Monday, December 21, 2009


Toyokazu Yoshimura, a local runner I see while training here, pulled out a great run yesterday and has now inspired me to do the same, albeit a little slower.

Here comes another PB, I'm feeling spring loaded and like I could eat bullets!

The following taken from "Japan Running News."

"Yoshimura, the #1-ranked amateur in Japan, hoped to improve on his 5th place finish last year and 3rd place finish in 2007 but was only able to overtake the fading Watanabe for another 3rd. His time of 2:15:05 was, however, a nearly two-minute PB over his 2:16:58 best from March's Biwako Mainichi Marathon, meaning his three marathons this year have been a win and two large PBs. Yoshimura will be racing again in February and then hopes to run for the win overseas this summer in either Grandma's Marathon in the U.S. or the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia, where he was the 2007 winner."


  1. Seriously, amateur at 2:15?

    I like you for the "2" and the "5" Scott, and I've got my fingers crossed for a "4" in between!

  2. Why don't you follow him down under next year and have a go at the Gold Cost. Love to see you here.

  3. All the best tomorrow Scott.