Friday, April 30, 2010

Master's results

The results from yesterday's local race went up and I'm taking a lot of comfort from them. You can understand why I'm when you look at them. The first number is, of course, the place number. Next is the name, then the official time, age, and place of residence. I'm number "7" Not so lucky but hopeful for a good future.

第3部 10キロマスターズ10km 男子順位 氏名 タイム 年齢 地域

1 長谷川 和正 34分22秒 53歳 兵庫県小野市
2 吉田 章 34分27秒 47歳 大阪府高槻市
3 南藤 宏和 34分39秒 46歳 奈良県奈良市
4 吉田 福蔵 35分5秒 49歳 兵庫県川西市
5 嶋田 賢司 36分29秒 46歳 大阪府泉南郡
6 水本 雅祥 36分44秒 45歳 大阪府寝屋川市
7 スコット ブラウン 36分58秒 45歳 堺市南区
8 長野 圭司 37分53秒 45歳 大阪市住吉区
9 豊田 年雄 38分3秒 47歳 大阪府吹田市
10 張 芳友 38分33秒 52歳 大阪市都島区

I just did a search on the winner, the 53 year old "Mr. Hasegawa." It seems he holds the 40-49 year old records in Japan for the 5K & 10K. Not sure exactly what those times are yet, but he also has a marathon best sub 2:25 somewhere and last year he ran 1:14 and change for a half marathon. I just want to know why he came to my small town's race? It's a good 2 and a half hours from his home. I'll ask him next time, if I can catch him ;)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just don't know what to do with myself!

What was the problem?
5K and going strong

Mr.Fujiwara, Kikuchi San, older boy and Me. Younger boy stayed at home with a fever. I turned on the telly and locked the door. Great parent eh!

What a "Goose." Well I wish I was a speedy one!

Me and the Missus, she looks good when she's not burning anything!

9th K headed to the goal a broken man.

Had a blowout today in the 10K! Ran, but the best I could manage was 36:57, 7th place and just out of the trophies. Pretty disappointed with the run today. I reckon I was set for a PB and a good place but after a fast start, leading until 3K, I couldn't respond when 4 fast guys passed me. And couldn't do anything to hold off another 2 who overtook me at the 7K mark. Really feel depressed now but like any fanatic I will take this as a sign that I simply must toughen up and come back next year and give these fellas a clipping. Somethings leading to this race like a sick son and feeling crook myself the day before, and nerves could have contributed to my poor showing but I trained well and hard for this race and I should of done better!

Nevertheless, I had a great post race lunch of beers and Chili dogs with family and friends so in the larger scheme of things I'm alright. Just have a horrible feeling that my PB days are over and I've peaked! I'm sure that will pass. Drowning my sorrows tonight but tomorrow is another day and I'm determined to wipe today's race from the memory! While I want to forget this race, I have to remind myself that I did get a course record by almost 30 seconds and I should be happy about that! As long as I keep going forward in any respect I'll remain happy.

Sorry Paul I wanted to get some photos of you and Sarah but it slipped me mind. We were too busy drinking and talking, I guess ;) It was great to meet you two!

Just in case "Home Services" is thinking of coming in to protect my kids from their parents I have to say that that line about leaving the boy home alone was a joke! The G'parents were on the job, thankfully.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FTW (For The Win)

2010 Sakai City Marathon (10K)

This coming Thursday, a National holiday here, I'll be running the Sakai City marathon a 10K race in my local area. This was the 2nd race I ever entered and I always enjoy running here not the least because this day usually heralds the start of the warm weather. I suppose come August I'll be sick of the heat but it has been a long cold winter and I've had a gut full of winter weather. Bring on the heat!

I enter this race, this year, as a "Master," 45 years and over, and as I'm running well I have a chance to be among the first 3 place getter's and even win this outright. While I don't know if there are other new Masters runners coming, I do know that the winning time for this race in the past few years has been around 33~34 minutes and I'm ready to run this sort of time this year. Of course it won't be easy, the guy who won it last year has a PB of 32mins for 10K and if he is on it this year I will struggle to keep up.

Still, you never know. The beauty about racing is that it enables you to lift to heights you could never achieve in training. My plan is to run with the leaders for the first 3kms, building a rhythm, but if any of them go I will not let them get away, I might even try an early surge myself. I feel fit enough to hold the pace and I know I can run well, especially fast, if I can be within 2K of the finish line and hear someone is on my tail. Somehow I find it more difficult to chase people to the end. I've always preferred being chased than chasing, perhaps that explains why I've had so few girlfriends too, but I digress.

Anyway, I'll do my best and I'm excited to see what I've got ;)

The photos are of the Master's race last year here and a few of Emperor Nintoku's Tomb where it will be run around. This is an interesting area, a 3rd Century grave that is still guarded and under the protection of the Royal Imperial Household. I've heard nobody has set foot on the Island for 1600 years. Good place to walk around, but still a better place to run around with your heart pumping out your chest, I reckon!

I don't know a lot but I know that good racing is "bloody marvelous" and not too logical!!!

Yes, the drummer with the short hair is "Ringo".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakfast in America

Watching the Boston marathon now live, well not watching but following the streaming commentary (text) on the web site. In the last 15 minutes Ryan Hall has gone from "at the front of the pack" to "gone way out the back door" to "still way off the pace" to "Remarkably, now back with the lead group and has moved to the front of the field again!!!"

It's mile 11 there, 12:00 midnight here in Japan and still, breakfast in America.

You know a week ago I called Ryan for the win as I've been following his training and reckon this time he has nailed it. Easy on his easy days, relatively speaking, and he has stayed away from all that core work and weights that, I reckon, take their toll by draining ones energy. He also has done something which I know is very important for running a great race. He has run and trained on the actual course so he is mentally prepared for this race, this time.

Even though anything is possible in the race and I don't know what the other runners have been doing in their training, nevertheless I'll still go with Ryan to win today. Besides I like the guy, if you listen to him he is kind of cute in his innocence. You can tell that he really loves running too. I just wish he wouldn't talk about "God" as much as he does. It may be his inspiration but we all have our own and I wouldn't want others, younger and more innocent than Ryan, thinking they can only run fast with Gods help!

Go on and win this Ryan! For God's sake! And mine. I have people who need to be convinced that I know what I'm talking about ;)


Jesus Christ!

Mile 17 and "Ryan Hall is well off the pace."

Hang in there young fella!

I'll watch till the end but that's it from me here, now. See you after the race.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My running progression.

I though this interesting, never really looked at this, like this before but it shows a neat progression of faster race times since I started running. Of course you'd expect improvement, but what interests me is can the past give a good indication of future progress? What do you reckon? I'm thinking that I will have plateaus, like I'm in now and the PBs will start to come harder but I'm going to get new faster times right up until my early 50s (45 now almost 46). Rick has shown us it's possible.

I reckon I can peak around 48 years old, in 2012. Any idea what times I could realistically expect in 2011 and 2012. My last race gave me pause as it hurt a lot more than it should have but I've come to think that if one is mentally strong, with a totally belief in their ability, all it will take is a little time and a good base to enable fantastic times to manifest themselves. Anyway, I'd be interested in what you think. Am I on the right track or do I have my "hand on it?"

1.39.32 Half
45.17 10K
1.35.08 Half
4.05.47 Full
40.31 10K
1.30.36 Half
3.27.57 Full
40.10 10K
1.28.51 Half
3.24.40 Full
39.55 10K
1.31.12 Half
3.17.56 Full
19.10 5K
39.16 10K
1.22.56 Half
3.03.06 Full
17.08 5K
35.38 10K
1.19.23 Half
2.45.11 Full
35.42 10K
1.18.50 Half
??? Full
??? 5K
??? 10K
??? Half
??? Full
??? 5K
??? 10K
??? Half
??? Full

How do I get people to comment on my blog? A bit of "sugar" may help?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ashiya half

Just came back from running the half marathon in Ashiya Kobe. Couldn't get a PB today for several reasons. One, I just wasn't in good enough shape, not enough Ks going into this. Two, although it didn't rain it was hot, too hot to be running a fast half. I've been running in temperatures at least 10 degrees colder for the past 5 months and the body's not used to running in the heat just yet. Three, the last half of the half saw me dodging slow runners from the open group, under 40s runners who started 20 minutes before us masters. This was a bit of a nightmare. You know me, I'm a pretty placid sort but I yelled and pushed thru a few dicks with headphones on that wouldn't yield to left. You can see this situation on the video I've uploaded with my wife and son making the same observation.

I came 4th in the masters group 40 year olds and above the first 2 places getting 1:15 something with the help of the lead bikes moving everyone out of the way. I should of tried to stay with them but couldn't after the 12th K. Anyway I have some work to do no matter I should have PBed today.

While I'm having a gripe I'd like to mention how tight the organizer were today. They got upwards of 4000 runners paying about 50 bucks each and only gave trophies to the first 3 people. For coming 4th I got a 5 pack of instant curry from "Nippon Ham" the sponsors. (I'm going to get enough "curry" from Rick for not PBing I don't need anymore). It wouldn't kill these people to cough out a medal for the top 10 place getters, or something. It seem to me that the richer the area is where you race, in Japan, the tighter the organizers are. Ashiya is a very rich area in Kobe and this local government makes Ewen look like "Rockefeller" in comparison.

If you're looking for me I'm the streak that appears about the 42nd second of this clip ;)

Oh forgot to tell you my time: 1:19:55 (chip).

Saturday, April 10, 2010


This didn't turn out well at all but the audio is OK so I put it up. I forgot to wish Grellan and Thomas all the best for their ultra this Sunday. So all the best!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

If my blog were a bar in the Virgin Islands

Peter Magill talked about wanting to pack his blog with visitors and contributors in the hope that it would encourage others to "come in" off the street so to speak just like the "happy hour" did in his bar on the Virgin Islands.

Unfortunately, although his blog had more hits in one day than perhaps we all get combined in one year, he said he was never able to "get the party started."

I thought about this bar analogy so what do you reckon my blog would look like if it were a bar?

I reckon...

If my blog were a bar of course I'd be there polishing classes with my "racing arm warmers" telling bad jokes. "Ewen", who would be attracted by the happy hour, would be telling stories and giving advice until about the 6th bourbon when he would start on a few bad jokes of his own, repeating something about black fish and soon after pass out on the bar's counter.

"Rick" would be there too but he'd be on the dance floor, a few sheets to the wind as well, holding his dog "Tess" up by the front paws and mock dancing while mumbling something about "Newtons" "PBs" and "Marius Bakken."

"Grellan" and "Thomas" would walk by stick their heads in and say "hello" but after a look around at the empty expanse and Ewen lying in a puddle of his own drool on the bar they'd kindly say their goodbyes deciding they'd be better off going home to share a cup of tea.

"Bay" is missing but there is a postcard from him stuck on the bar's mirror from some "mystery Island in the pacific."

Although I'd called "Steve Lacey" earlier to tell him about "happy hour" He obviously knew that I wouldn't be serving anything but generic beer and, I guess, opted to stay home and brew his own. Still he was kind enough to tell "Bob" about it and I'm sure he'll turn up.

A few people would come in from time to time but on seeing Rick only wearing a pair of Speedos and a black shirt with the words "DESPERADO" written on it they'd quickly back out the door.

"SpeedyGeoff" would come in but not long after correcting my grammar and shaking Ewen to tell him about a training session the "Speedy Geese" had in the morning, he'd leave.

Nearing 12 midnight I'd be just about to kick Ewen and Rick out but while pouring myself a long cool one, two athletic, attractive girls would move forcefully towards the bar. Ewen would opened one eye and Rick would stop feeding bar nuts to Tess, adjusted his pants and head in the same direction.

It may be late but the party would be just starting. Let me call "Robert Song" and "Fast Eddie". They might even bring "Toasty" along I haven't seen him for a while. Perhaps not, "but a girl can dream right?"

I will always...

The recent end of the "younger Legs" blog spot has got me thinking and I've decided to end my own blogging.

Well at least until tomorrow ;)

Still, if I ever do take that decision, this clip and this song will be uploaded ;)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I got a reply from Peter M. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing. It does shed some light on his decision.

"Hi Scott!

Thanks for the nice email!

The only problem with that Chinese saying is that I had the "temptation to quit" about six months ago ... and only kept going because I figured I'd "succeed" if I just pushed through it! ;-)

Well, it's not like the blog didn't succeed on some levels. With over 1000 different visitors and a few thousand hits a day, it was getting traffic.

It's just that I didn't start the blog as a one-man show. I had no interest in creating a forum for me to blah blah blah on a regular basis - frankly, if it's just gonna be about me writing something, I'd rather do it in a forum like Running Times magazine, get the opportunity to rewrite what I've created (I never rewrite on the blog ... although I do fix spelling and grammar ... sometimes), and get paid for my trouble.

No, this blog was supposed to be a glamorized version of a running message board, where athletes could help one another, share stories, and run the path together.

When I was a nightclub owner, I instituted a nightly "Happy Hour" from 6-8 for one reason: if I could get 50-75 people at the bar by 8 o'clock, then other people walking past the bar (it was in the Virgin Islands, and was open to the street) would say, "Hey, that looks like a great party - I think I'll stop in!" On the other hand, if they saw only a dozen or so patrons spread out across the expanse of the bar and dance floor, they'd keep walking.

I knew from the start that I needed to "pack" the blog with contributions from runners, with entries in the Rankings, with race reports, etc. in order to draw in the wider crowd of "older" runners (about 20 million strong in America alone). But I couldn't get the party started.

I have no interest in maintaining this blog as an alternative vision of what I started. But I undoubtedly will be back in a couple years - after my son has graduated high school and is off to college - with a more modest attempt.

Anyway, good luck with your own blog, your running, and your life!

And stay in touch!


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

YLFOR is finishing!

I just read that Peter Magill's "Younger Legs for Older Runners" is going to pull the plug. I just penned the following letter and sent it off to Pete. I feel pretty bad about this and wonder about this so called "community" of Bloggers.

Hey Peter

I wanted to write a comment but I know that you must be in no mood to read such sentiments so I thought it was very classy of you to disable the comments. People have had plenty of chance up until now to comment but haven't, on the whole, made the effort so it's a bit late now.

I don't know what it is, I read some blogs that are just dribble and they get heaps of feedback and quality ones like yours that struggle to get off the ground despite what would seem, to me, a great premise.

I have been blogging now for 5 years and basically have 3 people who give a shit that I continue. Luckily It's not taking any of my time. I really understand you pulling the plug in fact I only yesterday read this by Craig Harper

"Do I know why most Bloggers throw in the towel before their site is a year old? Yep – because creating a high-quality site (and getting traffic to that site) is more work and effort than most people would ever imagine."

Still I really want you to continue and if that means me doing anything to help on a regular basis I promise to do so. I reckon, your blog deserves a little more time it could be as "Go Daddy" founder says

When you're ready to quit, you're closer than you think.
There's an old Chinese saying that I just love, and I believe it is so true. It goes like this: "The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed."

I'm going to blog this letter and hope others read it and will offer you their services too.

I believe if we let "Younger Legs" go it'll reflect badly on all of us!

Scott Brown
Osaka Japan

Monday, April 05, 2010

Get uncomfortable

Sit down, get a drink, make yourself comfortable, or should I say get "uncomfortable" while I impart some wisdom from Craig Harper. Craig writes in his brilliant blog.

"While there are many variables which play a role in the transformational process (vision, planning, preparation, goal-setting, talent, knowledge, support, etc.), it’s my experience that the person with every ingredient except a willingness to get uncomfortable, is the person who will fail. Time after time. Once we acknowledge (and accept) that lasting transformation can only occur when we face our fears and choose to get uncomfortable on a regular basis, then we begin to move from self-limitation to self-empowerment.

So, what is it you’re after - comfort or transformation?"

I also know that if I'm to achieve the goals I've set for myself in regards to the marathon I have to put myself in a position that is not comfortable. I had a run today and in the middle I decided to sprint for 3ks as fast as I could. Now 500 meters from home I was feeling like Elvis! Not like the rock star Elvis but the fat comeback tour of Vegas Elvis. I wasn't only sweating like the King I felt like he was riding on my back and I was trying to breath through a tub of hot sago!!

That run hurt like a Mother dash dash dash

But I did survive and I know I'm stronger for it. Now if I could only learn to put myself in positions of "uncomfort" in other aspects of my life I'd be a better person for it. It's not easy, but as they say nothing worthwhile is!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Clip

There you go Wendy. I took this yesterday, I'll look for some better shots tomorrow and up load them soon. 24K this morning and a visit to an old friend/boss this afternoon. Finally starting to warm up. Broke my dry spell again but back off the grog from tomorrow, I promise this time ;)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I need a drink

Three days into my 4 week "dry as a Pommy's bath towel" (sorry Rick) campaign, I cracked and had a few beers and a bottle of red. Back on the wagon today though.

This is the way I usually go. I get something in my head begin it without too much thought, stop it after a few days and continue this stop start process until one day I get so sick of my general lack of will power, that I finally stick to the original plan.

I don't really believe stopping drinking is going to do too much for me but I want to see if I can go a month without it and then I'll know or not whether it was a good idea. Basically by stopping drinking I believe it will help me focus on a change of diet and a gradual reduction of weight over time. Last weeks weigh in was as below and I can't keep this up and expect to get any faster.

Fri 64.1kgs
Sat 64.4kgs
Sun 64.7kgs
Monday 65kgs
Tues 64.6kgs
Wed 63.5 kgs
Thur 65.4kgs

Photos included are from a trip to Kyoto yesterday. Bring on the Spring!