Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Back home and although 5kgs heavier I'm feeling fine. It was a great holiday and apart from the marathon in Townsville I was able to spend time with my Sister in Cairns, Dad in Townsville and a final week with my best mate Frosty in Byron Bay.

Haven't been running much the last 2 weeks, the last time was along the highway from Bangalow to Byron. I thought at that time, as the 40th semi-trailer speed past only inches away, that it would be my last run but managed to survive.

I'm going to catch up with what you have all been up to and then write and let you know my plans for future races. I have organized races until Xmas this year and just need to decide whether I should get a coach or nut out a program for myself. Whatever I decide, barring injury, I'm going to run more PBs.

The first run I had today, back at my beloved Sayama Pond, was the best I've felt about running since starting. Taking that as an good omen for the future.

I'll leave you with some photos taken last week and hope you're all well especially Robert Song. I've been thinking about you everyday and praying that you're getting through your treatment and are in good spirits.


  1. Its always good to be back running on home ground!
    Think that break will have done you a world of good, there is always a temption to resume training to early after a marathon and end up feeling flat for the rest of the season!

  2. You hide the extra 5 kegs well Scott! Glad you're back safe with recharged batteries. I'm looking forward to an avalanche of PBs over the coming years.

    Funny, your semi-trailer story reminds me of when, as a pimply-faced teenager, a mate and myself rode our pushies down to Melbourne. We used to jump into the draft of semis after they blew past to get up some extra speed. Crazy stuff!

  3. Nice place to be - enjoying running for running's sake!

  4. Your prayers must be working as I am doing well so far. Even went out for a 5k run today.