Saturday, November 28, 2009

QUESTIONS Arm sleeves

Didn't get much response to my last post. Is it my "potty mouth" or do you simply find my observations "boring and inane" actual quotes from ex-girlfriend. Well I'll just have to try harder ;)

Don't get me wrong I don't expect any comments but also I'm not just doing this for my own entertainment. I want to have some sort of conversation and if you're lurking and not talking to me I might as well go back with my ex-girlfriend where I got the the same treatment.

Anyway I have a serious question, I was looking at some arm sleeves the other day, you know the ones some of the elites wear see photo, and was thinking they might give me the edge I need, no really I was thinking, why would anybody wear these things? I tried to looked up some info but came up dry (why is this theme always coming back to my ex?).

Do you know anything about them?

Is it a good idea to run with them in a marathon?

Is anyone, apart from Ewen, actually reading my blog?


  1. No, only Ewen reads your blog.

  2. Yes, I reayour blog all the time!
    Any good sports shop in Tokyo will have sleeves.

  3. your blog...I meant

  4. I only read it when I get bored with Speedygeoff's and hunger for some potty-mouthed entertainment.

    It probably takes a while for your avid readers to catch up. I know if I'm not on the computer for a couple of days I have a backlog of 50-odd posts to read - which takes a simpleton like myself a week to do.

    Steve Lacey told me arm sleeves are for girls ;) Actually, on a cold day they probably help by reducing the amount of blood needed to keep the arms warm (which aren't doing much). Better than a long sleeved top as if it warms up, you can roll them down or pull 'em off and ditch them. A cheaper alternative are long socks with the toes cut out.

  5. I wouldn't advise running with your ex in a marathon. Your pace would be all over the place. Then again she probably told you that already;)

  6. I would never miss an installment of your blog.

    Even when it is really cold (sub 5C) I find gloves are enough for me to keep warm.

  7. I'm pretty sure Ewen is the only one...

    As for the arm warmers, what Ewen said ;-)

  8. I think arm warmers are like donut holes; just a sales gimmick that suckers fall for.

    Keep blogging Scott. we still love you.

  9. I honestly thought the arm warmers were to collect the those tennis bands in the 80's.

    Didn't realise they could actually help keep you warm!

    Yes Scotty I am still here.

  10. I wear them on the bike- and see heaps of people with them on, you can get some hilarious ones that look like full arm tattoos. As for running in them- if it is cold wear a top with sleeves, problem solved!

  11. I've worn the Moeben Sleeves at several events and, although I can't imagine them making me "faster" I do like them.

    This time of year the mornings are chilly and it's nice to be able to lose the sleeves after the sun comes up. The ones I wear also have pockets for Gu (good thing)and they give me a place to wipe my nose too. At the end of the day do they really make a difference? No. But they don't hurt either.

    Oh, If you get a chance, check out "The Art & Science of Running" DVD. It's basically a DVD of of a Jack Daniels class. You'll love it.

    Happy holidays,


  12. Did your ex girl friend get you into running, ie to get out of the house and away from her :]

  13. maybe you could run in 'leg warmers' and set a new fashion trend,
    you could be the next Jane Fonder :]

  14. If they have go-faster stripes, they are bound to make you faster!

  15. Well a bit late but I was in the US.
    Arm sleeves are great! That seems obvious to me. They keep your arms warm, don't restrict your movement and can be removed if you get too warm. Great for races and fast training runs in cold weather. I wore them in two cold, rainy marathons and my arms were warm even though it felt like I had nothing extra on, unlike a long-sleeve or even short-sleeve shirt which would have been heavy and clinging.
    By the way, I noticed that you were on the cover of Sports Today but not Moron of the Day...interesting....