Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go with the flow

Hope everyone is doing well. My Osaka Marathon build up is starting to gain steam but got a nagging feeling I will hit the line Oct 30th a little underdone, and the last 10K is going to hurt like the dickens!

Anyway it's good to be back into training and apart from the usual soreness that comes with it I'm not suffering any injuries, although I'm finding my self hobbling for the first K or so every run now until I warm up.

Two days ago at my local pond loop I spotted and talk to Mr. Yoshimura (7 down) a 2:15 marathoner, a local hero, who is also training for the Osaka marathon. (Fantastic fella) He said he was not in real good shape and said he was finding it a bit tough but he certainly looked good flying around the course relaxed with a big smile on his face. At those kind of speeds I look more like one of those giant Japanese Carp trying to suck in a bit of bread!

Rob thanks for asking the question about food I wish I had a better answer but there is no real secret with my diet when I'm doing high mileage. If anything I eat less not more because I'm trying to lose weight by start time. Not eating much the day before and morning of a long run really makes it a tough run but I've always done like this and I can tell you that it pays on race day when you're carbed up you feel so much stronger like you could run forever. For mine, it works, giving me the confidence I need. (Sorry about that last sentence, just practicing for the day I might be approached to promote Body Spray).

From now until goal race day I have a race every weekend, a half next week and three 10K races right up until the week before. Although I'm not expecting to do particularly well in these races they will get me "race fit" I figure that by the time I hit goal race I'll be at least fast enough to PB and I'm just going to have to tough it out the last 10K.

Anyway I can tell you if I'm on for a PB by 35K not even cramps in both legs and a bottle in the head from the crowd will stop me going for it in my 1st full length home town race. (You may wonder who would want to throw a bottle at me and if you do you mustn't know me and/or be a new reader! Welcome by the way).


  1. Tell them you'll be racing in girlie arm-warmers and 'Dove' will be banging on your door for that Body Spray commercial.

    Mr Yoshimura sounds like a good bloke. Don't worry about the hobbling first k. Deek used to crawl the first k of his long runs at 6-minute k pace - even I could keep up with him!

  2. I'm certain Mr. Sokolov (3 down) beat me in the Dublin City Marathon one year. I'd like to see him try now ;)

    A race every weekend - it'll be interesting to see the progression.

    I think for my next marathon i'll have to go on a your type of diet and not eat at all during the 2 week taper and only drink beer.......takes me back, that does....if only I ran in those days.

  3. Just getting back into the blogs. Can't wait to get your race reports over the coming weekends. Osaka again heh? With only that many weeks away why do you race every weekend??

    Good luck with your half this weekend coming.

  4. Just keep in mind each race leading upto the Osaka Marathon serve as a building block and another piece of the puzzle,it's the mindset I'm using w/ my 4 races in 6 weeks as I prep for my Nov 6th 10k

  5. Hope the 10k races go well, I just had a awful race today, need to get back into base building training again!