Friday, June 12, 2009

Mullet with headlights!

Things going well I'm on my way to my biggest week, mileage wise, to date at 170kms!

I'm only able to do this by taking my mind off running between efforts, this clip helps. Looking back I wonder why I didn't find this type of thing strange at the time. Mustn't of been paying attention or I was/am indeed strange!!


  1. That is great, great, great. Love it. And check out this one:

    Finally, a translation!

  2. I am amazed you have the time to do anything but sleep between runs let alone find great videos like that one..

  3. Spin around. Ninjas! Now I need to find a mop!

    Strange thing is, I was a bit of a BT fan in the old days.

    Good way to forget about running a zillion kilometres per week!

  4. Good stuff mate. Massive week. I'm impressed.

    Also impressed with the video. Reminded me of the misheard lyrics crew:

  5. 170K! Wow! I did 14k last week.

    I loved the video.

  6. Scott: Thanks for your comments. I read your blog! And thanks for recommending Born to Run). It seems that everyone (runners) is reading that book these well they should.

  7. Great weekly mileage. WOW