Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is there anybody out there?

The lack of response to my last post has now got me worried that the "Swine Flu" has become a pandemic and wiped out everybody, everywhere except for a certain blogger in the Adelaide suburbs (Hang in there Bay).

Perhaps what I need is to say something contentious, stir the pot, so to speak to get my hits up.You know, the other day I got to thinking Mother Teresa would have been better to spend her remaining days running Ultra marathons in the hills of Virginia then tending the "Untouchables" in some Calcutta ghetto!

Or perhaps you need a few jokes?

Now if your waiting for me to write something intelligent before you comment then I guess I'm screwed!!


  1. No, I'm down here!

    I think you should try to look cool for your sub-3 marathon so don't forget to wear a leather jacket during the race ;)

  2. Hey Scott, I'm here too.

    You could just wear leather sleeves. That would look cool.

    Did Mother Teresa run Ultras?

  3. Hey Scotty, I started reading your post on piggy flu but I got very worried I might pick some killer germs off your blog so quickly clicked off!
    Now I,m wearing a MICHEAL JACKSON mask and paper gloves to protect myself!!!
    As a safety protection measure from the dreaded piggy flu I recommend all runners should run outside in ex NASA space suites and breath through an oxygen mask at all times!!!!

  4. Haven't got swine flu but nearly carried away with wind and rain! Luckily the flooding hasn't got down this far but there has been some wild weather up in Qld and northern NSW.

  5. No hanging on to be done here - no one comes to Adelaide so there's no real danger of Swine Flu...... oh, hang-on, I'm heading to the USA in 5 weeks.

    Oh, crap!

  6. We had swine flu, but no any more, We just rolled in salt and then we were cured.

  7. Hey Scott,

    I haven't said hi for a while, so I thought this seemed a good time 'hi' :-)

    ...and thanks for the laugh. That was a great little commedy skit.

    Tell us more about the book.