Sunday, March 15, 2009

10k PB

Miki 10K sunny/windy 10 degrees

Had a terrific race today PBed and feel none the worst for it so I'm ready for the marathon next Sunday. I did , chip time, 35:48 and got 3rd place in my age group, see photos below, that's about 15th overall. Very happy with that at this stage but I'm not through with 10K yet ;)

So please finalise the marathon time you think I can run in Hawaii and get them into me. Not only can the closest get a nice little souvenir the winner will have the satisfaction of knowing, they were right! Maybe that doesn't mean a lot to you but in this family I haven't been right since August of 2001 and I'd like to increase those occurrences. I'll say 2:55:40

I leave on this coming Wednesday but I'll try to post in Hawaii before the race on Sunday. Thanks, and take care of yourselves, I'll be in contact soon.

The photo below shows the first 500 meters in the stadium and me coming 5th.

At the bottom of this post I uploaded a grainy video of the last 500 meters going into the stadium with my wife shouting encouragement and if you listen closely you can also hear my 8 year old booing me, little shit :)


  1. I'm going with 2:58. Great 10k and you just keep improving, good for you!

  2. Nice going Scott, that is a fantastic time. I will go with 2.54.52 for next week, Good Luck!

  3. Nice warm up race and a great time.

    That 10k PB is just outside my PB, so I'll do the same with my Marathon pediction of your time.


    All the best for next week-end.

  4. Excellent 10k Scott. You must be over the moon with that. Congratulations!. My estimate of your time is 2:54:58.

  5. I 2.54.15 has a nice ring to it :-)

    Congratulations on the PB & good luck next week!

  6. Your wife's camerawork is almost as good as her cooking ;) I like the "thumbs down" from your son too.

    That's a brilliant 10k time for an old bloke. I like the photo - 5th place with thousands behind you.

    Tear up my previous prediction. I reckon you could be a natural marathoner, so I'll go with 2:49:52.

  7. Yes I agree with Ewen but I wasn't going to be the first to say it. Bugger the sub-3-hours, go for sub-2-50.

  8. Maybe your son was using some reverse psychology or something :)

    That's a great 10km PB and you are streets ahead of Mr lulu in your running at the moment so I'm going to say that you'll do well under 3 hours with a nice 2.56.38

    Good luck, enjoy lovely Hawaii and run well!

  9. 2:51:23

    It came to me in a dream :)

  10. oooh by the way bloody great run on Sunday Scott!

  11. Looks like someone has a taste for the podium! Very nice run Scott. I do have to disagree slightly with Ewen, I think it's a great 10 k time for ANYONE, not just an "old bloke"!

    Best of luck for the mara Scott. I have no doubt that you'll go sub-3, and I think you might just surprise everyone with how far sub-3. Just run a relaxed race and enjoy!

    With my time prediction I'm going strictly with the odds - half way between a couple of decent guesses: 2:52:49

  12. I would agree that that time puts you around 2:50, plus or minus a minute or two, but that would be without any heat loading. Not knowing anything about what you can expect, but guessing it isn't going to be as cool as Japan by some margin, I am going to go with 2:54:45.

    Good luck! I'll be running Tokyo that day, though as a pacer/support crew.

  13. Getting sick of PBs yet ;) Well done, that is such a good time. Man, well into the 30s there.

    I'm sticking with my previous prediction of 2:52.48. Don't you dare run one second slower or Bay will win with his 2:52.49!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!