Saturday, June 06, 2009


While this will never take the place of "Running outdoors" it might be difficult for the owners to see the sense of doing say "doubles" or running in less than perfect conditions when they can stay at home and play a few of these games. Somewhat frightening for parents who want their kids out of the house but I can see its appeal in that it at least gets one moving.

Another plus is: Stephen Lacey and Ewen will be able to suggest backless lace numbers (dresses) to eachother.


  1. I can hear rain on the roof as I type. If it is still raining in the morning I will stay home and do the Queensland Half on line from the comfort of my lounge room.

  2. Hey Scott those kids ain't 'real'!
    i mean where are the discarded big mac boxes and cans of coke[ or Vodka] rolling about on the floor1
    and where is the fighting between kids for control of the X-box!
    Also how many 'games addicts' are going to have the energy or physical fitness to stand up out of their comfy sofa and do the ' FULL BODY ACTION' required from the game!
    Its far to physical to catch on!!!

  3. Um, sounds like a little jealousy creeping in there Scott. I'll suggest black for Steve, to go with his Namban Barbarian strip.

    I'll buy you an "Olympics 2012" game - I can just see your kids throwing the jav, running the 110 hurdles, and doing the pole vault indoors ;)

  4. Oh, that's just scary. There goes outdoor activities.

    I wonder if there will be virtual sports carnival days?