Monday, March 23, 2009


Well I don't know whether to laugh or cry but I have a lot to say about this race. Overall it was good still a much harder course and worse conditions than I was obviously prepared for. I'll post the gory details in the next couple of days. But now for the time 3:00:08 ! 1st in age group, 4th overall.

Hope you are all well, thanks for your thoughts and comments they were, as usual, very much appreciated.


  1. oh my goodness. i feel your pain. some of it anyway. what a great attempt, what pressure there must have been towards the end. whatever, it is still a great time.

  2. !!! And I rarely use more than one exclamation mark.

    How many times did you say "three - oh - eight!"?

    I'd be crying, but then I've been alleged to be a bit of a girl. Still, it's a great run - a 3 hour marathon! And don't cry, because you'll smash 3 hours when you run one of those nice dead-flat cool-weather Japanese courses.

    I had a look at the course profile, and thought the early downhills may have hammered the quads a bit... and gulped when I saw my estimated time may have one you the race.

    Looking forward to the gore - worth rambling on a bit for that one!

  3. I vote for laugh. Because those 8 seconds will always suck so you may as well be in a good mood!

    Looking forward to hearing the race report - congratulations on the age group win!

  4. It must have been a tough one for you not to have cracked 3 hours Scott. You will spend a bit of time contemplating those few seconds but you will also realise what a fantastic time 3:08 really is. Congratulations! I look forward to the gory details.

  5. The 3 hour barrier would have been nice to get under but the real disappointment for you must be that you have the potential to smash that really.

    Will be very interested to hear how it panned out.

    Remember you are still a couple of years of training away from your best so onwards and upwards.

  6. I still think "WOW" when I look at that time. Awesome awesome stuff.

    Huge congrats on being 1st in your age group. And 4th overall is outstanding!!!!

    Very much looking forward to those gory details.

  7. Amazing effort Scott. I know someone else who ran this race in the aim of running sub 2:50...she did 3:15. Her last 2km was 14min. I still don't know why but I know it was a terrible day out there for many.

    Your time is excellent and a course PB for you! Sometimes when we predict and plan for a race its hard to factor in the 'race course' including weather and conditions on the day.

    Hope you are resting up now.

    and don't delay getting your thoughts down...I'm desperate to hear the details and it will be a good thing for you too.... :)

  8. Obviously the 4th place overall tells the story of it being a fantastically strong run. So you can certainly hold your head up. Huge congratulations on that front. But commiserations on getting so tantalizingly close but ultimately missing your real goal, which I realize must be a true, Tesso-sized punch in the guts.

    But listen, mate, there is something I have to tell you ... the course and conditions do have just a little bit to do with marathon finish times. And you don't get to run them very often. So next time, seriously, do yourself a favor and choose a nice flat course in Japan in late autumn. One that doesn't run along a wind-tunnel of a river valley and doesn't have tens of thousands of fellow-competitors to fight your way through at the start. Choose carefully, prepare thoroughly, leave as little as possible to chance.

    Looking forward to the full report.

  9. See, I told you that you had an obsession with the podium! Seriously nice result! Not sure if I could get 4th overall in a 4 person race.

    I can feel your disappointment from here, but you can console yourself with two things:
    1. Any marathon which has a winning time of 2:50 is HARD;
    2. You're going to SMASH 3:00 in a normal race!

    The other way to look at it is that 3:10 is the qualification time for Boston - they don't care if it's 3:10:01 or 3:10:59. Who's going to argue with Boston?

    Besides, think how you can look back and laugh when you do go way under 3:00!

    Can't wait to hear the report.

  10. WOW!

    That's tremendous, Scott : 1st in age category & 4th overall. Congratulations & I can't wait to read the full account. In the meantime.....good for you!!!! (one exclamation mark more than Ewen).

  11. good one mate, i would love to see the splits and analyse it do death, there is no doubt you are a sub-three man. stay the path

  12. You and Mr lulu are in the same boat; he did 3.00.10.. Where do those seconds creep in?

    He was soon over the disappointment and celebrating his new PB and it's great that you came first in your age group and being 4th overall.

    Next time you'll smash it!

  13. There is a lot to celebrate:
    * a 3 hour marathon
    * a PB
    * a reason to keep training
    and when the sub-3 happens, it will be even sweeter.