Sunday, November 01, 2009


Had a good week and managed to put together the most Ks I've ever run in one week. Did 190kms this week and was even thinking that I might do another 10 this evening just to round it off to 200K but don't want to push my luck, besides it's pissing down rain now and my knees feel like someones been hammering on them with coconuts!!

Still considering I feel good. I didn't do any debilitating speed sessions and just tried to get in the miles at a relatively easy pace. Next Sunday I have a half so I'll drop back to about 120kms, that shall be easy in comparison to this week and put me in a good position to PB. Yes, it is all a bit of an experiment but I have to see what I can do and as, I think, I'm not really naturally fast the PBs from now on will only come by upping the mileage and peaking for races.

Anyway old "Meatloaf" in "I will do anything for love" best expresses how my last week was. I heard this while running last week and also have uploaded the classic "Bat out of hell."

"Some days it don't come easy
Some days it don't come hard
Some days it don't come at all
and these are the days that never end

Maybe I'm crazy
But it's crazy and it's true
I know you can save me
No one else can save me but you
("you") being ice-baths

As long as the planets are turning
As long as the stars are burning
As long as your dreams are coming true--
You better believe it!"


  1. The motorcyclist with the mullet! The 200lb rocker with the hairy back! Love it!

    Pretty handy week there Scott - and admirable restraint to keep those last 10 clicks in the back pocket.

    I can't see anything but you racing like a bat out of hell towards another smashing PB next Sunday. Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. you forgot the lines

    "I would do anything for love
    but I won't so that"

    Would you do that....for a PB?

  3. What, 190km in a week? How did you find the time? Did you sleep?

    I'm not even sure that I have the time to run 190km in a month!

    I reckon you might just surprise yourself next week....

  4. Yes Bay the time is hard to find but I've made some adjustments. For example: I schedule the boys in for a beating between bath and bed time on Monday nights. And my wife has graciously agreed to only nag me for the 30mins just before I fall a sleep at night!!

    Those things alone free up hours in the week ;)

  5. An awesome achievement Scott. Even cutting bask to 120K mind blowing to me.

    All the best for the half.

  6. Funny I would have thought "Upping the mileage and peaking for races" to get PBs would be mutually exclusive.

    Still 190k is an awesome amount of running and I am can't wait to see how the experiment turns out.

  7. Yes Robert song that doesn't make much sense. What I was trying to say was I'm trying to up the mileage over my 12 week build up and cut back on the weeks I have to race in the hope I can PB while still getting in enough Ks to build my endurance for the full marathon in the end of December.

    Not the ideal plan I'll admit, but I might already have the base to pull it off. We will see.

  8. Impressive distance for the week (VERY impressive).

    I typically struggle with anything over about 50-miles in a week and start to "breakdown" (i.e. it becomes counter productive for me at this point). As I drop the weight and build muscle I assume this will correct itself.

    I would wish you luck at your race but luck is for the unprepared. You are obviously ready to run a personal best.

    Take care,