Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Currently unattended!

"In The Long Run" is currently unattended while the management visits clinics in the former Soviet Union seeking answers to the question of recent form slump. Please enjoy this musical interlude!


  1. That certainly was one of the finest music videos I have ever seen. Highly sophisticated, a beautiful song, and you could hardly tell he was lip-snyching!
    Your taste is superb, Scott.

  2. Well at least its better than Justin Bieber.

  3. Yeah, thanks Comrade. Your running form is inversely proportional to the quantity and quality of your Twitter jokes.

  4. Scott I actually thought that was wonderful.

    I have just be catching up with everything that has been happening in blogland and it appears you have been unfairly bagged by some people commenting here suggesting that you are trying to be some sort of stand up comedian. I have never found anything in your posts that suggests you are funny and I think it is rather cruel that people would consider otherwise.

  5. Thanks Robert Song

    Thanks for the support! I reckon if people said I wasn't worth pissing on you'd tell them I was!

    I've missed your comments.