Sunday, July 24, 2011

Like a Fiddler's Elbow!

32 degrees C

Yes, things as as usual up and down like a damn fiddler's elbow! Really don't know what the problem is still. I did a run on Monday this week with my new arch support inserts and frankly thought this is it! I was running pain free and with this I had a rush of blood finishing off the 10K run with the last 2 under 3:30 pace.

The whole of this week I've been paying for that run and on Wednesday both ankles were sore to touch, even lightly, and my bum was throbbing like a bastard! I think you're right about not needing arch supports Grellan!

I was caught in traffic that morning and with my legs in pain, having to do a shit and not being able to and being late for work, I was ready to pack it all in! If it weren't for the fact that Rick and Ewen would probably never get over it, or have anyone comment on their blogs, I probably would have beat my head on my steering wheel until I gently passed away!

Anyway, I woke up this morning with almost no pain so as they say. Tomorrow is another day! I think I'm going to give the half marathon in Perth on the 7th a miss, just don't have the Ks in my legs and I'd probably break down again. There is a 10K there on the 17th that looks more my style, so I might do it instead.

If I can get through August by just jogging, no speed work, and increase the mileage I'll be happy. I want to thank you guys for writing comments you often make me see sense when I can't.

I hope summer's not too hot for you but you can always "Sneak on out beneath the stars and run!"


  1. No races! No fast running! Until you are sure your problems are over. You found out why you shouldn't run fast, right?

  2. Stop making me think Bob!

  3. Can only say what I said before; run on dirt-grass to reduce impact.
    Do run walk sessions-like your starting from scatch!
    Seek professional advice from someone specializing in running injuries and biomechanics
    Stretch after every run, again seek professional help.
    And start some core we don't want to lose you from the running scene!

  4. Don't listen to me I know nothing - just ask my wife.

    Some good advice from Bob and Rick there. Try some easy barefoot running on grass perhaps (that's if you chose to ignore the first paragraph). Don't throw in the towel whatever you do. your progress in running has been nothing short of amazing - it will come again.

    Ps: I hope you made it to the crapper in time.

  5. Sorry to hear about your latest set back,have you checked your running shoes?maybe you need to try something different w/ them,just a thought

  6. sorry to hear about the ongoing problems Scott - Kevin was proposing meeting for a run and beers on Saturday so if that's a go'er then I can definitely help you with the no speed bit and just jogging. seriously though hope you find a remedy to it soon, what Rick says sounds very sensible as his comments often seem to