Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not too much happening here with me, slowly getting back into the swing of full time teaching again after a nice spring break.

While I was on holidays I was playing up a bit, nightclubbing and the sort. My wife wasn't real happy about this as I often got so drunk that I came home with "throw up"
all down the front of my shirt.

It got to the stage that my wife said if you come home late again with vomit on your clothes "I'm going to leave you!" Well that made me take notice so I devised a plan for the next time I got para and chucked up on myself.

I simply placed a 1000 yen note, about 10 dollars, in my front pocket and when I again came home, covered in sick, I quickly pulled it out and told my wife. "Look honey, someone else threw up on me and they gave me this money to pay for the dry cleaning costs."

It seemed to have worked when my wife noticed another 1000 yen sticking out of my other pocket. "Well what's that for!" she screamed.

"Oh that" I said "That's from the guy that shitted in my pants!"

It's a joke..... so I don't want to hear from any of my student's parents or other concerned citizens. More on my main pastime, running, next post.



    Oh, sorry. It was a real joke.

  2. Don't give up your day job just yet.

  3. See, that's why you're such a great runner... Laughing dulls the pain of training!

    I had a good chuckle at your "Kenny Rogers" poem - but Spody will tell you running heaps doesn't cause any knee problems at all - just hamstring, calf, back, marriage...

    Thanks for the 'sucked in college' link. Interesting read. Maybe I can go from 45:49 to 44:06?

  4. Your poor long suffering wife. How often does she hve to listen to stories like taht?

  5. Stick to running.

  6. I just read out your joke to my wife here in Ireland, I can barely see the screen with the tears of laughter streaming down my face. even she laughed

  7. Thanks Richard. I'm glad I'm not the only one to find that funny ;)

  8. Oh no, you and Richard aren't the only ones. I have several friends who will laugh over that one (I'll confess I'll still smiling).

    But, before the end I was also going to ask you what secret training allowed you to drink like that and plan for a sub-3!

  9. That photo is eerily funny! There might be some trouble getting a cigarette into Ewen's mouth though!

    A very funny story that followed too!

    Thanks, Scott, for your comments & encouragement for me to do another marathon sometime in the future....I think it was encouragement or was it a warning, not so sure now!