Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've been happy lately...

Kyoto Marathon course video

"Now I've been happy lately thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be, something good has begun!" ~ Cat Stevens. Peace Train

Yes, things are fine with me here and yesterday I got the good news that I was successful in my application to run the Kyoto Marathon on March 11th 2012. That gives me 15 weeks from now to get in a good training cycle and I'm setting a target for a PB somewhere sub 2:40!

Three weeks out from the Osaka Marathon and I've started to build mileage, this week 110K. I've had soreness deep down in my hip flexors after Osaka, even now I still feel it. And I have a sore gut, feels like I been doing too many sit ups. It also hurts my gut when I horse sneeze but I reckon another week or so should see these troubles off.

The other good news is that I have found a good Lydiard training program to follow and after much research and reading I reckon this it the one to take me into the 2:30s! The program I'm doing in the build up to Kyoto is an on-line Interactive Training Program from Master Run Coach. Lorraine Moller and Nobby Hashizume see website. Check them out it is an excellent option for the price and exactly what I was looking for. I might get a "real coach" from here later but for now this will be fine.

I'll be updating the blog weekly from now as I want to have a record of this training and I'd appreciate any advice on how best to tweak this to get me to the starting line in the best shape come March!

Now I got a new plan and a new goal I won't bother you with my day to day going ons (see video) but I will, as I said, be updating my progress here every week.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Quick result blog. Happy with this for what training I did going in. The race went extremely well all considering. I'll write more in the next few days but thanks as usual for your kind words/support going in. I love you guys almost as much as I do this sport! ;)

地点名 Point スプリット (ネットタイム) Split (Net Time) ラップ Lap 通過時間

Time 5km 00:19:19 (0:19:08) 0:19:08 09:19:19 10km 00:38:25 (0:38:14) 0:19:06 09:38:25 15km 00:57:33 (0:57:22) 0:19:08 09:57:33 20km 01:17:09 (1:16:58) 0:19:36 10:17:09 25km 01:37:01 (1:36:50) 0:19:52 10:37:01 30km 01:57:06 (1:56:55) 0:20:05 10:57:06 35km 02:17:29 (2:17:18) 0:20:23 11:17:29 40km 02:38:35 (2:38:24) 0:21:06 11:38:35 Finish 02:47:51 (2:47:40) 0:09:16 11:47:51

Video of the last 400 meters taken by my son in slow motion. I felt like I was running this slow! Hard to finish off today.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Thanks for the kick Clairie!

Sorry again that I haven't been updating. It's not that I have nothing to say. It's just that nothing is really clear. I'm in two minds about many things thesedays so instead of taking a position and/or waffling I'd just as soon not write at all.

Anyway here is the news to date. One week out from Osaka marathon. The last two weeks I've ran two 10K races, first at 36:50 and second 36:37. Not setting the world on fire but they have helped me get in the below marathon paced runs and shown that I can at least run 19:00 minutes to 19:30 for 5K (what I need for a marathon PB, I reckon up until 30K I'll be OK with these splits but the last 10K will be interesting. These short build ups can either work real well or be a complete disaster! I'm still basically finding my fitness still if I have a good day who knows?!

Whatever happens it will not be the end, there's always another race. I plan to do my best in the inaugural Osaka marathon so let the chips fall where they may! I'm uploading a short video of my struggle home in the heat today and a couple of photos. One of me handing my youngest son my finishing certificate and the other "Api" a former, favorite, private student.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

So far, so good!

Starting to get fit and although I missed a few days last week, busy with work, I was able to salvage the week with a good 30K (all sub 4:15) on Sunday morning and a strong second run that evening (10K).

I went to the place I was supposed to do a half on Sunday but as I was driving there I looked at the card and saw that the date in big red letters was the day before. I smiled thinking they had made a mistake until I realised it was me who was mistaken! I've never done that before but in my defence, I am an idiot, and I've never had a race on Saturday before and knowing it was around that date I just assumed it was Sunday. Anyway, there's always another race and it did allow me to get in my regular long run, which I pretty much need at this stage.

I've got a few 10K races within the next few weeks those should give me some idea what I can expect to run in the marathon at the end of this month! Like I said I'm getting fit and reckon I can peak in 3 weeks. That is I reckon I'll be fast enough to PB but worried whether I can maintain the pace the last 10K as my mileage has not been anywhere near what I have done in my last 3 marathon training periods. Basically. I will have done between 100K and 140K per week for 8 weeks. Do you think it's enough for me?

On the injury side I have some small worries with sore Achilles and I am noticing a slight cramping when I run at pace over distances of more than 20K. But really getting in some good training and I haven't been running this well for over 8 months.

Basically I'd be happy with a small PB in this coming Osaka marathon and to use this run and this training as base for a bigger attack on my PB with a marathon in March 2012, hopefully I can get in to the Kyoto marathon to be held here March 11th. I have some time off in Jan Feb so I'll be better able to put in miles then.

I have a couple more questions: Do you find running at night easier than in the mornings? I mean does it feel easier effort wise to you to run the same session early or late? And if you are tired from training and busy with work would you blow off an important mid week 24K run in the cold rain to write a blog post and get a massage? And if you would do you think it would make any difference 3 and a half weeks out from your goal race?!

Nothing really connected to running but it's good to let off steam sometimes with a good rant! Don't you think? Caution some swearing!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go with the flow

Hope everyone is doing well. My Osaka Marathon build up is starting to gain steam but got a nagging feeling I will hit the line Oct 30th a little underdone, and the last 10K is going to hurt like the dickens!

Anyway it's good to be back into training and apart from the usual soreness that comes with it I'm not suffering any injuries, although I'm finding my self hobbling for the first K or so every run now until I warm up.

Two days ago at my local pond loop I spotted and talk to Mr. Yoshimura (7 down) a 2:15 marathoner, a local hero, who is also training for the Osaka marathon. (Fantastic fella) He said he was not in real good shape and said he was finding it a bit tough but he certainly looked good flying around the course relaxed with a big smile on his face. At those kind of speeds I look more like one of those giant Japanese Carp trying to suck in a bit of bread!

Rob thanks for asking the question about food I wish I had a better answer but there is no real secret with my diet when I'm doing high mileage. If anything I eat less not more because I'm trying to lose weight by start time. Not eating much the day before and morning of a long run really makes it a tough run but I've always done like this and I can tell you that it pays on race day when you're carbed up you feel so much stronger like you could run forever. For mine, it works, giving me the confidence I need. (Sorry about that last sentence, just practicing for the day I might be approached to promote Body Spray).

From now until goal race day I have a race every weekend, a half next week and three 10K races right up until the week before. Although I'm not expecting to do particularly well in these races they will get me "race fit" I figure that by the time I hit goal race I'll be at least fast enough to PB and I'm just going to have to tough it out the last 10K.

Anyway I can tell you if I'm on for a PB by 35K not even cramps in both legs and a bottle in the head from the crowd will stop me going for it in my 1st full length home town race. (You may wonder who would want to throw a bottle at me and if you do you mustn't know me and/or be a new reader! Welcome by the way).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You don't know what I got!

The blog's title is in reference to the song "Little Deuce Coupe" that I was listening to on today's run. The line "You don't know what I got" is apt for me as at this stage of my marathon build up, I don't know what I got.

I mean starting to be more consistent but 7 weeks out and I'm struggling with the heat, my stamina is not good and speed less than I would expect at this stage. Pulled the stitches out of my lip yesterday and don't have a scar but nose and teeth are still aching and I'm still battling with a chest cold I picked up in Taiwan.

The good news is that not really being able to eat solids with my mouth the way it was has enabled me to drop a few kgs and the hope is that by next week I'll be fully back on track!

I seem to thrive on high mileage and know if I can get a couple of 160K weeks in my body will respond. This is kind of anti intuitive but you will find that in most cases a 180K week will have you feeling stronger at the end then a 90K week if you've built up to it. What's your experience with high mileage?

My first real long run tomorrow Sunday morning (30Ks) and a day with the Missus for her Birthday and back into it next week. Hope you're all well.

I'll leave you with a nice story about the original "Little Deuce Coupe" and its history.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Face Meets Road

Looked worse when it was bleeding and I was spiting out asphalt!

Running in the rain today and slipped, coming down on my face. Pissed off at my arms as they didn't want a bar of the road a threw themselves up out of the way leaving my poor old kisser to bear the brunt.

Got 4 stitches and chipped and sore teeth but the hardest thing will be how to convince my wife of the need to do my long run tomorrow(Sunday).

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back and ready to run!

The first two photos taken in Taiwan on the way home and the others are of family and me in Australia.

Hello all! Is anyone still reading this blog? I know, I've not been around here that much myself these days but I'm back and determined to post more regularly and reconnect with you all.

Here's the basic situation with me. I've 8 weeks before I run the Osaka marathon, I'm all but over my bum injury but still having Achilles problems with both feet.

My plan is to keep on training and do the best I can in the next 8 week block to put myself in a position to at least PB. I'm going to have to bump up my weekly mileage between 120K to 160K a week starting this week and I hope this combined with a healthy diet (put on 7kgs in Australia on holidays) will be enough to help me meet my goal. Probably the shortest build up to a goal marathon I've done but as I'm in a good place mentally and wiser from experience I reckon that 8 weeks will see me peaking! I think I'm the type of runner who burns out, peaks too soon, with a traditional 18 to 16 week build up.

While I really had a good time, love Australia, I'm frankly glad to be back and more convinced than ever that it was the right decision to make my home in Asia! I'll leave you with some photos of my summer trip and head over to see what you've been up to.

Talk soon

Monday, August 08, 2011


Paradise found

Here I am, arrived in Western Australia a couple of days ago. Winter here, of course, and although a hell of a lot cooler to run in than Japan right now it's very pleasant, about 18 to 20 degrees during the day, not at all cold. Starting to build mileage and get on top of my injuries. I have confidence that I can be over this by the end of the month.

Now only problem is to control my weight but that's not going to be easy. Tonight I ate half a leg of lamb with gravy, roast potatoes, pumpkin and peas! This is surely God's country so you can't blame me for taking part in what is has to offer! Can you?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Active Isolated Flexibility

This is it!

Now for some good news. While I'm not back to running everyday and I still have Achilles problems I have finally begun to see progress with my glutes and hamstrings. The key was finding out about Active Isolated Flexibility as done by the father and son team the "Whartons". It has really made the difference and I'm starting to run better and pain free for the first time in 3 months! I don't know whether to laugh or cry! So I did both ;)

It's been beastly hot here the last month but because I haven't been running much, and drinking to drown my sorrows, I've gained about 6kgs. If I can fix the right Achilles and lose some weight before the end of August it's game on for the Osaka Marathon in October!

In 4 days I'll be in Australia, it's winter but I'm looking for a "Cool Change!" Check out some Active Isolated Flexibility exercises and I'll talk to you next from Oz! Hope you're all well.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Like a Fiddler's Elbow!

32 degrees C

Yes, things as as usual up and down like a damn fiddler's elbow! Really don't know what the problem is still. I did a run on Monday this week with my new arch support inserts and frankly thought this is it! I was running pain free and with this I had a rush of blood finishing off the 10K run with the last 2 under 3:30 pace.

The whole of this week I've been paying for that run and on Wednesday both ankles were sore to touch, even lightly, and my bum was throbbing like a bastard! I think you're right about not needing arch supports Grellan!

I was caught in traffic that morning and with my legs in pain, having to do a shit and not being able to and being late for work, I was ready to pack it all in! If it weren't for the fact that Rick and Ewen would probably never get over it, or have anyone comment on their blogs, I probably would have beat my head on my steering wheel until I gently passed away!

Anyway, I woke up this morning with almost no pain so as they say. Tomorrow is another day! I think I'm going to give the half marathon in Perth on the 7th a miss, just don't have the Ks in my legs and I'd probably break down again. There is a 10K there on the 17th that looks more my style, so I might do it instead.

If I can get through August by just jogging, no speed work, and increase the mileage I'll be happy. I want to thank you guys for writing comments you often make me see sense when I can't.

I hope summer's not too hot for you but you can always "Sneak on out beneath the stars and run!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How the mighty have fallen!

Maybe it's lack of arch support?

I might have finally found out the root of my problems! Could it be I just need some arch support? I've been called a "Fallen Angel" before but the problem might be with my fallen arches! Stay tuned!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not in the driver's seat anymore!

But still on a highway to hell...

I'd like to tell you things are back on track but sadly it's not the case. Spent the last month going from almost better to back to the same. To worse than before, to getting better and then back to bad. Really nothing has been able to budge this pain in my rear and 3 weeks ago with hardly any running my right side heel started to throb! The pain is located at the back of the heel. It's really sore to the touch and red. Just waiting for some git to ram me on it with their shopping trolley and I'll totally lose the plot!

So now you may understand why I've been a bit quiet on the blog front! I'll be in Australia WA for most of August with the family. I got a half marathon on August 7th in Perth and after that I'll start training for the Osaka marathon. I hope I can get on top of these injuries by the end of August but if not all bets are off! I might be reduced to spending my last running years in Canberra screaming out splits for Ewen on the track!

On the bright side, if I don't run, ....actually there really isn't much of a bright side here. So I'll keep battling on and try to get back to my past glory.

Below a song I used to like, in the days when my body was my friend!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Everybody have you heard?!

Still hurtin but not skirting!

Sorry I've not been writing comments and posting with my usual frequency. Still working on my injury and busy as a one armed taxi driver with crabs due to various work commitments! Anyhoo I've decided to run Osaka (Thanks for making me see the light) and I'm working my way back with the goal of blowing a few minds there, including mine!

Take care and keep on keeping on!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


What to do?

"If it doesn't rain it pours!" I've just today been accepted to run in the Osaka marathon on Oct 30th and Kobe marathon on Nov 20th. Now as I can't do both I have to decide between them.

Both are first time mass participation races on flat courses. Both are wonderful cities with great "running" histories (Kobe the home of ASICS & Osaka the home of the famous Ladies race). Another great thing for me is that they are both almost equal distance from my home by car.

The only big difference will be the weather on the day. It's not out of the question to see a 27 degree day at the end of October but more than likely it'll be about 18 to 25 degrees with the rare possibility of a cool to cold 12 degree day in Osaka.

Kobe's temperature at marathon time should be about 8 to 15 degrees but there is a higher chance of rain. I have no real problem starting training at the end of August to be ready for the Osaka marathon but I'd rather not, Kobe would suit me more and would allow me to do my usual 10K and half marathon prior to the race.

Still, I'm finding it hard to go past Osaka. I didn't get in the first time and the only reason I got in now was because they have had a lot of cancellations from dim-witted wimpy foreigners that said "No thanks" to their offer of a place in Osaka marathon fearing they would die of radiation poisoning, or something. Anyway the powers that be opened up more places for foreigners that didn't get in, in the first place as they had to fill a quota, so I was lucky enough to get in now (Thanks Bob "Tokyo Racer" for your help with this).

Well I'm in a quandary and when I'm confused I turn to you guys? What are your thoughts? Which marathon would you run? Don't force me to make this decision on my own. ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Those were the days my friends

Once upon a time...

Woke this morning with my 8 year old singing "Those were the days my friends.."

How they come across this type of music is beyond me but I asked and he seemed to have gotten it from an ad on TV. Where else?!

This got me got me thinking about the 80's, surfing and my past life. A fun time for sure but not something one should dwell on.

You do this kind of thing when you have no present life, to speak of! Still battling with my injury which has me hitting the bottle to smooth things out. Don't worry I'm a few bottles away from total destruction!

Uploading clips of my present thoughts. Kind of interesting but not how things really should be!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


These days everything seems surreal! Is this just me?

I'm so full of pride for my family and sadness that "these days" will end.

At the same time I can't even wait until things get better! I Had a relapse of my injury which is of great concern but on the whole it's getting better! "I'm bound to be improving."

Just heard that Glen Campbell has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and it's put me into a mild depression as the song he recently recorded, at 75, is my favorite and one written by Jackson Browne, another favorite, when he was just 16!

Here is the cover by Nico I also a beauty!

Another glass of wine perhaps!

Or another version! Take your pick!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happius Maximus

Could this be it!?

Good news! I think I finally got to the bottom of things and found my problem. Had a successful 5K run this morning (1k splits) 4:05, 4:08, 4:12, 4:08 and 4:06 and finished off with a 3:35 1K just because I could. As I was able to stride out and do it with no pain I was almost dizzy with happiness. It has been giving me trouble while sitting at work today but I really think I'm on the way to getting rid of it.

While the pain was coming from what I thought was the gluteus maximus, it was in fact more in the area of the of gluteus medius, or closer to the gluteus minimus and the pain was radiating from "Trigger points" here down my left leg!

Thank you all for your advice last post it all led me to this find, be it indirectly or directly.

On Ricks advice I looked up "Trigger Point Therapy" and Marty Recommended the book "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" that I ordered and have already been working with for a few days now.

Now I don't want to give this methodology the full seal of approval just yet but I'm so impressed with my present condition vis~a~vis last week, I'm almost ready to shout its praises from the highest mountain. Just need a few more sessions to be able to get up that mountain to do it ;)

Thanks again all, I'll write more on this later in the week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey there people...

You know I like everyone, that is, I can really appreciate everyone, their different views and lifestyles, but especially I like people who like Frank Zappa! Really have not met a Zappa fan I didn't like!! The World really is a worse place without him, and I miss him!

And this

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Like Starting Over

"It's been so long since we've took the time"

Well I hate to bore you with continuing bad news on my injury status. (This = I'm going to bore you with my injury woes and have little concern if you like it or not) But things are not much improved.

I have about four main problems. Two hurty ankles, one hurty foot arch & heel and a persistent pain in my left glute. These are, I believe, all the result of tightness in my calves and hamstrings. Basically I'm stiff as a board and probably have more internal scar tissue than someone with a lot of internal scar tissue. (This = Ewen)

This is all the result of my hatred of stretching and ancillary exercises. I could go on fighting not to do anything outside of running but I'm going to have to face facts and start over building myself up from inside out. I'd appreciate any advice on how to go about building flexibility or if anyone knows of a sweet tasting fruit that will loosen tight muscles, please let me know.

I read an excellent quote on "speedygeoff's" site the other day. It said:

"Strength shows not only in the ability to persist but in the ability to start over"

I totally agree so I will and we'll see if I have what it takes!

Friday, June 10, 2011


In the grand scheme of things there aren't really too many things more important than running but there are somethings and this is definitely one of them!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

OBAMA Japan "No we couldn't!"

But we tried!

Went away with the family for the weekend to Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan side of Japan about a 4 hour drive from our place in Osaka. We went to a place called Wakasa, and a city called "Obama". The city of Obama is a very old town named long before anyone had ever heard of Barak! Beautiful place and a very local but popular race. They have a half, 10K, 5K and 2K races. This is only their 7th year running it but as most country races in Japan everything was spot on.

Well almost everything. Not my performance which was piss poor by my last years' standard. My bloody left glute was tight as a bastard on Father's Day and despite going into this with some hope I had a bit of a shocker. Still, doesn't mean I didn't enjoy. But couldn't stride out and it showed in my finishing time. 38:58:56.

Frankly I'm sort of glad to have my racing season over for now, (won't race again until August in Australia and October here), cause I'm plain beat up! Can't even drive now as if I'm sitting down with my left leg not being able to stretch out the throbbing is just about too much to take!

I'll get on to fixing this and once I'm back into it I'm sure, before long, this will all just be a distant vaguely horrible memory. But the holiday's memory will last ;)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just don't know what to do with myself!

Eye just don't know ....

My bum's not responding to treatment and the complete breaks from running aren't helping. Just going to continue with the "Piriformis Syndrome" exercises and rolling on a ball (This hurts like a bastard on the sore spot) and hope it comes good. Very frustrating how it just seems to hang on. I haven't had anything like this. Wish me luck and also spare a thought for those that have to live with me, through this.

Still having said this it's not all that bad, still can run fast enough to satisfy me, and long enough to keep fitness. I think the way through this is simply to slowly increase the Ks while continuing stretching it and out while doing a few strides every 2nd day or so. Any other advice?

Also I have this bloody sore spot (sore to touch even) on the back of the heal on the otherwise good right leg! Anybody have any idea what this is and how to fix it?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


It seems that link to the PDF was no good, thanks Marty, but anyway if you just contact me direct on I can send it to you. And Paul glad you're interested. I thought about you and wanted to get in touch but didn't have your contact details. Can you send them to me. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last night I talked on the phone to Bob "Tokyo Racer" about setting up a running club similar to "Namban Rengo" the International Running Club he helps with (is the President of) in Tokyo.

He gave me some good advice, thanks Bob, and I've put together an outline that I'd like you to look at and give some feedback on. If you have experience with clubs please let me know if I'm missing something. Or if you are a local here in Osaka, foreign or Japanese, and would be interested in joinining a club like this please get in touch with your views.

Samurai Striders (tentative)(Osaka International Running Club)
To start early September 2011

Foreign and local runners (How to do this)
To talk about its set up (Where to do this)
Decide on name and logo (Initial members decide)
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Fundraiser Coordinator
• Social Coordinator
• Race Coordinator
• Club Coach
• Web Site Coordinator
Who are we what are our objectives
Do this as a group
Who will design and run it day to day (Me to start)
Time and duration (Week night 7:30 to 9:00)
Place with track and showers (Nagai Park)
To cover clubs running costs (annual 2000 yen)?

I’d appreciate any feedback and expressions of interest regarding the setting up of this running club.

Thanking you in anticipation

Scott Brown

Something else that might be of interest to you. A slide show on the beauty and strength of Bamboo. "Be Bamboo My Friend"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shodoshima Half

Post race

Nice weekend in Shodo Island. Took a ferry from Osaka and in three and a half hours we arrived. Spent Saturday doing tourist things. The cable car up the mountains and lunch and tour of olive farm. Shodo Island is famous for the olives they grow and turn into olive "everything". Also just about everything on the island is named olive something. There's the "Olive Bus Line", "Olive Drug Store", "Olive Gas Station" Kept the kids busy counting "Olive" references!

Sounds a bit over the top but it is a very nice place and we really had a good weekend. As for the race is was one of the best organised I've ever seen in Japan. The bag they gave us on registration took almost two hands to lift, full of samples of local foods! And the course was the best I've run. A few long gradual up hills but mostly they had us on scenic coast roads with the going slightly downhill all the way! Nice wind at our backs too!

If I wasn't injured and it hadn't rained so hard for the first 3K, (couldn't see the people more than 2 meters in front of me), I would have PBed for sure ;)

Anyway did 1:21:43 for 28th overall and 3rd in my age group. First guy in the 40~50 age group did like 1:13:00! And the winners in all groups were out of the rests class! Talking to some guy in the ferry coming back, he is 69 and did 1:32:00 and came 22nd in his age group!

I decided half way through this race to get professional help for my legs, the left one is aching almost constantly now! My next main goal will be a half in Perth in early August, I'll look for a PB there. Just one more 10K here in a couple of weeks before the weather gets too hot for racing. I'll do what I can there but that result will depend how the pins respond to treatment.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


"I'm on my way from misery to happiness today"

On my 4th day of not running and feeling better for it. Still some lingering pain in my Achilles, my ankles and left hamstring but hopefully this rest is enough to fix the problems I've been having. I'm chomping at the bit to run again and will do a long slow one tomorrow.

On a different note. I was listening to an interesting podcast this morning. They talked about studies that have shown that athletes who were able lie to themselves were the best overall.

How they ascertained that these people were lying was by asking them questions such as "Do you enjoy your bowel movements?" "Have you ever wanted to be raped and/or rape somebody else?" "Have you ever thought about suicide in order to get back at someone?" And many more such unpleasent questions. It was supposed that everyone has these thoughts at least once so if you answered "no" to any of these you were prone to lying to yourself!

Well it seemed in follow up studies those that did answer "No" (a lot) whether they were runners, swimmers, or other such timed obsessed athletes.. well they were the ones that did the best in their sport! They were the high achievers.

Bringing this home. The people who are able to say to themselves such things as "I'm the best!" "Nobody trains harder than me!" "I'm a lean machine!" etc etc help themselves and make it a kind of self fulfilling prophecy! It's not like they totally believe it but they are able to hold these thought in the face of contradictory ones.

I heard a story by Pat Carroll where he and a friend told Darren Wilson, for a joke, that they were doing 20 X 1000 meter repeats when actually they were actually only doing 6 or something like that. But the laugh was on them when Darren being the positive guy that he was, did these without much thought and, came out and blitzed both of them in a 10K race the following month.

A little self deception can go a long way in our lives too! I'll leave you with another example, one from my youth...

When I was a teen I saw my girlfriend walking in the park with another guy and I ignored it saying "Probably her brother!" But I broke it off a week later when I walked in on them making love! I had to. I couldn't abide by incest now could I!?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Currently unattended!

"In The Long Run" is currently unattended while the management visits clinics in the former Soviet Union seeking answers to the question of recent form slump. Please enjoy this musical interlude!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Take me out to the ball game!

A day not to forget.

Went to see our "Orix Buffaloes" pro baseball team play today with G'Dad and the kids! Nice day out! One of the best things being the girls walking around with beer kegs on their back serving draught beer! And if that wasn't enough there were these giant sized hot dogs! I think I now understand the George Bush refrain of "They hate us for our freedom."

Related to old George, how about them catching and killing Osama? Is it only me or does this life seem like a made for TV movie! We seem to go from one thing to another with no time to catch our breath! My own life recently has taken a turn towards the dramatic!

I'll relate a story from last Saturday morning. I woke up in my usual daze clutching the wall and pulling myself up it to my feet, we sleep on a futon on the ground. There was a basket of washing on the side table that I'd bumped, and I thought at the time, cleverly caught and replaced back on the table.

Anyway, I headed out of the bedroom into the kitchen naked except for a pair of "Sponge Bob" boxers, poured out a cup of coffee and stared out the window to see what kind of day it was. Before my second sip I felt a strange sensation, a dripping and a wet feeling on my feet. I looked down slowly to see several big splotches of deep red blood on my feet!

For some strange reason I looked up to the ceiling thinking that the blood had came from there but when I couldn't see anything I instinctively shoved my hand down my boxes fearing the worse! Well everything seemed connected but I pulled out my hand and it was blood red to the wrist!!

I rushed to the bathroom in a state of panic that you can probably understand only if you've seen "Alien" or your family name is "Bobbit"! On pulling down my shorts I let out a blood curdling scream that brought in my two sons. One, the youngest had a ghost white face and the other a smile that had me thinking, in a vain effort to make sense of this, that he'd set it up! After yelling at him "What have you done to me!" I proceeded to wash my groin area I was at this stage covered in thick blood from my navel to my knees!

"Jesus Christ this is coming from my old fella" I screamed, or something to that affect! I grabbed the shower hose again and turning it harder on myself I attempted to see where this blood was coming from! If this was you, would you rather that the blood was coming from your front hole or back one? Yes, I know it's the kind of a lose, lose answer but luckily I found the leak and it was coming from my sack!

You'd think that "Luckily" and blood coming from ones ball bag should not be used in the same sentence but I was able to stop the blood flow and make sense of why I was standing buck naked, surrounded by (mostly) concerned family members in a pool of my own blood!

Once the panic had subsided I put it together rather quickly. I seems like when I snatched the falling washing basket the steel buckle on my sports watch had cut deep into my scrotum and produced this fearsome deluge!

I'm fine now but it did put things into perspective. I mean when you think you are bleeding profusely from the penis your case of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis tend to fade in importance!

Nevertheless my present injuries remain an issue that I'll touch on next post.

Friday, April 29, 2011

"I'm on the right track baby I was born this way."

Any Lady Gaga fans out there? Then you must know the title of this blog. While I'm not a great fan I appreciate anyone who makes an effort and that's what she does! My race today was similar in this respect. Although I did what I could the twisting turning course of Sakai and a few injuries going in had me wanting.

Still it is a course record and I did come 5th in the Master's division. But frankly I was a little depressed after finishing. Anyway if you allow me to spin this, I'm definitely on the right track and just have to be patient. Nothing is going to rush new PBs just have to put in the extra work and wait for the right time/race.

I reckon we all need to not reach our expectations at times otherwise we would never have the motivation to train harder! Just what it will take to get me to a breakthrough I'm not sure, but I'm moving forward looking for it and that's the best I can do!

Today's time: 36:38

The video below is of me in the last 200 hundred meters and I look pathetic, not being able to muster more of a sprint! Just for the record this course is reckoned by the winners to be 200 meters long and by my measurements, my walking measure, it's over 300 meters long!

And one thing before I finish. If anyone who has anything to do with the organisation of this race is reading. Put your hand in the registration jar and 1) buy us chips, 2) put in kilometer markers, and 3) give the top ten something for their efforts. Tight bastards! You know it really makes our wonderful Sakai City look cheap and thoughtless! While I love running in my hometown, we really could do a better job of it. Just not Japanese, I reckon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Last of the Mohicans

So far...
No approach by a coach, but starting to think there is still a lot I can do myself before I have to ask for help. I have a 10K race coming this Friday and although I've been training for it and want to do well I'd just be happy with a course record. Think this will be the 5th time I've run the Sakai-City Marathon (10K) and the 2nd time to run in the masters division. I was 7th last year in about 36:50 on a hot day.

The last few training runs haven't been easy, got this pain on the outside of the heal of my right foot and the Achilles on that foot feels like someone is giving it the old "Siamese Burn." Not to mention a little bit of plantar fasciitis due to some over ambitious speed work and some hamstring problems on the left leg. Other than that I'm fine ;) Anyway I'd do what I can on the day and it could be, going by the course and my best efforts going into this, between 34:00 minutes and 36:00! Looking towards it and wanting to PB if I can!

Thought I'd share this clip as it is my all time favorite movie and please if you haven't seen it, or haven't in a while. Do yourself a favor, as they say.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do I need a coach?

Running to win!

Been thinking over the past few years whether or not I should get a coach and recent events have again put this question front and center.

Ryan Halls' fantastic run in Boston has, I reckon, justified his decision to "Self Coach" but while I'm in awe of his achievements his fourth place still shows that time means little when you're racing at this level! You really have to race to win that means beating those around you no matter the time they're running! The question still remains could Ryan have achieved what he did in Boston keeping the coach he had? And can he race to win in future without the help of a good coach?

Also our blogging mate Thomas' recent sub three shows what a good program and a great coach can do for you. I applaud Thomas's ability train hard and listen to others, not easy for a smart guy! Still, this is not to say he couldn't of achieved what he did on his own, one way or another, I reckon.

My basic view is this: I want a coach as I think self coaching is basically a disaster but my options are limited due to the fact that I'm not an elite runner and don't have the money to pay for the kind of help that would be superior to the advice I can get from "friends" and what I can cobble together from the Internet and experience of others.

Below (listed) are some things I could possibly do as I'm not happy going along exactly as I am now so I'd like some kind of change. Yet it's tricky, knowing just what to do at this stage. What do you think?

I could

1) Stay with my current Marius Bakken's plan and pay someone, another high level coach, to adjust it to my specific goal, a sub 2:30:00 marathon some time within the next three years... (Cost about $100 US one off). Peter Pfitzinger offers such a service.

2) I could pay one of you guys my loyal and knowledgeable readers to guide me. Willing to pay in sports gear, shoes and the like before and after reaching goal (value about $350 US).

3) I could ask someone like Mcmillan, Pat Carroll or Peter Pfitzinger to coach me to this goal marathon,. Pay them monthly at the rates they offer, not too much but much more than the other options.

What do you reckon on the above? Do you see any other options for me? Are you able to offer your services? Let me know otherwise I might have to take "Coach Hoffman" up on his offer of a coach. Like he says in "Eat to Win"... "The side affects may vary but the results speak for themselves!" ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Follow me

Thanks for your advice from last post, all helpful. I'm now basically doing as much as I can, in the way of speed, and backing off when things start to get ugly. I heard an excellent quote by Nate Jenkins in an interview with "Running Times Radio" something to the affect of... "Nobody ever got better/faster from any workout it is only ones ability recovery from training sessions that will make the difference" (between a champ and a chump).

I'll plug on with this in mind. What I wanted to write about today was "Twitter." I've had an account now for about 6 months and although I had little idea on how to use it, at first, I've certainly warmed to it and you will find me there, at least checking, almost everyday.

Just a little of my twitter history.

At first I thought it would be good to tell people what I was up to..

(Below actual tweets)

"At maccas having coffee before my run I'd ask what are the poor people doing but no need they're all here I'll ask them myself"

But that was not really what good tweeting is all about. Twitter is much better to help promote your business or interests..

"January 2011 races and locations in Japan are up on samurai running"

And or let people know you have just uploaded a new blog post..

"High mileage. The story so far..."

But the best part for me is that it gives me an outlet for my dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. While I love running I think that if I had a wish I'd rather be Rodney Dangerfield than any elite runner. But sadly I may not have enough talent to be either. But I'll keep trying ;)

Below a collection of tweets, "funny or not" you be the judge!

Some are topical..

"Paul the Octopus, of World Cup prediction fame, has died. Now no idea who's going to win the World Cup? I suppose I could ask a scallop!"

"Canadian authorities investigate dog encased in block ice found on man's front lawn" say it may be linked to frozen turds on back lawn"

Some are personal..

"I'm not sure if I talk about my kids too much at the office but a guy at work did quit, saying he "wanted to see less of my family!"

Some a a mix of personal and topical (Mubarak's Egypt).

"My son understands Egypt after all he has grown up with calls of "Get out out old man" but I keep telling his mother I'm not going anywhere!"

"Teen Virgins on the Rise ... Nearly one-third of teens reported no sexual activity." looks like we've finally found some common ground"

Most of my tweets follow a theme like my recent ones of "Words that should be."

"Extra Teartestical" The effort exerted when running away from what you mistakenly believe to be an alien!"

"Whoredrobe" A large storage area where you keep things you don't want your wife to know about."

"Unplanned Parentwood" An unfortunate erection that spontaneously appears during a meeting with your child's teacher!"

"Stimuless Package" The grion region of the average married man!"

"Spare-condtioner": Those little left over packets of rinse left in the hotel rooms of bald men."

I won't give up my day job just yet but I'd like you to follow me on Twitter, at least humor me ;)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Faster faster the lights are turning red!

Life in the fast lane!

As you may know with my marathon being cancelled I've turned my attention to a 10K PB and have been following a 33 min 10K plan. The trouble with this is most of the sessions call for times that are close to or better than my PBs at 3K to 5K, like 3 x 3200 meter repeats in 10:39 with 400 meter jog repeats in between! Given that my 3K PB is 10:15 you can see that I'm having trouble finishing these kind of sessions off!

Actually I'm really not worried, I figure if I can get thereabouts I will see improvement. But one thing that does worry me is the plans' "easy" days have me running at 4:15 per K over about 10ks. While I can handle these sessions (have been cruising up until now), I worry that they don't give me much rest between speed sessions and I'm going to breakdown sooner or later.

What do you think? Should I battle on with it? If not, how would you adapt this schedule if you were me?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No limits, indeed!


A tribute to Rick of "Rick's Running No Limits Desperado" His recent 50 year old 1:17:00 half marathon was an impulsive act of character and guts. Here's hoping Rick doesn't "come to his senses!" anytime soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


All revved up and no place to go!

Well that's how I was feeling a few days ago with all the marathon cancellations but seeing how things are developing with the situation here it's given me an idea. And flexibility is the key!

I was listening to a podcast the other night by a MIT professor of economics talking about how natural disasters basically don't make a difference to advanced economies overall. That is, they hardly register on the GDP of a developed economy because things are just re-routed! After Kobe, Japans third biggest port city, was destroyed in 1995, it took about one month for other cities and other places to take up production capacity. Even though its industries accounted for about 12% of total output the year of the earthquake there is no discernible dip in GDP.

Us "advanced" runners are also the same. When it comes to problems such as cancelled races or injury we look for alternatives whether it be a new race or cross training. The important thing is we don't let any disruption derail our overall progress!

In this spirit I've cobbled together a handful of smaller races to take me to a fall marathon (See left hand column). I've downloaded a sub 10K 33min training plan and in my first race I'm looking to, if not go 33mins, to go way below my current 10K time of 35:35!

Reading "Beer Matts" blog I'm feeling more justified in my decision to focus on speed. He notes in a recent post what he believes were the main things that enabled him to go from a 3 hour marathon to sub 2:30:00 within five years! In his number two point he says:

"A big (read massive) turning point for me was starting to run track in 2007 - with the aim of improving speed through all the race distances (the quicker you can run a lap, the quicker you will run a marathon)."

Sounds like sound advice!

Some wild eyed efforts are called for!

If you haven't seen this quake map you should. Shows just how much things have been moving from the morning of the big one. Amazing!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Made official today the notice read:

"Considering the seriousness of this disaster, we, the Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee, have decided to cancel the 13th marathon race which was to be held on April 17. Many citizens from Nagano City as well as Nagano Prefecture are participating in the rescue activities in the disaster area. Thus we cannot secure enough people who are indispensable in supporting the operation of the race such as security, medical support, and volunteers. As the organizing committee, we decide that even if we held the race, we would not be able to carry out a safe and effortless operation."

So that's it! Sort of expected it but none the less I'm disappointed as I'd put a lot of training into this and was thinking they just might go ahead with it if only for the chance it would give them to raise some money. Anyway as they said they are going to donate the "total entry fee of 76,270,500 yen" (from 8,973 runners) so I'm sure that will go a long way to helping and maybe is more than they could have raised otherwise.

Whether or not it's the "right decision" is no longer worth the thought I'll just have to deal with it. Yes considering I'm alive, healthy and with family I really have nothing to complain about. I was in tears today after seeing a photo of a young boy distraught, crying in his mothers arms after finding the body of his older brother! I can't stand to see this kind of anguish but really even if they cancelled every sporting event for a year there is really nothing that is going to relieve this kids' pain but time.

Still, I often wondered as a young man myself when I lost people close to me, why the world didn't stop?! Of course life goes on, but it shows respect when we slow things down a bit and show these people that we at least understand this feeling! So overall I support the Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee's decision.

As for my running future it is bright! I'm going to take this fitness and get a few PBs in the "lesser" distances, 3K, 5K, (by myself in training) over the next 2 months. A 10K race PB on April 29th and a half marathon race PB in May. After that I'll not race until Early August in Australia, a half, and start my preparations for a marathon PB in the Japanese fall.

I'll cry a few more tears for the people of North East Japan before this is thing is all through but I've got a plan and the motivation to carry it out. I wish everyone the same.

Sub 2:30:00, here I come! (sooner or later) ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thanks, bullshit and hope!

March 2011


Wanted to thank you all again for your support and thoughts. I know that it's hard to focus on the negative, we all instinctively want to turn away so a special thanks to those that fight the urge and keep the Japanese victims in their thoughts!

A call out to Ewen, Rick and Ron (Punk Rock Runner), fantastic fellas. Each in their own way do more than they'll ever know! Regulars to this blog must know Rick and Ewen but maybe don't really know "Punk Rock Runner" Ron. But I can tell you he is one of the nicest guys you could have the pleasure to know. Read his blog, he is the real deal, and a funny bastard on top of it!


Another thing I wanted to say was that while I want everyone to keep us in their thoughts, please don't worry or at least don't take seriously the over-reactions of the foreign media. They are doing things like focusing in on mask wearing Tokyoites with dark foreboding music. But they are failing to mention that the only reason people are wearing them is because it's hay fever season here, pollen rates being much higher than the radioactive ones. They won't tell you either that the rate of radiation is higher in Rome than it is in Tokyo now! In most cases I wish they would try to get their facts right and focus on the people who need help instead of running back to Tokyo from the North East and playing up the fears from there. My advice to CNN in particular: Get back up to the affected areas or go back to Libya!! And start reporting the facts, if I want a story I'll read Dickens!

As for my running it is in a shambles as only today my 10K set for this Sunday has been cancelled as the place where it's being held is next to a rescue pactice base and distribution area (Although it is far from the quake region). Again I can't complain but I'm looking to salvage my running somehow with Nagano looking more doubtful by the day. What do you reckon I should do in the short term and the long term if I can't run my full on April 17th and any shorter ones before that?


Recent events are of course over-shadowing running and you would think that for someone as obsessed with running as me this would be a bad thing but it is not really so cut and dried. While I want to get back to a "normal life" of running and racing asap, I can see the bigger picture of this situation being good for us all, in the long run (pun intended). I'm sensing a coming together and a new sense of purpose in the people living here. It is really fascinating to see and I'm sure that this tragedy will help all of us see the truth of what Roger Bannister once said..."What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?" Also read the below linked article written by Murakami Ryo for the New York Times, it too is spot on!

The chorus of the following song makes the statement that everyone is currently "walking about in the undulation," and that we should forget our tiredness, search for the meaning that will end this, and to start walking again.

Bugger it, let's run!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't want to close my eyes...

Just when you think things couldn't get worse after the earthquakes up north comes tsunamis, and possible nuclear meltdown scenarios! Now there is an earthquake directly under Mt Fuji and we all know what waking up that girl would do to Japan!!!

Look I'm really not the type to believe in Armageddon and I don't trust the media to give clear and balanced coverage but things are definitely getting a little pear shaped and I just want things to calm down a bit and get back to worrying about my running weight.

To speak of running, there is a real chance that my goal marathon, Nagano, may be cancelled and frankly after all that has gone on I'm OK with it. Still training hard, had a session of 20x1 minute efforts at full tilt with a 30 second recovery that had me almost as spent as the fuel rods from Fukushima Daiichi reactors, 1 thru 4!

I really shouldn't joke about this but it is better than those I've seen seriously saying that all this is "Gods retribution on Japan for Pearl Harbour!" To those people I say: What did your country do to deserve you!? Fucken fools are worse than natural disasters.

But to you good people, I have nothing but respect and love ;)

Thanks for all your kind words.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Quakes and Tsunamis

Hi all,

"Mother Nature" is doing what it always does, it really doesn't give a shit for our thoughts, dreams or what God we believe in. Having said that, I can't dwell on the risks of living I'm just glad we do on the whole give a shit about eachother. It really grabs ones attention. In times like these, peoples' common humanity is very much apparent. Seeing peoples' empathy play out and seeing the efforts they will go to, to help each other out really touches me. And every act of kindness matters so yes...

Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch via email or blog to ask if everything is OK. It's nice to know we are in your thoughts. I also know why some people don't get in contact. Either they know that things are OK with us or simply don't want to make this about them which is totally understandable. Of course you simply may not consider me at all which is also understandable cause I do tend to get on some people's tit/goat/nerves ;)

Anyway, I'm also reluctant to write about this lest it be seen as me making it about myself but I thought that I'd better write something to put your minds at ease and thank you cause as I said it means a lot to us.

Please keep the people who have lost everything in your thoughts and understand the feelings of those, like us, scared by this force of nature. You'll forgive me a little rant. It sounds obvious and a bit crass to preach at this time but I will say something about the situation.

What we can/should do, at times like this, apart from physically helping, is to double the efforts in our own lives to live and inspire each other by our efforts small and large. Also please take care of yourselves too because you may not live in an earthquake zone but living well has its risks. Don't be complacent cause there are people who love/need you and getting hit by a truck or something like that is not the way you should be remembered.

Keep living, doing your thing, the thing only you do best!

And thanks again.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Capacity to Wait

"The Path"

Training experienced a bit of a hiccup over the last few weeks. I had two days off the week before last and 3 days off this week just gone, due to a combination of hamstring strains and sinus headaches.

I was able to get in my long runs though and don't think I've lost too much fitness. While it is frustrating for me not to run I know I shouldn't/can't push the training or the recovery as it simply isn't the way of things.

A quote from a book I'm reading now by Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita talks about this in relation to life but you can easily see how it relates to waiting out the "bad times" in our running life too.

"Bad times pass, invariably leading to good. People who achieve great feats know how to wait until the time is ripe......Told to be patient, people by nature tend to become all the more eager to move ahead. But nature is unmoved by selfish human sentiments. To human whim, nature is hard and cold; to those who wait, it endows them with warmth and light. We should cultivate the capacity for patience."

Monday, February 28, 2011

Guts and spirit!

Tokyo 2011

You may already be aware of Mr. Yuki Kawauchi's amazing run coming in 3rd in yesterdays Tokyo Marathon. Brett Larner writes about it in detail on his blog "Japan Running News" But here I'd like to relate it to my/our struggle as we go about preparations for various races.

Yuki Kawauchi is, for mine, a real inspiration showing talent determination and spirit.

Below taken from Brett larner's, great, site.

Kawauchi's marathon progression:

2:19:26 - 20th, Beppu-Oita, 2/1/09
2:18:18 - 19th, Tokyo, 3/22/09
2:17:33 - 13th, Fukuoka, 12/6/09
2:12:36 - 4th, Tokyo, 2/28/10
2:17:54 - 10th, Fukuoka, 12/5/10
2:08:37 - 3rd, Tokyo, 2/27/11

That is amazing and should give us all great hope!

He has done what he did yesterday in a way that the lazy would say is impossible, and many would say is improbable. Firstly, he did not take up offers from sports schools and corporations and took a "normal" path to get a full time job, in the local government, on his academic merits. He now does his own coaching, writes his own running schedules and trains when he can while working a 9hr a day job. How many sub 2:10 runners in our countries would take and remain on that route? People that know him are saying they can't imagine him driving the new BMW that he won yesterday, and he probably went (jogged) to work today, just like everyone else.

He ran 6:52 for the final 2.195 km yesterday, the fastest overall, this was another sign of his guts and determination. Truly inspired!

While I'm really interested in training methodology and lap up anything that I think will help me to run faster, this man shows us what we all know deep down is the key to better running, although we sometimes lose sight of it.

It's about guts, talent, determination and passion and anything else is really nothing more than spectacle cleaning!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough!

8 weeks now until the running of my goal race in Nagano, April 17th, and yesterday I got out the DVD that was taken and kindly given to me by the organisers the last time I ran there. It was taken of me running at each 10K point and the finish of the 2007 Nagano Marathon.

The first thing I noticed was just how much heavier I was. Although my time wasn't bad, 3:20:56, I look like a Clydesdale and was badly foot striking at all stages except for the "sprint" finish.

Also I noticed how fit all the people running at my pace looked compared to me. I take this as I sign of some talent but really at that time I thought I was just as fit or fit enough. Interesting how time will change ones perspective on these things.

Anyway I figure if I could do 3:20: there in 2007 in that shape then it is possible to do much, much better now in 2011. But while this looks more than possible, I need to still get into better shape weight and body fat percentage wise before I can be confident of a PB there in April.

Yesterday I was also looking at the bios of some the elites that will be running in Tokyo this weekend and noticed that all of them, of around the same height, were 5 to 10 kgs lighter than me! Now I don't seriously think I could get down to their level with regards to weight, body percent ratios but I want to get down to 57kgs from my now 62kgs and reduce my BF% to under 10 from my now 15.3% (Can this be done safely in 8 weeks?).

I know I have weight to lose, I can grab a good handful of belly fat now and I still resemble a bit of a pregnant pup naked, in profile. Although I'm keen to fix this I'm going to have to watch that my increased mileage and reduced diet doesn't result in poorer training performance and increased risk of injury. Still, all the same, something has to be done!

I know that there are those that will say that if you train "right" the weight issue will take care of itself. Yet, it has always remained a problem for me and it is clear that unless I can get somewhere near to the elites on these measures I won't get anywhere near them on the measure that counts to me now, ie race times.

This time I'm not going to make the mistake of thinking that better training is all it takes to run better. I'm running very well at the moment, and believe I could run PBs but not if I continue to drink without limits on weekends and eat like every meal is my last! This is hard as, I believe, the thing that makes me/us good at running is our obsessive natures but it can also be the cause of our destruction when it comes to calorie control.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back in the medals!

8 degrees and cloudy

Did my hilly half this morning but as is the pattern with this marathon always something bad happens when I run it. The last two times at this time a person died on each occasion and this time although I could avoid any major drama I did stub my toe the day before.

Now this was no ordinary stubbed toe, it actually gave me a headache! Just after I did it I let go with a spray of cuss words. These had my wife and kids increasing their vocabularies. In fact I even learnt some things and surprised myself with what was coming out of my mouth! By the way, what the hell is a "Chicken Faggot!"?

Anyway it didn't really hurt my run but it didn't help. Still, all up I was very pleased with this half. A course record for me. Five minutes faster than I've ever run this course before so I think that my 1:19:50 could easily be a PB if I actually ran this on the flat. ;)

2nd in my age group 40~50 years old and 12th overall.

出場種目 ハーフ男子40才代の部
距離 21.0975 km
タイム(グロス) 1:19:50
タイム(ネット) 1:19:45
種目別順位 2/189
総合順位 12/914

Back on the podium with more medals and back to running fast. Now for some PBs!

yesterday early on a cold morning, my youngest son closed the door just as I was walking out behind him while fighting with the wife! She reckoned it was my punishment. I said to the heavens "Don't you think this marriage is punishment enough!"

Still waiting for a piano to fall on me.

Going to have to put up another shelf soon. But you never know I think I'll wait a bit. Nothing worst that a bare 2nd shelf!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Is it just me or is it hot in here?

How is everyone? Well I hope. Now enough of you let's talk about me ;)

Things are good here. Yesterday went to the gym to run on the treadmill. Did 10 x 1K runs at various speeds just concentrating on getting up on my toes for the faster ones.

Also at the gym I did an "In-Body" check just so I can know where I am 8 weeks out from my marathon. I will do another one of these a week out and try to see if I can't get these numbers down. Now 62.2kgs and 15.3% Body Fat.

The photo is of me last month running the Osaka New Year 10K. Except for the tightness of the upper body I reckon my form is looking pretty good. By the time that guy I'm passing could focus his eyes, I was gone ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Registration Open!

The early bird.....

Just a reminder that registration opens for the 1st Osaka Marathon from 10:00am Tuesday the 15th of February. Go to the "Latest News" section of the "Samurai Running" website. Copy and paste below link.

Osaka is an experience! See video or better still come on over!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's snow good

Our area gets a rare snow storm.

It snowed last night but did get a run in as it wasn't icy in fact it was fun to run in it. Even though I couldn't run the 5KTT that was planned I was happy enough just to run as I'd missed a couple of days this week already. Missed one on Monday cause I was shafted after my Sunday long run and one on Thursday cause I went hiking with some friends from work and came home late, and drunk ;)

Still feeling fit but not losing weight as this winter "comfort food" is hard to say no to and frankly not running enough kms. Anyway I still have 8 weeks before my goal marathon to fix this.

At the moment I'm particularly worried about getting the FLU. My eldest boy has had it for the past 8 days and the younger one is now asleep on the sofa running a high temperature so that's snow good :(

Some photos from today.