Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 second PB

My first race as a 45 year old and the first of the running season saw me just slip under my previous 10K PB by ten seconds.

As it was my first race of the season here and as I've come straight out of marathon training and some high mileage I'm pretty pleased with this time. Did it hard the last 3K though and thought at the time, running up a hill over a bridge on the second to last K, "What the ~#*!"

As usual, on the way, home I thought of enough reasons why this race was so hard, and believe with some more training, a flat course, less crowds and some specific 5K and 10K work I'll be able to get another PB in 10K early next year. Still I reckon can justified my training/racing efforts or lack of them as much as I'd like: I don't know if I have it in me to run much under 33:00 minutes, things would have to all come together for me, on the day, to say the least.

Anyway, I hope I can look back on this posting as say, "Ye of little faith"

On to my half marathon in two weeks were I'm looking for a sub 1:20:00 that I think I can get. My present PB in the half is a little soft for me and probably I have a better shot of breaking it than any of my other PBs for now.

I'll include a couple of photos from today. Me on the podium, got 5th place in my age group 40~59 years old, in 35:38. Last year I got 5th here too but ran 4 minutes slower then. Seems like a few more faster old fellas showed up this year.

And the other is of me and my boys.

Take care, talk soon.


  1. Good job your son got his fingers the right way round in the photo!
    Very nice p.b. By the way I don't think 10k's are ever easy [if your trying!], yep looks like you should be able to run at least 78-79 in the half, going by my own training logs.

  2. That must have been an unusual number of fast old guys in that race!

    Awesome time!

  3. Well done on the PB. With some specific training you certainly should be able to take more off that.

    Bsub ut 33 minutes for 10k !!!! Now that would really be something.

  4. That's a fantastic improvement in one year Scott. Well done! You're sure to better that with more specifiec 10k training as you say.

  5. Rick, at least they weren't showing the 3" sign.

    Nice PB Scott - esp coming in off marathon training with no speed. Sub 1:20 for sure I'd say. I'll guess 78:45.

    Agree with RS that sub-33 would be worth chiseling on your grave ;) That'd also give you sub 72 for a half and something bloody incredible for a full. I have faith, so do it!

  6. Forgot to say - I put all of that 10 seconds down to the new streamlined beard ;)

  7. Terrific race, Scott. Makes you wish they had 5 year age groups in Japan the way they do in the states.
    As for Thomas' comment about an unusual number of fast old guys...not unusual in Japan. The level of all age groups from 40 up is much, much higher than in the states.

  8. Is there any stopping this man? I think not!

    Amazing Scott, truly amazing.

    Well as your making good improvements your recovery runs must be ok, but if you really want to run them slower you could get your wife to take up running, and run with her on your easy runs!
    check out this link on just how slow top Kenyans go on there easy rune;

  10. You never cease to amaze and inspire Scott! Congratulations. I am sure looking forward to your Half.