Monday, January 30, 2012

Osaka Half Marathon

Me and Mr. Boatman post race.

I'm really an idiot sometimes.

Woman's race was great to watch live!

Well happy to have finally got a PB! It's been a while. With lack of fitness and injury I haven't PBed in like 2 years! Although I was running OK I was stuck on a bit of a plateau. But being able to run well yesterday still slightly injured and with a heavy cold has given me hope for the future and the races ahead.

At the end of yesterday's race I got talking with a Mr. Ogawa. I started talking to him because he looked my age and had already half dressed, ready to leave. He turned out to be 46 a year younger than me and if I ever thought this was the end of my PBs he has definitely changed my mind! His finish time 1:12:00 and a bit, mine 1:18:03! By the way this guy is ranked number 2 in Japan for his age group in the marathon at 2:30:00 something!

I got a way to got but happily heading in the right direction!