Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've been happy lately...

Kyoto Marathon course video

"Now I've been happy lately thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be, something good has begun!" ~ Cat Stevens. Peace Train

Yes, things are fine with me here and yesterday I got the good news that I was successful in my application to run the Kyoto Marathon on March 11th 2012. That gives me 15 weeks from now to get in a good training cycle and I'm setting a target for a PB somewhere sub 2:40!

Three weeks out from the Osaka Marathon and I've started to build mileage, this week 110K. I've had soreness deep down in my hip flexors after Osaka, even now I still feel it. And I have a sore gut, feels like I been doing too many sit ups. It also hurts my gut when I horse sneeze but I reckon another week or so should see these troubles off.

The other good news is that I have found a good Lydiard training program to follow and after much research and reading I reckon this it the one to take me into the 2:30s! The program I'm doing in the build up to Kyoto is an on-line Interactive Training Program from Master Run Coach. Lorraine Moller and Nobby Hashizume see website. Check them out it is an excellent option for the price and exactly what I was looking for. I might get a "real coach" from here later but for now this will be fine.

I'll be updating the blog weekly from now as I want to have a record of this training and I'd appreciate any advice on how best to tweak this to get me to the starting line in the best shape come March!

Now I got a new plan and a new goal I won't bother you with my day to day going ons (see video) but I will, as I said, be updating my progress here every week.


  1. Adam from US in Kyoto10:07 PM

    Hey, I found out yesterday that I got in too! I'll be able to take a bus to the start and walk home from the finish. Awesome. I am hoping my training goes better now that the weather is more agreeable. Unfortunately, I have now taken almost 3 weeks off since Osaka, but getting the email yesterday lit a fire in me. I came up with a training plan that gets me to 20-22 miles (32-34 k) several times before March, and I started with a nice 10 miler (16 k) this morning!

  2. Way to go Scott!
    I can see you on the right track to sub 2.40 now :0]
    This might help with the pain you have in your psoas and hip flexor complex;

  3. That's great news. It's always exciting to have a new goal. Good luck with the training.

  4. Want To Fly?
    Then Get Ready To Fall, Often!

  5. Great - several of our club members go in, too. I decided not to do it - I will put all my eggs in the Tokyo basket and hope for good weather.
    The Kyoto course seems quite hilly....

  6. Kyoto is a rockin' good course! Well done on getting in. 16 weeks is perfect for the prep to get you under 2:40.

    Will be reading your weekly updates to see how you're getting on with the new coaches. If there are any Ashton Kutcher style fall-outs I expect to read about them on Twitter first. Seriously though, Lydiard training will do the job I'm sure.

  7. All the best Scott for the next one. Sub 2:40 seems ambitious though. Those extra few minutes less now get harder and harder to manage.
    Lydiard seems like kill or cure treatment.

  8. Looks like a great course and fast also. Looking forward to following the build up.

  9. Just checked in to your what happened to those weekly updates? :-)