Sunday, January 04, 2015

Running Form Check.

Again Happy New Year friends. Hope you and yours get everything you work for this year! Looking forward to it!! I took a slow motion video of my eldest son to check his form in the hope of making him faster. Please, I'd appreciate if you'd take a look at it and give your two cents worth. I'll comment on what I think he can improve but only after listening to what you have to say. Cheers! And after this maybe me. I could do with a little adjusting.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Let's make 2015 a great year by moving forward and closer to our goals and dreams. When I said I couldn't get up from a sitting position I didn't mean a chair! I meant from the floor with ass on the ground, knees around the chest and arms out front. Can you all get up without using your arms from that position? I can't to save my life. But that's the goal for next month.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Role Models

MEB Keflezighi is going to be my role model for my Boston Marathon preparation. On top of everything else just look how straight and strong he runs. This is a direct result of his attention to strength, core, and flexibility routines.

I'm going to try to emulate his Long Run protocol as well! Keflezighi likes his long runs long. “If you can get in several runs between 24 and 28 miles, with enough time for recovery, that’s going to make you strong as a nail,” he says. “Combine that with the tempos, the intervals, and you’re ready.” Between January and Boston, Keflezighi says, he did three runs of 24 or 25 miles, and two runs of marathon distance or longer. One of them included 8 pick-ups, of 3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy. The others were steadier runs, at about a minute per mile slower than marathon race pace, depending on terrain and elevation.

I'm on to it!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Taking the good with the bad.

Been checking about side-stitches and how they may be caused. Below is taken from an internet article:

 "This was demonstrated in a 2004 study which used 40 athletes with a history of side stitches during exercise. On separate occasions, each subject was given a controlled amount of weakly-flavored water, a sports drink, fruit juice, or no fluids at all. After ingesting the fluid, the subjects completed a treadmill run and reported any abdominal pain. The fruit juice, with its high concentration of sugar, was much more likely to cause a side stitch than any of the other conditions. And the sports drink, which had a medium concentration of sugar, appeared to cause more severe side stitches than no fluids at all (though less so than the fruit juice), though this finding just escaped statistical significance."

At this event they were giving away sports drink in cups and I had four of them before my race and as well I downed an "apple" syrup gel that came in my complementary pack 20 mins before the race. I've never done either of these things before racing before, but I forgot the old rule of never doing something you don't usually do before your races. Stupid I know but I keep forgetting that I'm also subject to the things other humans are subject to. ;)

So frustrating! But I hope, at least, someone can learn from it! I've learn't my lesson,  well until the next time I forget it! ;)