Thursday, April 09, 2009


Into "Cherry Blossom" season now over here. Above you can see a photo of one of my running paths lined with cherry trees in bloom. It makes the world of difference running in the pink, so to speak.

As it is spring, a time of renewal and new plans, I've been mapping out a plan for the coming year. At the end of this month I'll run a 10K as fast as I can and then settle into 12 weeks of marathon training that will take me to the "Townsville Marathon" in beautiful far north Queensland Australia on August 2nd.

There aren't any good races close to here from mid May until early September so I'll simply train for the marathon in Australia, take one month off after that and start running in earnest for the fall/winter racing season here. I'm thinking of a 10K in Oct, a Half in Nov, and a full in Dec.Early next year it will be the same build up to another marathon in Feb 2010 and again a few more races culminating with another full in April 2010. Exact locations I'm still thinking about.

Anyway I'm going to race as much as I can in the next 2 years to take advantage of my "peaking" and then try to hold it until at least 50 and reassess things then.You might think I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm the type that likes to plan and believe it or not am now even looking at which newspapers I will subscribe to when I retire at 65 ;)

Back to 2009, I'm glad to have another crack at a marathon before my B'day on August 16th when I'll turn 45. This race should finally rip that my sub 3 hour monkey off my back, and then I'll be looking at going as low, time wise, as I can.

And if I don't do it in Townsville, well....I'll swallow a half dozen live goldfish, try again, or both ;)


  1. Wow, great plans Scott. Well, that's all the plans except the goldfish. Not really sure how they'll help? Maybe something disgusting would be more incentive to go sub-3. Goldfish don't sound too bad!

    As for the running, I hope I can run half that fast when in the next couple of years, let along 65!

  2. Sounds good, Scott. Long range planning for marathons is definitely a good idea. Not sure about "back to back" February and April ones, though.

  3. Ah, you could have a problem Scott. There won't be any newspapers left to subscribe to when you're 65! Lovely photo of the petals :)

    I'd like to be there for the sub-3 or the goldfish moment. But I'd rather your 'punishment' be another feast of BBQ'd black carp washed down with warm Gatorade immediately following the plus-3 marathon.

  4. Nothing like planning ahead Scott. You have given me an idea for my Marathon #3 for 2009. Canberra, Gold Coast and then maybe Townsville. Hmmm....has possibilities.

  5. What a beautiful place to run. I agree with Ewen that there probably won't be any newspapers around then. I'd suggest more time reading novels (much less depressing than reading the news anyway).

  6. Dang ... I forgot about Townsville. I should have talked Clairie into that rather than Sydney!