Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fast 5K

I've been searching the Internet this last week looking for something/someone to give me the green light to run a fast 5K this coming Saturday.

Type in "Fast 5K 2 weeks after a marathon" and you don't get much relevant stuff or anything much that says what I want to hear, that: Running a PB for the 5 K so soon after a full marathon is not only possible but it's something everyone should try.

Mostly you will hear people poo poo the idea with all this "No speedwork for the weeks after the marathon" and "build up slowly unless you want to be sidelined with a prolonged injury."

Luckily for me I have irresponsible role models like Dave Criniti who after only one week and having run 50 or so Ks the day before raced the City to Surf with a fantastic result.

Yes, I hear you all saying "You're no David Criniti Scott" and I appreciate anyone telling me I'm a fool. But I did recover really fast after the Townsville marathon and I won't have a chance to race again until October so I'm going to run as fast as these old pins will take me.

Today I did 4 X 400 meters at a local grass track and the very fastest I could go was between 1:16 and 1:20 per 400 meters. It might be too much to ask for a PB but an age group prize might be in the offing. Just how many faster 45 year olds will be in a small North Queensland town for a race hardly anyone has heard of?

Let's just hope the answer is not "3".

Above photo: me and the madman David Criniti. Can you spot my cheeky son?


  1. I've raced as soon as a week after a Marathon but it does take about 4 weeks to start feeling really good and I'd guess with a short race every two weeks you might be looking at a new p.b. in about 6 weeks.
    Having said all that, every one can react in a different way to the stress of racing 26 miles.
    cheek out this link for a good 5k programe;http://petemagill.blogspot.com/2009/02/peter-magill-event-training-5k-road.html

  2. I'd say go for it. If nothing else, you'll prove the theory one way or another.

    Funny you mention fast 45 years olds - I ran a 5 miler on a wet Sunday evening in remote west Cork the day after a triathlon and came 2nd M40. However there were 5 x M45's s in front of me.

  3. I say go for it Scott, just listen to your body and if it says "ouch", go with it. I suspect that a lot of the ability to back up with races is in the prep - if you've been running 200 km per week, you will be able to back up from a marathon much better than someone who's been running 50k's/week.

    How is the cheeky son in every photo?

  4. I think you're crazy, but I already knew that, so what the hell.
    Thanks for your comment. Glad to know that the Pfitzinger program worked for you. That's very encouraging.
    I don't know where that photo was taken, but I want to be there!
    Yes, it's hot here and humid of course, although somewhat better the last two days.

  5. I've always said you could pass for David Criniti's better looking, slightly older, identical twin brother.

    You might as well give it a crack - it won't kill you. Not the ideal prep, but I recall Garry Hand winning the Aus M40 10k a week after the Canberra Marathon, so you could be a freak too.

    Like your son - is he mooning someone in the background?

  6. Oh yes, I should take a guess at your time... 17:25.

  7. All the best for the a fast 5k Scott. Why the hell not? I am reading a terrific book at the moment called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.
    The stories related in the book make think that anything is worth giving a go where running is concerned.

  8. don't let that guy reach for your old fellow scott. happy birthday... jon