Saturday, August 15, 2009


I did the 5K I was talking about today and managed to run within 5 seconds of my PB with a 17:13. That is two minutes better than I did at this same race last year. 2nd in my age group. Actually it was the open division (18 years and over) I got second in and the guy who won this group was 18 and he did it in 14:45 or something ridiculous like that.

I came 4th overall. It is kind of depressing, to me, to have run my near best and still get beaten by one 18 year old, one 16 year old and a 15 year old. I turn 45 tomorrow, so this is perhaps the main cause of my melancholy, still I can't help thinking that I'm reaching the end of my PBs.

It always pays to be sanguine about these things and it was 30 degrees while we were running this so I possibly could squeeze some more time out of my 5Ks. Yes, it is not time to give up the PBs yet. I don't know exactly when that time will come but I think it will be around the time I stop wanting to beat, and believing I can, the type of young guys that whipped me today.

The video posted is of the end of my race today. Ignore the time on the clock as it was set to the 12K mountain race which preceded mine.


  1. Hi Scott

    I haven't looked in on your blog for a while. Have to admit to feeling a bit emotional to read about you cracking the 3 hour mark - amazing what happens when you put your mind (and body) to it! Also, well done on the 5k. What I want to know is how many 15, 16 and 18 year olds you beat? I's be pretty damn happy to go close to them!


  2. Good to hear from you RU. How you going? To answer your question:
    More than beat me ;)

  3. No listen here Scott! Sit down while I give you a good talking to.

    The sky is the limit for you as far as PBs are concerned. You're still a spring chicken, have heaps of talent, and have only been running a handful of years.

    You can still be running PBs in ten year's time. Starting late is an advantage - look at Keith Bateman - a City to Surf PB (46:49) at age 54! So give yourself a good slap around the ears and take no prisoners!

    Oh yes, happy new age group :)

  4. Happy Birthday Scott. 45! Oh to be 45 again.

    Congratulations on the 5K. A terrific run. 17:13 is an amazing time....for a 45 year old ;)

  5. Thanks Ewen
    I needed that ;)

    Strangely I found this link on "Younger Legs..." under "Belief and Breakthroughs" and read it just before seeing your comment.

    "Being encouraged by someone can give you the belief that you can do it. We've all had our belief in what we could do raised or lowered by someone else's opinions. Ultimately, the key factors here are whether you trust the source of the encouragement (or discouragement) and the intensity of their beliefs. When a former champion or their coach tells you you can do it, it makes it much easier to do so, because the trust and intensity are high."

  6. HA! Your PB days are not done yet. I suspect (as Ewen pointed out rather well) that you'll be entering at least one more new age group before you hang up the PB shoes.

    As for the number of 18 year olds you beat, I think you have it wrong - how many under 40's did you beat? It really says something that only 3 guys under the age of 20 beat you, mere days since you did a marathon. Besides, I'd like to see them beat you in a full mara!

    As an aside, I hope that I can run a sub 17:30 5k one day!

  7. That's a fantastic result Scott especially so close after Townsville. Ewen s right - plenty of PB's left in you. You should concentrate on what you can change and embrace what you can't. Happy birthday.

  8. They are great times for a 44 year old. Keep it up!
    [Aside: "Ignore the time on the clock". I must remember that line].

  9. Yeah the guys are right, your just at the begining of your purple patch, enjoy it and keep running faster. 16 min 5k is on the cards, maybe in 4 weeks or so!

  10. Well, you might not have my marathon scalp just yet, but you have certainly got mine and plenty other 5k scalps hanging off that thick leather belt of yours.

    Congratulations x 3. Great run, great result, great age!

    So, are we going to go head to head at Ohtawara on November 23rd? It is a Monday. Entries are open.

  11. PB's past 45 are available. There are races you haven't done, distances you haven't tried.

    Teams you you haven't joined.