Sunday, December 27, 2009

marathon run down

Notice anything strange about my 5th place medal? It is one of the reasons I still have a job in Japan.

I won’t go into too much detail just a general overview and summing up. We started in a light drizzle, the first 2Ks I worked my way into marathon pace. I didn’t feel so good, the pace felt a little too fast for me, I guess I was just adjusting to the cold. By the 10K mark I was on pace and getting faster with less effort. The next 10K the sun was trying to break out and I was warming to the task ahead.

One thing I was making sure of this time was to take a drink at every station and I think it helped at least to keep the carbs and concentration high. You may have noticed two of my later 5K splits saw me slowing down. The reason for one of these was comical (still not at the time). Passing one of the water stations I noticed a big plate of chocolate. I grabbed a handful and shoved them in. I didn’t realize that eating a mouthful of chocolate at speed with no saliva causes uncontrollable gagging and loss of speed. I spent a good K getting things back on track.

From the 35K I determined to go after my goal and frankly I felt great (Perhaps the chocolate?). I was enjoying this lasts stretch like I haven’t before in a marathon and pass about 20 people spread out from there to the finish. I made sure I gave some encouragement as I passed each person but nobody came with me and I was smiling through to the end. It was interesting there was one guy I spotted about 2k from home and he kept turning back. He seemed to notice I was coming and he was determined not to let me pass him. By the big smile and pat on the back he gave me at the end it seemed that I helped him finish the marathon strong,I just missed passing him on the line. Glad to be of assistance!

The day after, I felt fine. I had a strained right hamstring and a little DOMS but really pulled up well this time so much so that you wouldn’t have notice, by my gait, that I’d even run a marathon. I sort of wish I was limping then I could tell someone that I ran a good race and get a pat on the back ;) Anyway as you know it is mostly only other runners that appreciate what it takes or care so thanks for your previous comments ;)

The plan for the future is to focus on getting my times down in the 10K and half marathons over the next few months and start in May to do some distance again for a marathon in July or August.

The next marathon goal is sub 2:40:00. It might seem a bit ambitious but I reckon I can do it. I’ll have to again withstand to high mileage and I reckon if I’m to do better I’ll have to hit the weights and be stricter with my diet, no more binging on weekends , beer, wine and food, and spending the following week running it off.

For the next week or so I’ll enjoy indulging in the things that go with Christmas and the New Year and give a little back to my family that have been so patient with my absence. Or at least I’m going to try to let them know that it is better with me than without. All the best!



氏名:スコット ブラウン

出場種目 第5部フル40~49歳男子
距離 42.195 km
タイム(グロス) 2:45:20
タイム(ネット) 2:45:11
種目別順位 5/605
総合順位 9/2172

計測ポイント スプリット ラップ
Start 00:00:09
Finish 02:45:20 2:45:11


  1. Gotta love a race that has chocolate at an aid station!

    Congrats again on yet another fantastic result. Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family & best wishes to you all for the next year

    BTW it's not just Japan where that happens. I have a mug for the 33nd Great Nosh!

  2. Yes, well done again.
    Have you chosen your next Marathon race yet?

  3. Back in 2003 i managed to drop from 12 1/2 stone down to 11 stone, not only could i run faster with the same effort but my recovery was much faster between training sessions due to less impact on my legs!
    when people start asking you " are you alright?" "have you been ill?" you're know your close to your ideal racing weight!
    My plan starting in jan is to cut out the crap and eat more fruit and veg, oatmeal and lean meat.
    you only have to look at how lean the elite guys are, ryan Hall is the same height as me 5.10 but one stone 6 lb lighter than my weight today!
    anyway Scott maybe your doctor can do a skin fold test so you will know what is safe to lose without eating into your muscle.

  4. Wow- that is a great run. Love the medal! If you know how to avoid the bingey weekends please tell me how!

  5. Ok, I'm convinced. I have to drop some stones before my next marathon.
    Actually, what I'm really interested in is your fluid intake. I find it very difficult to take fluids at aid stations. I can't drink on the run, but I don't want to stop. So last time I wore a Nike Hydro belt (4 160ml/6 oz. bottles and had 4 gel packets in the belt and a pocket in my shorts. I like the belt and the weight doesn't bother me but I think it caused me to lose my focus (along with the screwed up mile markers). I was thinking too much about when to drink, how much to drink, how much was left, when to take the gels...I think it was more of a hindrance than a help. So I'm trying to decide what to do next time. I'm thinking of carrying two Weider protein gels (which are mostly carbs) and having my wife hand me two more partway through. Carrying them doesn't bother me, I often do it on long runs. But you seem to be able to cope with the aid stations. How do you do it and how much do you drink? And no carbo gels?

  6. Scott you are an amazing person. I know you have worked hard to get to the level you are at. Congratulations on another absolutely fantastic effort. If you say you can get under to 2:40 then I have no reason to doubt you. I hope to capitalise on the inspiration you give in my training for London 2010.

  7. Don't do your job too well Scott. I have my heart set on running the 22st Kakogawa Marathon.

    I hope the family don't become too frustrated by your sudden appearance at family events ;)

  8. Awesome Scott. Sorry I am a bit late on the news. I haven't had my head in any blogs lately. Bob (Tokyo Racer) alerted me. It is really hard to know what superlatives to bestow on you, so I won't ;-) ... but seriously, when it all goes so well like that, after such a fantastic training buildup, it is almost anti-climactic isn't it? I mean, I am sure you hooted and whooped and hollered a bit, but in a way you were probable the least surprised of anybody, because you knew from your training that all you had to do was go out there and, as they say, execute. Anyway, as one who came in on your story 3 years ago when you were running 3:18 and dreaming about somehow getting to a sub 3 one day, all I can say is I am very, very happy for you and glad you finally blew away my PB in such an emphatic way! You deserve this. Omedetougoazaimasu for the race and yoiotoshio!

  9. I'm still stunned, even though it's the 21th time I've read your report!

    I'm also going to try and channel some of your success to get off to a big start this year (and without the DOMS or injury!).

    Thanks Scott, you keep me running!