Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Role Models

MEB Keflezighi is going to be my role model for my Boston Marathon preparation. On top of everything else just look how straight and strong he runs. This is a direct result of his attention to strength, core, and flexibility routines.

I'm going to try to emulate his Long Run protocol as well! Keflezighi likes his long runs long. “If you can get in several runs between 24 and 28 miles, with enough time for recovery, that’s going to make you strong as a nail,” he says. “Combine that with the tempos, the intervals, and you’re ready.” Between January and Boston, Keflezighi says, he did three runs of 24 or 25 miles, and two runs of marathon distance or longer. One of them included 8 pick-ups, of 3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy. The others were steadier runs, at about a minute per mile slower than marathon race pace, depending on terrain and elevation.

I'm on to it!