Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cherish The Day

Couple of songs that mark me as a man of the 80s. Still haven't changed all that much. Anyway, things are good, slowly getting back into running with a few slow 30 min jogs each day. Today I picked up the pace a bit, it felt good burning through the bright red, and yellow fall leaves that have collected on the paths of my local runs.

Enjoy a bit of reminiscing with me. Talk soon.

Cherish The Day ~ Sweep The Leg (song dedicated to the Karate Kid 1985).

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Good Day.

While I didn't get a PB, actually four minutes shy, I did have a good day. Nice weather, couldn't buy a cloud in the morning and wind was only blowing against us for about 8 out of 42K. The thing that made me happy was that I finished and regained my confidence for the marathon that had taken a battering the previous 3 attempts.

I now know that with continued training with "Tinman" and a can do attitude, anything is possible!! Well a least it has given me the confidence to know 2:30..... something is indeed possible.

More later.

A few snaps from the day.

Fall  in Japan is the bomb!

Kobe Marathon 2013 Garmin Splits.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kobe Marathon (Update)

It's been a while. Sorry for not updating for so long but I had my reasons. Happy to say things are somewhat sorted and I can say with some confidence that I'm back and on the way to running at my best. Please let me know how you are. I look forward to hearing form you.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Like Starting Over

You can always contact me here, I'll still be on Google Plus and if you want my email let me know and I'll send it to you. Thanks.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Actually never got going today. Held back on purpose the first 15K and then tried to pick it up the but all that did was aggravate my right ankle and lower leg problem, the one that's been plaguing me for 6 months, and by the 25th K it was numb in pain and I was done.

Still after walking 3 times for about 5 mins each time I was able to finish. Really nothing to say I could get depressed and throw in the towel or throw the blame on my body and work to fix it. That's what I'll do. Actually think if I didn't run this my leg was on the mend but still obviously too soon to race that distance on it.

Anyway glad not to have DNFed and I'm on to the next one after giving the puppies a rest. Really beat that leg up today.

Oh and the time. A PW, I haven't run that slow since December 2007. 3:17:34

Before the start it was cloudy, sunny for the start and until about 35K and then a rain storm to the end.
Pretty hot overall but I could have handled the heat if foot held up.

The medal is a beauty modeled on the sculpture in the Sapporo Station. See me below.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kobe Marathon. I'm in!

Got the news today that I was successful in my application to run in the November 17th 2013 Kobe marathon. Nothing like a big city marathon to get the juices flowing and Kobe is the spiritual home of running in Japan. The prefecture "Hyogo" where Kobe is the capital city always puts on the best organized races. Every time I run here I'm impressed by this!

I suppose you shouldn't expect less from the home of ASICS (See below).

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mid June Training update.

Uploading a short video blog post on my training and a great song I found last night. Another Aussie band that I've only just found out about. They're called Temper Trap. Great running related music video too.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sakai City 10K report

Well, the Sakai City 10K is done and dusted for another year. Although I didn't do exactly what I expected, allow me to put a positive spin on things. I've only ever gone faster 5 times than the 36:10 I got today, given a cooler day and a straighter course, I reckon, that would of been a PB!

1K 3:13
2K 3:36
3K 3:38
4K 3:32
5K 3:40
6K 3:43
7K 3:42
8K 3:45
9K 3:34
Last K 3:40

Given everything I can't complain and I had a really good day. I felt the injured ankle didn't end up a factor and I was able to run pretty strong and within myself. I will try to get it fixed and continue with training under the tutelage of the "Tinman" fully believing that my best races are in front of me.

Also I'd like to congratulate Mr. Vince Bosco for his "comeback" race. He did 35:10! Bumping me from the position of fastest white dude in Sakai City! Looking forward to better times from Vince too. Couldn't ask for a better training partner.

Where is that damn satellite?!

Vince and I soaking our puppies.

The last 200 meters of the race.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Video update (Sakai City Marathon) The day before.


Well you can try! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mixed bag ahead of 10K race.

Sorry for the delay in posting here. A bit of a mixed bag ahead of my 10K race this coming Monday. The good news is that I’ve almost reach my goals vis-à-vis weight/body fat. Almost two months ago I was 64kgs, 18.9% body fat and 77cm around the middle and today I was 57kgs, 72cms around the guts and 13.6% body fat. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself, and it really should be interesting to see how I race at these new stats!

As for the training it has been going well too. I’ve been able to do most of the sessions coach “Tinman” has set me and the double sessions have gotten me pretty fit, and thin. My foot is still giving me trouble, hurting during and after runs, but I’m having the occasional day pain free, which is an improvement.

Last week I couldn’t do a full schedule of running as I injured myself further (Ran into a hip high steel pole that was there to block car traffic going onto the walking/running path.) The impact knocked me to the ground and boy did it hurt! The reason I didn’t see it was because I’m stupid and it was at night. It created a big painful bruise in my right quad muscle that has been changing color all week. But now it’s almost healed and I’m good to go!

Fingers crossed for a PB on Monday the 29th , I’ll post again before that. Below is a photo of my weight taken this afternoon. It was after a 14km run and a bath/sauna but amazing just the same, as I don’t remember ever being this light! I was 59kgs at 16 years old! Also I'll add a photo taken last Sunday of me and a few students as it shows how skinny I've gotten!