 daughters who seem incapable of not pulling a face when a camera is produced. I comfort myself knowing that I will pull them out to show their friends when they hit their teens. They'll hate me then anyway!

  8. Certainly don't think too much about the race. It will take care of itself. You certainly will go sub 3 this time.

    Relax and enjoy your stay and the race.

  9. Wow, I've just returned from overseas and ridden the roller-coaster of your recent blogs! Glad it's all come good (at least in the running....).

    Good luck this weekend. I'm absolutely certain that all the hard work will pay off! I'm betting that you'll cruise it in!

    Oh, and don't forget to enjoy the holiday.