Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hilo Hawaii Marathon Feb 22nd 2009

From left to right, up to down.

The Mayor of Hilo and me. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in the full marathon. Jared and me. Jared and Ali. Germain and me. Germain and Sean. Me and Garrett 2nd place getter in the half. Me and young Hawaiian girls. The marathon start. 40~44 age group winners.


  1. Great Photos Scott, congrats on a fantastic result you derserve it considering all the hard work you have put in over the months.

  2. Great memories there Scott.

    Where's the photo of your son with the 'thumb's down'? And the one of you with the slightly older Hawaiian girls?

  3. Well Ewen I knew that if I put up some photos of me with "slightly older Hawaiian girls" it would just give you the chance to say "Great mammarys there Scott." And I certainly don't want to encourage such childishness on my blog. ;)

  4. Very nice photo compilation. That's what my blog needs; some pictures of me wearing some bling and me with some slightly younger boys :)

  5. Thanks Scott. It's great to be able to share the moment with you.

  6. I like the start photo, although everyone looks so serious.

  7. Gee Scott, was the Half 2nd place getter really tall, or are you really short?

    Fantastic photos. They'll give you something to smile about in the years to come!

    Gold is a nice colour on you ;-)

  8. A bit of both Bay. Still yes I'm not really tall, pretty much short everywhere but where it counts.

    That is, I'm not short on ideas or heart ;)

    You know one of the main reasons I try to win my age group is the lift first place gives me on the podium.

    Certainly a better look than stilettos or Pumps on me ;)

  9. Scott, that last comment on my blog was one of your best. I almost sprayed a mouthful of Billy Tea all over the keyboard.

    Keep playing with the sub-3. I'll keep playing with the sub-7 (for Six Foot) ;)

  10. Hi Scott,
    Congratulations on a good run. But it's those damn last 7k, isn't it? I have the same problem. Well, everyone does, at least everyone who runs less than 150k a week, which is all of "us."
    So when and where will your attempt to break 3:00 be?
    Let me know if you will be coming to Tokyo sometime.
    Steve and Joachim and I will meet up with you.