Sunday, June 05, 2011

OBAMA Japan "No we couldn't!"

But we tried!

Went away with the family for the weekend to Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan side of Japan about a 4 hour drive from our place in Osaka. We went to a place called Wakasa, and a city called "Obama". The city of Obama is a very old town named long before anyone had ever heard of Barak! Beautiful place and a very local but popular race. They have a half, 10K, 5K and 2K races. This is only their 7th year running it but as most country races in Japan everything was spot on.

Well almost everything. Not my performance which was piss poor by my last years' standard. My bloody left glute was tight as a bastard on Father's Day and despite going into this with some hope I had a bit of a shocker. Still, doesn't mean I didn't enjoy. But couldn't stride out and it showed in my finishing time. 38:58:56.

Frankly I'm sort of glad to have my racing season over for now, (won't race again until August in Australia and October here), cause I'm plain beat up! Can't even drive now as if I'm sitting down with my left leg not being able to stretch out the throbbing is just about too much to take!

I'll get on to fixing this and once I'm back into it I'm sure, before long, this will all just be a distant vaguely horrible memory. But the holiday's memory will last ;)


  1. Sorry to hear that the injury is now imposing on performance but good idea to sought it out before racing again.
    Also I see the beard is back! Strangely, the beard is you.
    Glad the family had a nice time accompanying you to the race and you can get away with calling it a family holiday ; )

  2. Wow, that's a jog for you. Hope it wasn't too painful. Resting for a while seems to be called for (it's rainy season anyway).

  3. Bit of a bummer when a injury holds you back.
    Had a similar problem in the past, a couple of sessions with a good chiropractor should free you up.
    You look remarkably a like to the cartoon in the background of photo 3 :0]
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. nice family photo Scott - hope the glute is back to firing on all cylinders after a couple of months rest...sure you will be

  5. It's definitely time to get your butt sorted out.What's the Japanese health care system like re sports injuries? I'm assuming that with all the runners over there that it should be fairly easy to find someone well-versed in runners' posteriors. If it's the off-season it's the best time to deal with it.

  6. Time to go back to congress and beg for a bigger physio budget! At least your mate Jeff Hunt was similarly bad in Jakata - 30:44, his marathon pace. And you had the excuse of a buggered leg. Get that fixed and there'll be no holding you back.

    Good photos, but I detect a lack of confidence lining up on the second row ;)

  7. You look like Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm in the family shot. I expect going through your head was something like: 'who are these people? why are they standing so close to me?'.

    My money is still on the iliosacaral.

  8. I like that program Richard!

    Whatever my injury was it seems to have disappeared!! I haven't been without pain while sitting or running now for over a month.

    But on Tuesday morning two days after my, painful during and after, 10K race I woke to no pain at all?

    I really don't know why and I don't know what to think but I'll take it and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't come back!

    The only thing I can think of is that the race stretched something out or moved something to relieve pressure on something else?

    Technical stuff, I know ;)