Monday, June 27, 2011

Those were the days my friends

Once upon a time...

Woke this morning with my 8 year old singing "Those were the days my friends.."

How they come across this type of music is beyond me but I asked and he seemed to have gotten it from an ad on TV. Where else?!

This got me got me thinking about the 80's, surfing and my past life. A fun time for sure but not something one should dwell on.

You do this kind of thing when you have no present life, to speak of! Still battling with my injury which has me hitting the bottle to smooth things out. Don't worry I'm a few bottles away from total destruction!

Uploading clips of my present thoughts. Kind of interesting but not how things really should be!


  1. Ah the 80s. Fluoros and high-waisted pants,And we can't forget the mullet. What a terrible price we paid for fashion back then.

  2. The surfing life sounded good, but you have been there and done that.
    You have your golden memories which is great, but don't for one minute feel sad with what you have now.
    As someone who has been thrust back into the single life style, to be honest it's not all it's cracked up to be, I long for the family life you have, your a lucky man :0]

  3. Doh! Not the Homer Simpson solution. "Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

    Wasn't that Mary Hopkin's song from the 60s? Sorry, I forgot you are too young to remember the 60s.


  5. I remember asking my mum to buy me "Those Were The Days" by Mary Hopkins way back when,I was so impressed it was Apple Records the old Beatles label w/ a picture of an apple on the label....those were the days indeed!!!

  6. Funny you mentioning that song. I was a grommet to my surfer dude older cousins in the (very) late 60s. That was one tune they played on the 8-track.

    The only time one doesn't want to be living in the present is when one has a killer virus ;)