Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tomorrow night I'm headed to Australia. The kids and wife are already there I just had to finish up my commitments with work here first. It's not easy by yourself rushing to finish things off. Still got to be grateful that I can get the time off at all.

Anyone who thinks that this is the chance to come over here and break into my house has another thing coming. The in-laws are looking after the place so if you don't mind spending sometime with them come on over ;) Who am I kidding not even the poor and desperate are reading my blog these days. Going to have to start doing something interesting. Or buying some stuff worth stealing!

As for the running, just two weeks until the marathon and I'm starting my taper. I'll have done around 150K by tomorrow afternoon to round off the week and then start to drop the Ks to around 100 for the remaining 2 weeks. If I'm still not feeling recovered by mid next week I'll drop the Ks some more.

The last two weeks will be used to get my body used to marathon pace and faster. I tried a couple of speed sessions last week but they didn't workout so well. I pulled my hamstring on the right leg and aggravated my Achilles on the left, and I wasn't able to run my target times for the session. I think I'm too tired from the accumulated training the last 12 weeks but I should come good and be chopping at the bit come race day.

The main goal from now is get to the starting line with no niggles with or without the speed. I always race better than I train. I can pick my pace up in races as long as I go in without injury. I expect my high mileage training to get me through to a new PB. So how low can I go this time? I'll talk about this more in a post from Australia.

Take care all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm almost there, at the end of my marathon build up. Tired but putting on the finishing touches, which I'll blog about shortly. But all it might take is a dab or two of "Old Spice." What do you think ladies: Fantastic!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Hope everyone is well. I'm fine, battling with the heat and humidity but getting through my runs. You know it's hot when you come back from a run and your hands are white and wrinkled just like they look when you come out of a hot bath. Just dripping sweat on most runs the last 2 weeks.

Anyway what I wanted to write about was my experience with my long run today. I took the advice I read in "The Lore of Running" by Tim Noakes and had some walk breaks on my run today. I was doing 30 mins runs and walking between sets of these for 5 mins! I ended up doing 38K in 3 hours, not counting the walk breaks, and surprisingly the old pins feel refreshed and good to go now. I did have a swim this afternoon so it might be that also but what do you think? Is this a good idea or do you think I need to run the whole session without any significant breaks?

Interested to hear what you think, as always.

Happy July 4th to the Seppos and congratulations to all those that raced in the Gold Coast this weekend.