Monday, March 25, 2013

Coaching begins

Started my first week of being coached this week. Here are my stats for this week starting March 25th. I'm 1 meter 70cm, no change there:  Weight is 60.3kgs, HR 42BPM, BF 15.6%, and Gut 73cm.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Not running related but if you ever need a kick/motivation to get you to Japan, look at this. It's based on a summer festival that I've been to a couple of times, best in Japan, for mine.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

On to my 3rd week of highish mileage and basically injury free! Did 111K, 117K and 128K this week and apart from a few twinges I've been running without pain. This and the fact the the warmer weather has come and the cherry blossoms are coming out, all makes me very happy.

I start my coaching with Tom (Tinman) this coming Monday and looking forward to this too!

Some photos taken after my run today.

With the purchase of a Garmin watch something I'm doing a lot of recently

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Found a Coach!

Things are progressing well. I've just put in three solid weeks of uninterrupted running, in fact, even though I'm not in any particular training for a race I'm running more mileage than I was for the training period of my last marathon. 100 ~120K weeks.

Simply have more time, on holidays, and my injuries, though not gone, are fading fast. This slow running is certainly helping things injury wise and today I was able to finish off my 25K long run with a 4:33 minute K with a heart rate of 127bpm, although it was downhill ;)

Anyway, one more week of slow Maffetone style running sessions and I'm going to start training with a coach. Yes, I finally found someone who is both interested in training me and someone who most definitely can! The gentleman's name is Tom (Tinman) Schwartz an exercise physiologist and co-author of a new Peter Magill book, to be out April 2014, tentatively titled "Running Body."

Tom is seemingly one of the best running coaches in America, has coached some very good runners, masters included, and made some average ones much much better, so I'm expecting the best. Check out Tom's website. If the testimonials are even half right, and no doubt they are all right, I will be back to the PBs before you can say, "Geez I thought his PBs were behind him!"

BTW wanted to wish the best to Thomas in Ireland and Nick in Gifu, Japan for their races tomorrow. Go for it fellas!

March 18th: I'm 61.0kgs, 16.4% BF and 74cm around the middle.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Encouraging numbers!

Here is the latest episode of Running In Japan, please take a look. Also, happy to say that with a little/lot of effort mid week with the diet the numbers are coming down. Need to be losing more body fat than weight but usually a lag with that % number. Nevertheless, 2cm off the gut in one week is a good start. As of today, Monday morning, March 11th: I'm 61.7kgs, 18.0% BF and 75cm around the middle.

One encouraging number is my resting heart rate which this morning was 37 Beats Per Minute. That is as low as I've ever seen it and a sign that I'm building fitness. I've been running "slow" my last 4 sessions all under 132BPM which is a personal number for me recommended by Dr. Phillip Maffetone in his 180 formula. It seems to be already paying dividends.

While I was somewhat familiar with Maffetones' methods I'm just now putting them into practice and feel more like the old me than I have in years. Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

And.....I'm also excited to tell you that I'm close to signing with a coach!

More on this soon.

First MAF Test.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Garmin ForeAthlete 610

Just got a Garmin ForeAthlete 610. Went for a few runs today to try it out. Looks like something I'll definitely be able to make use of. Have any of you got one? And if so please let me know how you are using it in your training.

Thanks Kim for the push I needed to finally get me to buy one, and for the company on the run around Osaka Castle this week.

I'm eating and drinking a bit tonight but training and weight is on schedule, I'll give more details on Monday.

The data from todays second run below.

Monday, March 04, 2013

New Goal

Wonder how fast I could race if looked like Rupp & Farah?

How's it going? My general pain from the DNF marathon has finally subsided to reveal my old injuries. But the hips, glutes and ankle are responding to work on them, like toe raises for the ankle and clam shells for the hips, so I think, I'm ready to start my next program which is a training cycle that hopes to get me a 34:00 min 10K PB in exactly 8 weeks from now.

Thought I'd put the numbers here and the goal as a way to keep me honest. The race I'm aiming at is the Sakai City Masters 10K a local race that I usually run between 36 and 38 minutes in (not such a fast course, no hills but a lot of twists & turns). Last Year I did it in 40 mins due to an injury I picked up training for it! I'll be mindful of this and try to build up gradually. Anyway, I'm going give the next 8 weeks some serious effort on the training, exercise and diet front and will be hoping/expecting the best.

I'm 64kgs this morning with a gut of 77cms and body fat of 18.9%  My goal is to get these numbers down to 58kgs, 70cms and 11% respectively. Sounds like a big ask but I'm going to try and I know that if I can get anywhere near those numbers, with a good block of race specific training, a PB is assured.

Wish me luck!