Monday, March 12, 2012


Just happen to search youtube for something on Kyoto marathon and found one clip taken and uploaded by someone I don't know. The bizarre thing is they caught me and my family on it! Out of all the time (7 hours) of runners coming into the goal they got us in the one minute clip.

You can see me hunched and crawling in from 20~25 seconds. You can see my family from 37 seconds to 54 second, first boy in blue jacket and green hat, next woman in brown coat and younger boy in orange jacket with blue hat and ear muffs. You can even hear them talking! Too bloody weird!!

Video Race Report

Kyoto Marathon Photos

Just received some photos from my mate and work colleague Frank. He was at several places along the course. You'd agree they are great photos and give a good overall sense of the race.

In the 6th photo I'm like 9 people back the few following are of me at about the 10K mark.

You can see the ones with me at 32K showing a marked deterioration in form!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Breakthrough another day!

The last 100 meters, man was I hurting! In fact the last 3K was the longest I've ever experienced.

Had a bit of a horror today! Still trying to understand the main problem. Chief amongst the problems, cramps and hills!

Actually fully expected to get sub 2:40 but never really got going today. I'll post a video blog tomorrow after a little more thought. Thanks for your continued support.

A humbled, and broken Scott.

2:52 something.

Photo with family after the race today. And a couple from Japan Running News. Kyoto is a beautiful city!

Kyoto Marathon t-shirt design. on Twitpic

Thumbs up on Kyoto Marathon, esp this finish. on Twitpic

Just thought I'd add a comment I read by Nathan Pennington on Arata Fujiwara about the ups and downs of marathon racing.

"Arata Fujiwara, a 1:04 half-marathoner and former '2:38' marathoner from Japan ran 2:08 at the 2008 Tokyo Marathon, a major breakthrough and that is JUST ONE of many examples of MANY men and women who made huge improvements because they believed in what they were doing when others just talked!. The japanese dont quit and I may not be the fastest but atleast I can share in that characteristic, MANY men have run 2:19, in fact it is not that fast at all, but a 2:38 marathoner going to 2:08 shows a great amount of tenacity and hard work."

And look what he did this year at Tokyo!

I will use this experience and continue to have patience!