Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Above, resting with an egg sandwich after the todays race. "Living Large!" ;)

Good race today. Beautiful weather, you couldn't buy a cloud, 21 degrees with a cool breeze. Did 37:24 my 3rd fastest 10K. Although it's not a PB it is five minutes faster than my time on this course 3 years ago, and I didn't do any specific training going into this race. I'm certainly a better runner than I was. Next goal for the 10K is sub 35 mins in a race in November.

I don't know how far I can get my 10K time down at this stage of my running career but I'm starting to realize that this game is to a large extent limited by the mind so I'm going to look for examples of better runners,(there are plenty of them), convince myself I can also do that and continue to improve.

I start my 12 week preparation for Townsville marathon on May 4th. This will require some "wanting, needing and bleeding" and of course "putting in the time" but I'm happy to do it. This time around though I'm not going to put pressure on myself to break 3 hours in Townsville I'll just do the training in a "Zen" kind of way focusing on completing the day to day requirements of my running, nutrition (last weekend of deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches for a while, see below) and exercise plans and I'm sure the race results will take care of themselves come August.

Hope this finds you well.


  1. Nice egg sandwich!

    Zen will work Master Scott. Train well and the fast 10k/sub-3 will take care of themselves.

  2. Well done Scott. You must be so pleased with your running. It is certainly always good to read about. The Zen approach sounds good.

  3. I think the "Zen" aproach is a good one.

    As for the music download, I don't know exactly what to do as that site ( was the one I switched to last time. Can you give me a few clues about what happens. If you right click on the file do you get the Download menu?
    Or do you even see the file?

  4. That's one helluva egg sambo! Nice 10k time too...

  5. Any luck or news on that download?

    If all else fails I can mail you a DVD with lots of Mixes.

  6. Have you tried clearing your cache and deleting your browser's cookies?
    This might be a quick fix.

    Or so the good people from advise when people are having trouble downloading.

  7. Nice work on the race.

    I'm actually going to take a leaf out of that book and enter a few shorter races to keep motivation up. I won't be running PB's, but just the atmosphere and short-term feedback should be enough to keep me motivated to train!