Thursday, July 07, 2011

Everybody have you heard?!

Still hurtin but not skirting!

Sorry I've not been writing comments and posting with my usual frequency. Still working on my injury and busy as a one armed taxi driver with crabs due to various work commitments! Anyhoo I've decided to run Osaka (Thanks for making me see the light) and I'm working my way back with the goal of blowing a few minds there, including mine!

Take care and keep on keeping on!


  1. Know how you feel Scott. . I'm the same taxi driver with two mobile phones and a gps on the go. If your Osaka blows my mind as much as your Twitter jokes I'll be very impressed ;)

  2. As long as your feet are free your be O.K.
    Hope the build up goes well!

  3. Really sorry to have neglected this blog the last 3 weeks! I'll post soon and get back to reading all the blogs I love!

    Again sorry, issues came up but are almost dealt with!!

    Your continued support is required, don't give up on me ;)