Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thanks for your comments and concerns. I had a follow up appointment with the doctor this morning and he seems to think everything is fine with my head, he obviously doesn't know me too well. Still I don't feel fine. I've had some type of headache all week and if the muscle relaxant he gave me today doesn't work to relieve these headaches by Tuesday of next week I'm going to seek a second opinion.

Seriously, I'm worried as my mileage this week will be 60~70kms, if I get my long run done tomorrow, that is down from 140kms the week before. I've heard that if one can get in a long run then it shouldn't affect my overall fitness too much. Still I can't go on like this much longer as it will definitely play havoc with my marathon performance in August.

You know it is only when you can't run that you really appreciate just how lucky you are to be able to get out there day in, day out and run as hard and far as you please. I would just about sell my soul to have this over with and be back to running everyday. It would be bearable if I knew that it was say a hamstring that needed this much time to get over but this is bloody frustrating not knowing if the next time I run fast or make love I'm going to get an ice pick in the back of the head!

I guess that not being a "great" runner the world could live without me competing in a few races, but It would surely be loss to take me out of the love making game. I don't want to blow my own horn, so to speak, but you just have to read the back of the doors in women's rest rooms from here to Sydney to know that "IT" is legendary ;)

Don't get me wrong I'm not always "looking at the man in the mirror" Still "People always told me be careful what you do, don't go around breaking young girls hearts." I always tell them that it's "human nature." Anyway I guess you all "wanna be startin' something" so I'll "beat it."

Don't worry too much, really I'm alright I reckon I'll be back to it soon enough. But for you guys that are running healthy and heading up to the Gold Coast Marathon. I hope it's a "thriller" and my advice: "Don't stop til you get enough!"

Who's "bad???"


  1. Scott,
    Check "cluster headaches" on Wikipedia. My friend had a few of these (hence the name), brought on by running. However, they can be brought on by almost anything. He has not had any more for a few months. The doctor gave him something to take if one comes on. I can find out what it is, if Wikipedia or other sites do not have the information.

  2. You're "bad" Scott - in fact, I'd call you a "smooth criminal" for writing that hugely exaggerated graffiti in women's rest-rooms.

    Your wife is clearly driving you "off the wall" with the lack of love-making.

    Now, seriously... it can't do any harm seeking a second or third opinion. We've got to get you back to 170k per week - I won't want any excuses for the 2:50:08 in Townsville.

    Does easy running bring it on? That's hardly 'exertion' and would be a good way to keep your fitness. Are you staying well hydrated? Drinking too much coffee? Anyway, I'm no doctor, so don't take my advice!

  3. Hi Scott hope your feeling better, I've been sleeping in an oxygen tent for the last 10 years in an attempt to stay young! come to the conclusion that it don't work !!!

  4. Yep, get a second opinion Scott. Better to be sure. Maybe this is just part of the passage to the sub 3 marathon and a hurdle to overcome.

    All the best.

  5. I think the best advice you have been given is when Ewen said " Don't take my advice".

    For some of us it is a trip down to the Coast for the races this week end.

  6. Scott, sorry, work has kept me away from blog-tracking for a couple of weeks (and running, but that is another story). I had a feeling you were running your M tomorrow and checked in to see if that was the case and send you a cheerio. But instead I see you have been cluster fucked in the head by the dreaded migraine goblin. Well, I hope it is getting better and you get back on the road and back on the job, so to speak. Get well soon! !70 km a couple weeks back, wow!! way higher than my best weeks.