Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Came home tonight. Finished what I could do there and thanks to my sister taking over the rest I was able to come home early to be with my family here. It's when you lose someone that you realize how much others mean to you so I'll not be taking my family and friends (real and virtual) for granted anytime soon.

I've let the running go a bit as you'd expect but was able to get a one run in at Yeppoon, Where's "Yeppoon" you ask? It's in FNQ not far from Rockhampton, not "near your knife and fork" like some wags would have you believe.

I got another run in the day before yesterday along "The Strand" in Townsville. Talked to some young fit guys there that I thought were "Townsville Road Runners" but were in fact, rescue helicopter crews in training for their fitness tests.

And this morning I ran from Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast to Snapper Beach and back in the warm morning sun. Boy has that place changed! I was lost in nostalgia sitting on the headland staring out at the waves until I turned around to be assaulted by white buildings and shinny glass. "Whatever may come, whatever may go" those waves are coming. Thankfully somethings will always be the same. I take a lot of comfort in that.

I'm really keen to get back into it and catch up with what you're all up to so let's do that.

The song is one that's been in my head and I upload it here for no other reason than that, and I like it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leslie John Brown

My Father died this morning. Without him I'd have nothing I love today. I'll forever be grateful.

I'm going to go back to Australia tomorrow to help arrange things.

Talk soon.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Yesterday ran the Kishukuchikumano half marathon, the first time for me, in the lovely resort town of Shirahama by the sea in Wakaiyama Prefecture. It was perhaps the best course I've ever run, mostly flat, over bridges through tunnels, scenic and to top it off we had perfect weather, 10 degrees, you couldn't buy a cloud. I ran well, felt strong and relaxed, clocking my 2nd fastest half marathon time at 1:19:16 I fully intend to go back next year, trained up, for another great weekend and a PB.

Had a great weekend staying overnight at a hotspring resort with the family and in-laws. Definitely eating too much at dinner and breakfast but what are you going to do ;)

I've uploaded a few photos from the trip. You can see that I'm being interviewed, with my kids, in the third shot. I came 2nd in my age group. The guy who came 1st didn't show up for the presentation so they were forced to talk to me ;)

Anyway, I wanted to ask my small band of loyal readers, yes that is you, even if you don't read so much and aren't so loyal, if you could spread the word about my running in Japan venture. Also if you have any ideas, that don't cost money, on promoting this I'd like to hear them.


And congratulations to Mr. Hosaka and Mr. Hunt for their runs at Beppu yesterday. Fantastic news for both countries and me too having a foot in both camps. That is I'm old and an Aussie ;)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I'm happy to announce the start of a project that's been in the works now for a couple of years. Together with the wife we are starting a small venture to bring interested people to Japan to run in a race and enjoy all that goes with it.

We are not doing this for profit but we simply want to be able to show people why we choose to live here and just how good a trip to Japan can be. If you still have the image of Japan as an expensive, incomprehensible travel destination we'd like to show you different. Our initial packages are affordable and interesting.

We'd love to be able to show you around so think about coming and tell your friends. We think these will be a success and hope to add more races in the future. Success in this venture as in life will mean meeting and running with as many happy people as we can before we can't anymore ;)

Check out the website

And whether or not you're interested I'd appreciate your feedback on the site and related issues.


Scott Brown

Monday, February 01, 2010


Caption contest

I thought I'd open these photos up to you wits to add a caption or two to the following post race photos. EG photo 1 "No, I'm not crying like a girls Ewen just getting the sweat out of my eyes." Anyway I'm sure you can do better than that. There will be a small prize for the the one judged, by me, as the best ;)