Thursday, October 01, 2009

Local run pt2


  1. Looked like you were havin a bit of an 'earth quake' just before you hit the tunnel [or maybe you were thinking of those Japenese girls].
    Loved the video, keep them a coming!

  2. Where's all the graffiti on the tunnel walls? Our bike paths have bigger cracks than those - but as you know, everything is huge in Australia. Nice location for the downhill 1ks.

    Try and hold the camera steady when you're filming the girls!

  3. Only someone living in Japan could call that path "badly maintained". In Adelaide the trees not only make bigger cracks in paths, but they can be raised up by up to 30 cm - interesting in the dark!

    Keep the video up - very cool to see your local runs live.

    Can't believe I even got a special mention!