Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Me at the 10K in 2006

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a public holiday here, I'll be running a local race. The Sakai-City Marathon. They have a few family runs and 2 10K races, one for anyone up to 44 years old and a "Masters" for those 45 and over.

I'll be running in the general race for the last time as next year I'll be 45. I've run this race 3 times, 2004 in 47:22, 2005 in 42:50, and 2006 in 42:15. It isn't my favorite race as I haven't ever done real good in it but I like it because it is local, it gets a good 500 plus runners and the atmosphere before and after is relaxed and friendly.

I'm not expecting to PB this course but it will be interesting to see how I go in relation to 3 years ago. I remember talking to a young American boy at this race in 2006, we were the only foreigners running, and his goal time was 36:00 minutes, I thought at the time "Wow people can actually run that fast?" Now I'm capable of times like this but as for tomorrows race I'll be happy to get out there and run better that I did here in 2006.

By the way, Amazon just delivered a book I ordered by Earl Fee, Speedygeoff talked about him a little while back. He is a 80 something world class master runner. The book "The complete guide to running" "How to be a champion from 9 to 90" is a cracker. I'll share some of its wisdom in the coming blog posts.


  1. Runners Prayer

    Fear give me your fury;
    Let me taste your torment.
    Pain give me your worst;
    Let me feel your fire.
    Unleash these wild steeds
    Of Fear and Pain,
    So they may be trained and harnessed
    To obey my commands.
    Let me test my mettle
    In the flame of training,
    In the heat of battle,
    In the couldron of competition,
    And the furnace of the fray,
    So I may forge my body, mind and spirit
    Like a sword in the glowing coals,
    So they may be harder than steel,
    Brilliant and fearsome.
    And ever ready for my friendly foes.
    This is my prayer oh Lord.

    Earl William Fee
    February 1999.

  2. A marathon runner walks into a bar, and the bartender says ...... (you know the rest)

    Good luck out there!

  3. Have an enjoyable race Scott. Run how you feel. It's no big deal.

  4. So how did you go, petal? I'll take a guess at 37:08.

    That Earl Fee is some runner. I'd have my work cut out to beat him over 400 or 800. Looking forward to the quotes.

    By the way, my mum no longer hangs out my undies ;)

  5. Your #$%&en Good!!

    Said in the voice of Rodney Rude.


  6. My commiserations to all your Japanese male friends.

    I was going to guess 37:20, but the 08 was too tempting.