Thursday, June 23, 2011


These days everything seems surreal! Is this just me?

I'm so full of pride for my family and sadness that "these days" will end.

At the same time I can't even wait until things get better! I Had a relapse of my injury which is of great concern but on the whole it's getting better! "I'm bound to be improving."

Just heard that Glen Campbell has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and it's put me into a mild depression as the song he recently recorded, at 75, is my favorite and one written by Jackson Browne, another favorite, when he was just 16!

Here is the cover by Nico I also a beauty!

Another glass of wine perhaps!

Or another version! Take your pick!


  1. aw! don't be depressed Scott! Sending you cyber good vibes!

  2. Hey man be happy with what you have, you can not control the outside world.
    You have an awesome family I'm sure!

  3. Bloody oath! How could you be depressed with a reader like B.o.B?

    Yeah, your family is at a great point in time - kids old enough to look both ways before crossing the road but too young to be doing doughnuts on that road with the old man's car. I loved family life at that age... used to take off on our bikes and be gone all day. Mum wouldn't have known where we were and wouldn't have worried.

    Anyway, I'm rambling a bit... don't want to write a comment longer than Thomas's posts!