Thursday, September 24, 2009

first week back


  1. That would have been a sensational action film if you'd stepped in front of that cyclist!

    Looks like a lovely shady path for 31C runs. iPods are useful for something after all - keep 'em coming!

    By the way, I like the sub-2:45 goal over there

  2. Very good quality.
    Keep us updated on your training. 12-week program for what?

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  4. I like your idea of virtual training runs, we can sit down drinking beer as you do the hard training for us!!!
    Yeah keep the videos a coming!

  5. The new gizmo certainly adds a new element of entertainment to your Blog Scott. I am looking forward to seeing more, especially some of your winter training.

  6. Show-off. I'm jealous!

    Nice footage. It looked like such a nice day (note: i-pod's can't show temperature or humidity) it would make me go for a run if I hadn't already been!

    I like the way you slipped the 2:45 goal in.