Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pete Magill (Master Runner/Coach)

Uploading this interview taken form the website "Runnersconnect" Thank you for making it.

Pete Magill is to us Master's runners what Noah was to the animals. But us "animals" must first get on the boat, that is, listened to the advice he so graciously gives away for free. I absolutely love the guy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep on keeping on!

A small message from Yuki Kawauchi thanks to Brett Larner

Japan Running News

I'm going to follow this advice and while seeking "what works for me", stick to the "Kawauchi"style of no bells and whistles. Run hard, work hard and stop looking for the easy way out. A quote from him:

"Japanese corporate runners watch their weight to within 0.1 kg. I eat whatever I like. I don't do any taping or take supplements. I don't breathe low-oxygen air. I don't wear magnetic necklaces. I guess in that way I'm old-school. I run, I work hard, and I like it. I read up, thought about what I needed to do, and found what works for me. There's no reason Americans can't do the same thing. It's worthwhile spending money on things that will help your training, but spending money itself isn't going to make you better."

Running in Japan #18

Oscar Pistorius and me explaining my DNF.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Senshu Marathon DNF

Had to stop running just after the 33K mark in today's Senshu marathon. If I could go back in time I probably wouldn't have started this race as I still had pretty bad hip pain and my right foot still wasn't allowing me to get up on my toes without wincing. But had to try, I like this race, it's flat and a local one for me with great support from my favorite people in Japan, those in Southern Kansai.

Here are the 5K splits up until I broke down. 1st 5k 18:51 2nd 5k 19:02 3rd 5k 19:30 4th 5k 19:51 5th 5k 20:42 6th 5k 21:43 6th 3k 18:50

Actually not too upset, even though it's my first DNF I basically like the challenge this sets up for me. Get strong and come back better than before! Something to look forward to, the key ingredient for a happy life!

Thanks for your well wishes here and on Twitter. I love you all! ;) The above photo taken before the start of me and a couple of the local area mascots.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Days to Go!

Senshu Marathon coming up in 2 days, Feb 17th, keeping fingers crossed my body will hold together but going to race, that is run as fast as I can. Talk soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brett Larner (Japan Running News) RIJ Guest

Just go through talking to Brett Larner of Japan Running News fame. Had a great time and learned a lot. Hope to get Brett back and talk about more specifics like what he knows about certain top elite runners. Interesting stuff, take a look.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Running in Japan Episode 16

Just a heads up,  on next weeks show we are going to have "Japan Running News" proprietor Brett Larner with us as a guest on our Google Hangout. We are looking forward to that as you would expect. Hope you can watch it live at 10:00pm Monday the 11th Japan time, and if not I'll put it up here the next day. Below is our episode from yesterday Feb 4th.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Local Ekiden

Ran in the local south Sakai city Ekiden today with a mixed aged, mix gender team. This is the second time for me to run this, last year our team got 2nd out of about 17 teams. This year we did pretty good too but only managed 4th place. They seem to be putting younger and faster people in every year. In my adult group I was beaten by 2 boys who were technically adults but only just at 18. Still only just beat me, one by 15 seconds and the other by 4 seconds. My time for 2.55kms, 9mins and 6 seconds.

Seemed to have picked up another injury, to my hip, when doing long hill repeats during the week. Never seems to end with me! Will try to work it out before the next marathon in 2 weeks, Going for a massage now!