Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't want to close my eyes...

Just when you think things couldn't get worse after the earthquakes up north comes tsunamis, and possible nuclear meltdown scenarios! Now there is an earthquake directly under Mt Fuji and we all know what waking up that girl would do to Japan!!!

Look I'm really not the type to believe in Armageddon and I don't trust the media to give clear and balanced coverage but things are definitely getting a little pear shaped and I just want things to calm down a bit and get back to worrying about my running weight.

To speak of running, there is a real chance that my goal marathon, Nagano, may be cancelled and frankly after all that has gone on I'm OK with it. Still training hard, had a session of 20x1 minute efforts at full tilt with a 30 second recovery that had me almost as spent as the fuel rods from Fukushima Daiichi reactors, 1 thru 4!

I really shouldn't joke about this but it is better than those I've seen seriously saying that all this is "Gods retribution on Japan for Pearl Harbour!" To those people I say: What did your country do to deserve you!? Fucken fools are worse than natural disasters.

But to you good people, I have nothing but respect and love ;)

Thanks for all your kind words.


  1. geees I remember looking at those amazing beautiful photos of Japan last year you gave a link to, the place seemed like pure heaven!
    Seems like heaven is turning into hell right now!
    There always seem to by two opposing forces in life and nature...
    I keep my thoughts with you guys and hope the balance of nature turns around to a calmer more balanced side.
    Keep strong and keep your family safe.

  2. Scott, which charities can we donate to that will give the best help to the people suffering in Japan?

  3. Scroll down on this blog and you'll see a list on the left of some organisation that are taking donations.

  4. Yes, it'd spoil the postcards if the top got blown of Ms Fuji ;)

    I'm trying not to turn on the tele as all the news is bad - except for Julie saying Aus would never have nuclear power. We just export the uranium to places that want it!

    Anyway, keep up the training. There are other races. Keep the car fueled up and pointed to high ground too ;)

  5. That's "Julia"!

  6. thanks Scott I decided to donate to the Red cross, it helps me feel I'm doing something positive.
    cheers rick

  7. Scott sometimes humour is all we have in the face of adversity. My 7 year old son, Saran, asked me this morning "Japan, isn't that where all the salami's are Dad?". Hang in there.

  8. Just got word that they are going to make the final decision on whether or not they are going to hold the April 17th Nagano Marathon on March the 23rd.

    So I'll keep on training for that and hope that they go ahead with it.

    If not, it looks like I can't make alternative full marathon plans on such short notice so just have to try again some other time, pity about the training. I feel like I was peaking nicely but as I said before I'm not going to complain as in comparision we are doing much better than those directly impacted.

    Anyway, if things don't start looking even a little better by this time next week our somber mood may just carry on to the race and under those circumstances, PB or not, it won't be much fun to run.

  9. Scott,my thoughts are with you and your family and especially with all those many, many people who are suffering so terribly. The sadness and desperation is so apparent, even on television.

  10. Great to hear from you fast Eddie! I've missed your posts. Hope you are yours are well!

  11. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you, your family and the people of Japan impacted by these recent events.

    Stay positive.