Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sunny 16 degrees

What the Kawachinagano marathon hills look like, minus the sheep of course ;)

Just came back from running the Kawachinagano half marathon. Those that follow this blog may remember that this was the same race last year where Eddie, my mate who necked himself, beat me and I complained of the shitty weather, conditions and my overall bad impressions of the race.

Well, as they say, a year is a long time in marathons (Nobody actually says this do they?) and things went much better this time. The hills were still there, dam high and long ones, and I still struggled with them but this time I wasn't reduced to walking and after getting my breath back made a decent job of the course this time.

I wasn't on fire, those hills still took the wind out of me and I indeed felt humble climbing up the third long one. And if I can complain, please allow me one or two, I have been battling with a pulled shoulder/neck muscle for the past week and I also had a big stitch for 4 or so kms after the turn around but I was able to run through these problems and post a time 11 minutes faster than last years effort.

I have 5 weeks left until my full mara in Hawaii so if I can sort out my breathing, shoulder aches, train well and have a good taper then things are going to be shiny in Hawaii.

By the way, does anyone exactly know what causes stitches and how to avoid them? No smart arse comments please.

Anyway, for only the second time in Japan I mounted the podium, so to speak, with an age group 3rd place. This was out of 700 runners, that was 29th overall, about 2500 runners. My time 1:24:35 (chip).

A couple of photos taken today.

Mrs. Kato of the Kawachinagano running Club and me.

Me receiving my 3rd place presents.

Me and the music teachers from the last high school I worked at in Kawachinagano.


  1. I like the juxtaposition of 'mounted the podium' and the sheep photo.

    Nice race Scott. Of course you're allowed to complain - all those imperfections distract from what 'might have been'. It's all looking good for a shiny Hawaii. Can't help with the stitch. I only get them when running hard, untrained.

    Thought I'd amuse you with a translation into Japanese of that section you mentioned in my blog...

    "I am this week, the three have finished the race - it was all AKUTOMASUTAZU Championships. Thursday night, in a surprisingly cool conditions after the heat wave last week, I had a 1500-meter race. 50-59 men are grouped together, and I () 6:03.49 confuse late last year. 5:45 I had hoped to run. An hour later, the result is still bad for me to get angry, I am in the 5000 meter race walk competition please. Expectations, I have more than twice in M50 of 29:49.61 was pleased with the location along."

    No wonder your students are confused by my mother tongue!

  2. "minus the sheep..." and plus the hills?

  3. There's a mountain up there somewhere Speedygeoff. Just up around that bend in the mountain road ;)

  4. !:24:35! Bloody hell! That's a fantastic time Scott. Hawaii is looking soooo good for you. Good job!

  5. Where did my comment go????

  6. Where did my comment go????

  7. No smart arse comments, so I'll leave a dumb arse comment. Can't remember the last time I got a stitch but my guess is it is over 35 years ago. Sorry can't help.

  8. Woohoo ... bling! Congrats on the podium finish. Great pics. Gees, you are looking way too fit!

    Not sure how to avoid stitches but somebody told me if you get one in time you save nine :)

    They also told me if you breath out until it feels like every last drop of air has been expelled it gets rid of them. Seems to work.

    PS Where did Clairie's comment go???

  9. Scott, N
    No payment required to download the music. Just select the Free User option at Rapidshare. You usually have to wait 50 seconds before being able to save.

  10. Why no sheep? Would make for an interesting race!

    Is it just me, or did you look like a chuffed school child receiving an award? Well done!

    Great time Scott, regardless of the hills, so even more impressive with them!

    Stiches. I've heard two theories and I'm not sure about the reliability of either:
    1. Lack of water;
    2. Not getting enough oxygen.

    The only solution I've heard (apart from Tesso's) is to press the place that hurts and "hunch" over it while you continue on. Doesn't work for me though.

  11. I have just one thing to say: Mrs Kawachinagano is very short. Well, apart from that, nice run, dude. It has taken me a long time to get around to some catch-up reading.