Saturday, June 20, 2009


Things are going well and I should be happy, but sometimes there is no pleasing me ;)

I'm on my 7th week of a 12 week program, running everyday, and even with the high mileage I seem to be not only handling it but feeling stronger. A couple of complaints though.

This morning I set off for a 3KTT but took off too fast and realised by 600 meter mark that I was not going to make the 3K so I just pushed it to the end of the 1st K and stopped to catch my breath. 20 seconds before finishing that 1st K I got a really strange/splitting headache and as I was walking around after I thought, if I do collapse and die I hope someone checks my watch cause I'd just recorded my fastest 1K effort at 3:10 (I've gone faster than that but only down hill).

Anyway I recovered and did another 12K with every 2K running fast for 1K to make it 4K all under 3:20. I'm disappointed that I couldn't/didn't finish off run through and try for a 3K PB but couldn't do it today. I suppose I wimped out cause I really didn't want to put up with the pain that would have caused me.

Another problem I'm facing these days is trying to control my massive appetite of late, that threatens, if not controlled, to destroy a lot of the hard work I've put into training. I'll write more on this next post but in a nut shell: I'm always bloody hungry, I'm a pig and find it hard to stop over eating and drinking. Perhaps some answers to this problem next blog.


  1. I remember reading that 'MIKE IN CALIFORNIA' had a bad headache like yours after a track 800m race [ check his posting from about 2 weeks ago]!

  2. Maybe talk to your wife about the appetite problem - a bit more shmoke under the black fish and pancakes might be the cure.

    3:20 k repeats is getting down in Hosaka territory. When you break 10 for 3k, be sure to get some bystander to check your watch before you die ;) And, I'll buy you a beer for that PB!

  3. Yes the old marathoner's sea food diet.

    See food and you eat it.