Sunday, November 08, 2009


Well I'm going to have to say it was a successful experiment. I was able to PB my half marathon race off my hard marathon training and not injure myself in the process so I'm pretty happy with that. My time 1:19:25 is getting me to the stage were I feel I'm hitting my peak but although I'd be happy to stay right here I think I have more in me. Well I didn't think this at the 18th K mark but I do now, isn't that always the way?

I'll let the photos and videos tell the rest of the story. Got to drink a few more beers and eat something. Thanks for all your recent comments. I was thinking of you out there today. Photos: Me and one of the fast guys from Kawachinagano RC and Me and a video taken at the finish line.

By the way, that time gave me 3rd in my age group 40~49 years , a medal :) and it was 9th overall out of about 800 runners.


  1. Scott, you look a bit hot and flustered - did that come on after the "small diversion". You also have a bit of an elite-style thinness about you these days. Better tuck into a huge meal of roast chicken tonight ;)

    Seriously though, that's a great PB in the midst of a 120k week. On a cool day, with a week of taper, 1:17 is what I'm thinking.

    Anyway, the 1:19 is a McMillanesque 2:47 marathon, which will leave poor old Steve Lacey as the plodder among ex-pats :)

  2. Yes, 1:19 is an impressive run. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  3. NICE RUN SCOTT, 'steady as she goes'
    you just beat me by 55 secs [1.20.20 set today]!
    look forward to your next video :]

  4. Great run Scott and well deserved medal. 1st Lady and 9th overall is very impressive.

  5. Scott's no lady Grellan - he's a ladette at best.

    The other tip I had for you Scott was to ditch the pyjama pants and t-shirt for shorts and singlet - that'll trim another minute.

  6. Wow Scott- amazing times- it seems like only yesterday we were comparing knee or ankle injuries- and wow you are flying along! (I am not going as well as you but think Kyoto might be my next half!)

  7. Well done Scott!

    I could run a 1/4 mile in an all out sprint and not match your pace on this, or any other day.

    Your hard work and dedication has paid off.



  8. Scott, I am very impressed. I am in awe actually. Congratulations.

    If you feel as if there is better to come then there must be. Let's not set any limits.

  9. Congratulations Scott. That is a superb result and it is great to see you getting the rewards of your work. I agree with Ewen that a sub 2:50 marathon is a distinct possibility -- so now it is your marathon PB that is he soft one! You have to keep working your way through the set. I don't mind being a plodder behind people who run sub 80 minute halves or sub 2:50 marathons.

    Incidentally, how the hell are you finding the time to fit in that many miles? Are you running to and from work? Do you have a shower at work? I know if I did, my running would be going better. Not making excuses, just the reality of a busy life. With the cooler weather I did run to work the Friday before last, but it isn't something I want to do on a regular basis because somebody will soon work out where the smell is coming from.

  10. Um, wow. I really can't think of anything to say. That's awesome Scott!

    I do agree with SL though - where do you find the time for all the k's?

  11. Steve, Scott told me his secret for getting in the early morning runs... a large tin of baked beans just before the evening meal of black fish, then the Mrs kicks him out of bed at 4am in the morning.

  12. Close Ewen, but no cigar! Still it has given me an opening for a blog post, thanks;)

  13. I just read about a 1/2 marathon in Japan, the winner did 1.02 and 100th ran 1.06 !
    Scott, why do you think there are so many good runners in japan ?