Sunday, October 18, 2009

Building mileage

The following might be my last videos for a little while. The mic on my Ipod video recorder is not working so I can't get sound. I'll have it fixed but still I think I'll only upload vids once in a while from now on.

Things are fine with me, I'm building up the mileage and this week did 167K, I'll drop down some next week so I can be relatively fresh for my 10K race next Sunday but after that and the half I have on the 8th of November I'll start stringing together a bunch of 100 mile weeks.

I'm finding this lot of high mileage a tad easier than last, for example, I don't have the constant sore knees I had last time. It is marvelous how the body can cope. Yesterday, Saturday, I only did one run of 15K (not my normal doubles, mornings about 15K and nights about 10K) and I felt strong and refreshed, at least for two thirds of my Sunday long run. Let's just hope it stays like that.

Hope this finds you well.


  1. That's amazing mileage. There's no way I could do that day in and day out. How long are your Sunday runs?

  2. 33K to 39K Bob. I couldn't of done this even a year ago without breaking something. Not real sure why the body is leting me get away with it now.

    Perhaps it isn't and I will pay the price but so far so good ;)

  3. Interesting video's [ beautiful looking countryside]and impressive training!

  4. You're right Scott - looks just like Australia. The blue sky and the half empty dam - like our Googong. And the sound of the crows!

    Anyway, typical Apple product. Get them to toss in a free one when it's repaired.

    It's interesting what you say about the high mileage becoming easier and the body responding to such demands. Andrew Lock said something similar about his most recent climb. I think we amateurs often stop half way up the mountain and never find out what's possible.

    Have a great week, and enjoy that "Aussie" weather :)

  5. Man, no wonder you're a runner with places like that to run! I think it's high time I found some more nice places to run rather than stick to the old faithfuls.

    I'm constantly in awe of your k's Scott.