Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skin and blister

Sorry for my delay in posting, like I said before I'm still coming to terms with being back at work and my sister and niece are visiting us so I've also been busy with my guide duties.

I joined a running club here too at the beginning of the month. They meet twice a every month on Sunday mornings near my house. I'm happy to finally find a local club this should help with any flagging motivation. It's a good club with over hundred runners the fastest woman runs 2:40 for the marathon and there are a couple of runners who run under 2:30. The Japanese guy that won the 2007 Gold Coast marathon is a local runner here and sometimes makes an appearance.

It's still bloody hot here, 34 degrees today, but I'm starting to get a groove on, so to speak, building the kms and my fitness. A ways to go though and a few kgs to lose but that will have to wait a couple of weeks until my sister goes home. I can't resist BBQing and drinking while catching up. Call me old fashioned ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beside You

Since coming back from holidays I've been little shocked to be thrown into work so soon. I was at work within 12 hours of arriving. Still sort of glad to be back into it as a few weeks more and I might have started thinking I could have done without it and stayed on holidays ;

A lot has been going through my mind of late and part of the reason I've only posted once since returning is that I have so many different thoughts I can't decide what to write first. How's that for an excuse?

Anyway, while I gather myself please take a listen to my "Song of the month."

I'm sure I'm not the only Iggy Pop fan.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


The above photo is of Craig Mottram running in the heats of his event at Osaka last Thursday. Doesn't he look fit and ready for the next race!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening as Craig Mottram will be running the final of the 5000m. Such a time for Australian Athletics and having the race here, my adopted city, is all the more exciting. The Stadium where it will be held is less than 20 minutes from my house here in southern Osaka and I often go there for my speed-work sessions.

How is the hype in Australia about this race? I'm sure my fellow bloggers will be watching tomorrow. I would have gotten tickets and gone to see it had anyone of you wanted to come over and see this race but as I'm the only one here, at least among my family and friends, that really is interested in this particular event I will just watch it on TV like you guys. I did try to get a ticket to the stadium for this, this morning but they already stopped selling them and at $200 AUD a ticket my wife was happy they had.

Anyway, good luck Buster!!

Just a note it will be 36 degrees tomorrow here and probably around 30 degrees when Craig runs in the early evening. The Marathon girls start at 7:00am and by 9:00am it will be close to the max for the day, they will find it all the more difficult. Still they all must have trained with this in mind.