Monday, March 07, 2011

The Capacity to Wait

"The Path"

Training experienced a bit of a hiccup over the last few weeks. I had two days off the week before last and 3 days off this week just gone, due to a combination of hamstring strains and sinus headaches.

I was able to get in my long runs though and don't think I've lost too much fitness. While it is frustrating for me not to run I know I shouldn't/can't push the training or the recovery as it simply isn't the way of things.

A quote from a book I'm reading now by Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita talks about this in relation to life but you can easily see how it relates to waiting out the "bad times" in our running life too.

"Bad times pass, invariably leading to good. People who achieve great feats know how to wait until the time is ripe......Told to be patient, people by nature tend to become all the more eager to move ahead. But nature is unmoved by selfish human sentiments. To human whim, nature is hard and cold; to those who wait, it endows them with warmth and light. We should cultivate the capacity for patience."


  1. Gee, you're getting smarter. Wish I had learned that when I was 45. Instead, it took me until my 60s.

  2. Ah patience ... Wish I had more of it.

  3. There's a very interesting podcast with Greg Meyers, the last American to win Boston, on the Running Times site. Check it out.

  4. Very strange you should say that Bob as I downloaded all of the podcasts from Running Times on saturday and listened to them during my long run yesterday!

    I did particularly like that one with Greg Meyers and liked what he had to say about the elites today not racing enough and focusing too much on training and time trials and the such.

    I think he was refering to Ryan Hall but didn't mention his name.

  5. Not only Hall, all the US marathoners. They're soft when it comes to racing - don't want to risk finishing second and damaging their reputations. Deek was racing week in week out in the lead-up to his 2:07:51 at Boston.

    Now where was I? Oh yes, patience. I have plenty... except when waiting in the queues at Woolies!

  6. Scott,
    I don't believe in waiting!
    take action;
    most injuries have a reason, often due to poor posture, muscle imbalances etc.
    you need to be smart, workout how to fix it then move foreword!
    the same with illness, colds etc; there is plenty of evidence to show Vit D supplements greatly improve immune function.
    I recommend taking codliver Oil capsules.
    Be proactive not inactive!
    There was a good interview with Ron Hill on marathon talk a couple of months ago, he could not understand why elite runners did tempo runs when they could race and get greater benefits.
    Some runners do seem almost afraid to race!

  7. Patience is alway the last skill a runner attains - hope it pays off.

    Don't know about the race often philosophy - remember Ron Hill's time at the top was short lived compared to those who practiced patience such as Bruce Fordyce.

  8. Hi Scott Im just wondering does this have anything to do with you trying to loose some weight as mentioned in one of your recent posts.Normally if you try to lose weight to fast while training hard your body wont like it.Just a thought as this happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

  9. Hey Scott hope your OK , hearing about the major Quake and thinking about you guys.
    All the best

  10. Yes, same here Scott. Looks serious up around Tokyo.

  11. I'll second that. From here it all looks totally devastating. Hoping Scott and Scott's family especially, and friends, are all OK.

  12. Thanks guys, actually was in the middle of a 30K run when it hit and didn't know about it until I got back home.

    Yes, we are OK in the Kansai region Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara but there is a tsunami warning in for our area but keeping fingers crossed.

    Certainly shook up Tokyo and I hope all our friends up there are OK but it is the northern region of Miyagi, especially Sendai city, which I really like, that got the worst of it!!

    Our thoughts are with the people there.

    I've been thinking a lot of late about the joy and dangers of living and have come to the conclusion that it is the World's
    job to kill us and our job to stop it from happening!!!

    Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

    And thanks for your concern.

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  14. Good news Scott, take care.

  15. My thoughts go out to Japan and all places affected in the southern hemisphere.

  16. Glad you're OK Scott. Hope there aren't too many aftershocks.

    Pretty hard to fight mother nature... don't know why they call her effen mother at times like this! At least in Australia we're on a solid bit of old rock. Only have to battle floods, cyclones, bush fires, crocs and the odd brown snake on a long run ;)

  17. "Mother Nature" yeah Ewen, but I sort of understand why they call it that.

    You had to of seen the reaction of my Mother when at 8 years old I trudged through the house, over the white shag pile carpet, with a dirty great dog steamer on my shoe!

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